How to Collect Evidence in BitLife without Bitizenship

In BitLife, you are allowed to join a mafia family. Instead of being a member of a mafia gang, you should work against the mafia family secretly. Of course, you are caught on both sides of the law. If you were caught by the Police, they will give you a choice to either become a rat or go to Prison.

Working against the mafia family means you should collect a fixed amount of incriminating evidence on your former gang mates within three years. It’s not easy to collect evidence in Bitlife, since you have to work neatly without being noticed by the mafia gang. If you need the guide to collect evidence in BitLife, you can dive into our post below.

Collecting Evidence in BitLife Without Bitizenship, Here’s How!

To collect evidence in BitLife without Bitizenship, you have to become an informant. Being an informant means you work in an involuntary career path that can only be accessible by those who have been part of an organized crime circle and have been arrested for racketeering.

Being an informant in BitLife means you plunge directly into the abyss of danger. Why? It’s because you have to collect evidence by joining a mafia family. When you want to quit the mafia, you can really do so. Of course, the informant’s main task is to be a spy in another mob.

How to Collect Evidence in BitLife without Bitizenship

Here’s how to collect evidence in BitLife!

Step 1: Become an informant

To be an informant, you have to join the mafia family. It sounds weird since you should commit crimes initially and have a mafia family recruit you before finally turning against them.

To start becoming an informant, you can create a new character in the country of your choice. Having a crime-related talent will help you be more successful when committing crimes, though you are not required to have any special talents to join the family. if a gun is beside your character’s name on the main screen, you will know you actually have a crime talent.

As your character ages, make sure to conduct petty crimes to get a reputation within the organized crime syndicates. You will not obtain entry into any mafia families without committing crimes.

Some crimes you can begin with at a young age are burglary, porch pirating and shoplifting. To increase your chances further, you can rob a bank or even murder after your character turns 18.

Once conducting numbers of crimes, you can go to Special Careers into Organized crime and try to join a mafia family. If you fail, you can continue committing more crimes for a few years. After you have successfully entered a mafia family, you can select to become an informant.

Step 2: Collect evidence

After successfully becoming an informant, you will be tasked to collect evidence against the mafia family within the deadline. Your deadline is commonly three or four years. To collect evidence, you can go to your fellow mafia members from the relations list. Then, click a notepad pencil icon that reads ‘Collect Evidence against this person’.

If you click the icon, you will easily collect evidence against this person and finally get them arrested. If you click ‘Yes’ to collect evidence, you may have to fill up a progress bar. Well, it will take a few years and after completion, you will receive a pop-up message that says ‘your proof has led to several convictions.’

Keep in mind, the amount of evidence you have to collect can also vary between members of your mafia family. In this case, high rank members will give you the most, of course, it’s best to target your boss due to this.

Even though your evidence bar won’t rise very quickly, it will increase slowly the more you Snitch on them. So, make sure to be careful not to get caught, because the mafia family will likely kill you for snitching. It’s important to note, if you have a high relationship, it will slightly decrease the likelihood of this happening.

However, you cannot just only collect evidence, since your fellow members will get suspicious, so you should be a hard-working member of your mafia. It will also help you if you’re already respected and have been promoted a few times already. Keep in mind, you cannot get caught conducting crimes or you will lose your informant status. So, it would be better to choose low-risk crimes.

Last but not least, you may get caught or accused of being a snitch by people in your mob. In this case, you may have to either deny, admit it or kill them. Once you deal with it, you can get back to collecting evidence.

Lastly, once you have collected enough evidence to max out your evidence bar, you can bring the family to justice and have all charges dropped against you. Of course, you can enter the witness protection program and live a brand-new life if you collect enough and gain your former friends arrested.

What Are the Risks of Being an Informant?

As an informant in BitLife, you can go in one of two very different directions, depending on whether you can collect all that evidence in the three-year or not.

If you successfully collect enough dirt on gang members, you will be free to go. Your criminal slate is wiped clean and you will be placed in witness protection to start a brand-new life.

If you cannot get all the necessary first to the feds in time, you will plunge into darkness. Regarding how well you have cooperated, you will be unceremoniously booted into jail, in which you should serve the entirety of your original sentence.

Of course, there is no lenience for your willingness to help or the evidence you did gather, just a life behind bars. Thus, you may want to do your best to collect the evidence in time, since the alternative is much less attractive. So, make sure to become an informant and work carefully to avoid the suspicion of your mafia gang.

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