What BitLife Jobs Make You Famous?

Everyone who plays BitLife surely wants to become famous in BitLife. By the way, what jobs make you famous in BitLife? Let us see some jobs that make you famous in BitLife here. Also, we are going to share some tips to to be famous in BitLife

What Jobs in BitLife Make You Famous?

When you think of how to become famous in BitLife, note that now the characters can get fame through several jobs such as:

  • Actor/actress
  • Game developer
  • Model
  • Musician
  • Professional athlete
  • Reporter
  • Social media influencer
  • Writer

Also, being part of a royal family will grant you fame.

What BitLife Jobs Make You Famous

How to be Famous in BitLife?

Here are some steps to be famous in BitLife:

Step 1: Start while Young

If you want to become famous, it must start from your childhood. If you want to be a star in a movie, you have to secure at least 90% in your look’s percentage bar. Also, you are able to improve your look through your parents’ money if you are born with a silver spoon. Or you have to engage in any part-time job to earn money. If you have inherited wealth from your parents, it will make your process easier to reach.

Step 2: Improve Yourself

In BitLife, you need to improve yourself every second as there are four main measurements for life in BitLife; Happiness, Looks, Health and Smartness. Four of them are equally crucial. You have to focus on improving. If you want to be a Movie Star, you have to pay attention to get 90 and above in your Looks meter. Also, a good look is an advantage if you want to be a popular singer in BitLife. The only way to improve your smartness is by reading books, visiting the library, visiting places, and maintaining good physical and mental health.

Step 3: Focus on physical & mental Health

It is always crucial to maintain good physical and mental health in BitLife. For that reason, you have to hit the gym frequently. Also, practicing meditation will help you to improve your happiness levels. Aside from that, spending time with your loved ones is also important to improve your mental happiness. Another crucial factor to improve happiness is Entertainment. You have to make it a point of task to entertain yourself, visit places of entertainment such as Cinema, movie theatres, etc.

Step 4: Consider your social media

If you are aiming to be popular in BitLife, you have to consider the importance of social media. You are able to start social media profiles after you are 13 years old. When you begin your career after school, just focus more on your social media to build up a fan base by uploading three to four times a year.

Step 5: Acquire a career-related Education

Of course, education is also important to be famous in BitLife. Thus, if you have a specific career target, then you will need a career-related education to excel mainly as a young person. If you want to be a Movie Star, you may not need to get higher degrees. But, if you are planning to be a journalist, you are going to be asked for a degree in English discipline, when you apply for the post of a reporter. If you want to be an author, having a literature related degree will be an advantage.

Step 6: Be Law Abiding

For those who want to become famous in BitLife, you have to be law-abiding and not a lawbreaker. Starting from your childhood, you have to be known for sound recordings. Of course, this is going to help you a lot to reach your future goals.

Step 7: Start the career as a Teenager

There is a requirement for several aiming to become popular in BitLife to start as a teenager. Thus, after your Education, you must not hesitate to start your career. Do not choose your first jobs blindly. Also, do not go only for the higher salaries or higher positions in the beginning. You have to start with a gradual process.

To be a movie star, you are able to start as a voice-over actor or an actor if you pass the interviews. If you want to be a popular model, you are able to start your career as a foot model. Also, if you are planning to become popular by becoming a Bestselling author, you have to start as a writer. In addition, you are able to start as a reporter in a press company if you want to be a journalist.

Step 8: Continue to work hard

No matter what you desire for in life, to achieve it successfully, you have to be continuously hard working. Thus, to reach a greater goal, there is a need to work harder. By doing so, you are going to realize how far you have gone. In addition, if you want to be popular in BitLife, you have to put every effort in place to work hard towards achieving the set goals.

Step 9: Grow your popularity

After you have become popular, a new meter will be added to your existing meters of health, look, happiness, and smartness. Since Fame has been added, you have to put extra effort into maintaining and growing your Fame, even after becoming popular and getting the new game. You have to maintain health and happiness, and look at meters at 100%. Then, they are going to decrease your age. Usually, you are able to improve and maintain your look by going to the Gym and saloon frequently, as well practicing meditation. Also, you will need to visit your doctor if you have any possible disease to maintain your perfect health condition.

Step 10: BitLife is like your Real Life

BitLife is only a life simulator. In real life, rarely does someone become famous overnight. Becoming famous will take years of dedication, hard work and passion. The whole story is true for BitLife too. You need to stick to your plan to become as popular as you wanted. Also, you have to plan your whole life from childhood, beginning from choosing your education and career, and properly maintaining social media profiles.

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