How to Get Ptsd From a Ghost in BitLife

Have you heard that your character in BitLife can get PTSD from a ghost? Yes, in BitLife, there are ghosts and you have to exorcist them. But, how can we get PTSD from a ghost in BitLife? You are able to read the explanation about getting PTSD from a ghost in BitLife below.

Getting PTSD from a Ghost in BitLife

In BitLife, you are able to get PTSD from a ghost. So, how can it happen? As you know that after you buy a haunted house, there will be a Spirits tab and a hauntedness bar. The thing that you will do is to choose the tab and there will be a list of the spirits currently in your house. You have to open the profile of the ghost and then there will be the option to exorcise it or summon. Let’s say that you choose to exorcise it. If so, you will have the option whether to exorcise the ghost by yourself or hire someone to do it.

How to Get Ptsd From a Ghost in BitLife

It is important for you to note that spirits have a friendliness and activeness stat where it determines how likely the ghost is to attack you when you exorcise it. Let’s say that you fail an exorcism. If it happens, then the ghost will be more active and less friendly. However, if you decide not to exercise the spirit and just let it roam free in your house, the thing that will happen is that the ghost will attack you and even you have a random chance of developing diseases such as PTSD, heart attack or high blood pressure.

So, from the explanation based on The Nerd Stash above, we can conclude that you are able to get PTSD in BitLife if you do not exorcise the spirit and let it roam free in your house. So, it is important for you to exorcise the spirit from your haunted house. Alternatively, you are able to sell your house so that this thing will not happen.

About Ghost in BitLife

About Ghost in BitLife

In BitLife, exactly since the October 28 – 29 2019 update, the developer has added ghosts into the game where they are able to appear in Haunted Houses. How many ghosts can appear in a haunted house? It depends on how haunted the house is. The deceased ancestors of your character can also come up as ghosts in a haunted house. They are able to be demons, ghosts, poltergeists, specters, banshees, or phantoms and they are also able to be young or old, smiling or frowning.

Let’s say that the ghosts appear to be your past lives such as your father’s wife or your grandmother. If so, usually the ghosts will be friendly.

Ghosts are able to be exorcised or summoned. However, this effort can succeed or not. If you exorcise all spirits from a haunted house, the thing that will happen is that the haunted house will turn into a regular house. However, if you are not successful in trying to exorcise ghosts, they will be more active and less friendly.

From ghosts or paranormal scenarios, health risks can happen like schizophrenia, high blood pressure, PTSD, and a massive heart attack. Not only that, ghosts also are able to assault your character in the game to death. If you are not successful in exorcising ghosts several times, it can increase the chance of death. Since they are ghosts, so they are not able to be sued and the police will not be able to help the situation.

Ghosts will go away if the haunted house is sold. As of November 2019, the haunted features and Halloween scenarios in the Haunted Update have been removed, but the Haunted Houses and ghosts still exist. In February 2020, the spirit emojis were updated with the other new character emojis, but they are not able to be customizable in God Mode.

For your information, Ghosts in this game have an activeness and friendliness bar.

In March 2020, ghosts became the part of the second challenge where someone needed to have to be an exorcist from the United States and they were required to exorcise 10 spirits from their haunted houses by themselves.

There is also an achievement related to ghosts. The name of the achievement is Begone achievement where you have to exorcise your own ghost. The thing that you need to do to be able to get this achievement is that you have to be an exorcist, live in a haunted house, and successfully do an exorcism on the ghost by yourself. It will be easier for you to do when the ghost is very friendly and not very active. The difficulty of this achievement is hard.

That’s all the information about Ghosts in BitLife according to the BitLife Wiki, and below you can read about Emotional Illness in BitLife according to the same source.

Emotional Illness in BitLife

PTSD is one of the emotional illnesses in BitLife. According to the BitLife wiki, some illnesses are caused psychologically and some of the examples are depression and anxiety. These illnesses are able to be hard to cure by a medical doctor, but it is possible to be cured. These diseases can be treated by actions like raising the happiness bar.

Your character is able to suffer depression or anxiety after your character’s happiness goes to zero. If your character is depressed or anxious, the thing that will happen is that happiness will be more difficult to raise.

Let’s say that your character is an adult and he or she has an emotional illness. If so, your character cannot be treated by the medical doctor but can be treated by a psychiatrist or witch doctor. However, if your character is a juvenile, your character has the possibility of being cured by the medical doctor because they are not able to visit other doctors and cannot vacation on their own.

In BitLife, there are other lesser-common mental illnesses such as post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia. These diseases can also happen after paranormal activity in Haunted Houses same as high blood pressure.