How to Become Famous Actor & Movie Star in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game that forces the player to control the life of a stranger from beginning to end. The free app developed by Candywriter, LLC has reached the top of the Apple App Store. Using a list of orders, random events and humor, BitLife tells users what will happen when they read biology or go to jail for attacking.

Run BitLife in a country where your parents grew up. As a child you may have problems with the world around you because the only option is to see a doctor. From age to age the world began to open up. At age 4, you can spend time with your parents or ask for money. When I was six years old, I went to elementary school. After all, you can start shooting in the gym, get a driver’s license, and meet someone.

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Finding a soul mate is one of the most interesting parts of BitLife. This game lets you choose your sexual orientation before calling someone special. It’s not easy to find someone who doesn’t have the look, wit and money (not crazy) but it can help. Spending time with your wife can lead to long-term relationships, vacations and memories with many children. Spending time with an imaginary partner before sunset is both effective and scary.


You have to manage different aspects of your life during the game. When happiness diminishes, you despair. Choosing the wrong foods and medications can put your health at risk. As in real life, however, the risk is less. Making the right decision can be convenient and attacking a stranger can lead to imprisonment.

BitLife is currently only available on iOS, but Android users have their own options. Instlife is an old game with many similar features, but more powerful than BitLife. There are more menus and options to change gender or country. It is unknown when BeetLife will launch on Android devices.

The game is simple and goes back to the popular classic mood (or multiplayer field) games in the early days of the computer. Choose from a variety of menus, such as buying a car or looking for a job and then looking at how old you might be before the buzz.

Fame Guide

Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get the popular BitLife guide to achieve! If you want to get your reputation tape, you can easily get it from this article. We discover how popular you should be in the game.

To be famous on BitLife, you need to increase your visibility for low-level jobs like lounge singers, voiceover actors, disc jockeys, popitaire and even social media action. If you work hard every year to improve your presentation skills, you will eventually reach the top of every career. Get a Win Bar and take part in commercials, magazine shootings, book writing and talk shows!

The key to becoming famous will eventually become your career, but at least you’ll want to start with a character of long stature. Keep lowering your character until you reach a spanning rate of at least 75-80%. When your mind and body are active, go to the gym, go for a walk or practice martial arts every year. Help improve your appearance, well keep on meditating.

Get active, meditate and if you have the money, go to Salon & Spy for manicure. At this point, you should create a social media account and start sharing posts several times a year. When you graduate from high school, your physical attendance should be at least 90%. You don’t have to go to college, but going to community college is said to help you adapt to some of the more prestigious departments you’re probably looking for.

Find a job that is popular with everyone involved in disc jockey, singer, doll and pornography. A few features of a low score will eventually take you to a higher position. The latest updates have a lot of options, so go as you please.

If you want to move away from your traditional theatrical career, you can always follow the path of impact! To do this, you need to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Tiktok. I believe Instagram is the easiest way, but what you want to do is up to you. There are not many rhymes or excuses along the way. Because they are accidentally infected with different types of messages. If you have around 300,000 followers on the platform you will get a reputation tag!

Continuing on to Fame

Reaching the top of your career when you decide to choose, you can achieve a new ladder of fame. It shows percentages as other statistics and helps increase percentages by sharing posts on social media and reputation-based activities (the new tab will appear in this tab).

At this point, keep going to the gym to be 100% active. As you get older you start to lose more interest, so you should try your best to keep your level higher. This includes all salons and spas!

You cannot book any photo shots or talk shows unless you are at least 50% popular. Advertising is a simple thing and advertising can make you good money. You have to think a little bit about how they hit but hopefully they won’t score low. Now you should try to write a book. Hopefully, you will be the best seller and increase your reputation a lot!

If you check posts on social media and take advantage of popular events, it won’t take long to get the most popularity. At this stage, you can earn a big salary through advertising and at this stage you have to take part in talk shows and everything. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You make lots of money and don’t want to cancel!

Maintaining Your Fame

When you reach the top of fame, you need to protect it so that it can share more social media, appear on talk shows and promote here and there. Must be kept in good condition. Keep going to the gym, face your body and mind, go to salons and resorts (choose the more expensive option) and go on vacation once or twice to please yourself! You may need plastic surgery to maintain your appearance 100% as you age. Try an aggressive process.