How to Convert Nomedia Files to JPG, MP3, MP4

You may find a nomedia file on your device and you do not know what it is. Then, you think of converting the file to check what this file actually is. But, how to convert nomedia files to the other format such as JPG, MP3 and MP4? Is there any converter for converting this file?

Converting Nomedia Files to JPG, MP3 and MP4

According to some sources such as OpenFile.Club, the easiest way that you are able to do to convert a nomedia file is to rename the files to another format. The conversion will work only if they are renamed to its original format. According to the File Extensions site, when we were trying to find a nomedia converter, it is explained that you are not able to convert nomedia files which are found on android devices to pictures such as jpg or even any other files for that matter. Nomedia files are used to hide files from the system and do not contain actual data at all. It means that any kind of nomedia to jpg conversion is not possible.

Converting Nomedia Files to JPG, MP3 and MP4

Opening Nomedia Files

If you try to open a nomedia file on your PC but you cannot do that, there are some causes of it. One of the reasons is the lack of appropriate software that can support nomedia among all these that are installed on your device. So, if you want to be able to open this type of file on your PC, you have to find and download the appropriate application.

There are some programs that you are able to use for viewing nomedia files such as VLC media player, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Media Player Classic, Photo Gallery, Nomedia StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager, Nomedia viewer for Android. You are able to download them on your device and they are also available for free. On your device, they will not take much space and they will be able to work effectively in opening the nomedia format. Besides, Google Android is also able to open nomedia files. Most Google Android devices can automatically open it.

Do you want to open a nomedia file on your device? Here are the methods that you are able to use for opening this file.

Open with

  • The first thing that you have to do to open a nomedia file using this method is to search for the nomedia file in your device.
  • Then, the next thing that you have to do is to double click on it.
  • After that, you need to open with the option.
  • Next, from the drop down list of apps and software, you have to choose the viewer, app or program.
  • Now, if there is not any viewer in your device or PC, you have to download one of the programs that we mentioned above.


  • If you want to open a nomedia file using this method, the first thing that you have to do is to open one of the nomedia viewers which are installed such as Winrar, Google Android, Internet Explorer or Nomedia StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager.
  • After that, from the application, you have to go to the menu files to be able to open the nomedia file from your device.
  • And now, you are able to view the format in the app.

What Is a Nomedia File?

Nomedia file is a type of file which is saved in an android mobile device. It can also be saved in an external storage card which should be connected to an android device. So, this file is only saved on android devices or devices which are connected to an android device. It is important for you to note that this file does not have a file name so it is always seen as a .nomedia. It is used to tell other apps to avoid scanning for media files on the similar folder where the nomedia file exists.

Let’s take an example. If there is a folder named Screenshots and in it, there is a .nomedia file, most apps searching for videos or pictures there will understand that they should not read any data from it. It means that the folder will seem invisible.

The Use of Nomedia Files

Nomedia files have a task to hide a folder from other apps. The benefit of the files is to put a nomedia file in a folder on your phone to hide private images or to hide unwanted or surplus ringtones, vidoes, images and many more. Let’s take an example. You are able to put private images and videos into a secret content album in your Gallery app. Then, you are able to add a nomedia file to it. So, a casual observer which looks through your images will only watch out what you want them to see.

Problems Which Prevent You From Opening Nomedia Files

There are some problems why you are not able to open nomedia files. What are they? You are able to see the answer below.

  • Your computer or android device does not have suitable hardware resources that can cope with the easy opening of the nomedia files.
  • The tools, equipment or the drivers which are needed are outdated.
  • The nomedia file that you want to open is infected with virus or malware.
  • The or apps that you can use for opening the nomedia file is not installed.
  • The description from your Windows registry is accidentally deleted.
  • The link to the file registry entries is incorrect.
  • The nomedia file that you want to open is corrupted.

Deleting Nomedia Files

Nomedia files can be deleted as other files. However, sometimes this file is hidden so that we are not able to delete it. You are able to unhide this file and then delete them by following the steps below.

  • First, you have to open the app as a file explorer.
  • After that, in the menu, you have to choose Settings.
  • The next thing that you have to do is to choose Display Settings.
  • And now, you have to check the option Show Hidden Files.
  • Here, you are able to see the nomedia files and then you are able to delete them as other types.

So, you are able to delete nomedia files now by following the steps above.