How to Summon Entities on BitLife

In BitLife, you’re allowed to complete the Paranormal Challenge. There are a series of tasks you should complete in this challenge. One of them is to summon 10+ entities that require you to buy a haunted house and open the spirit tab of one of your haunted houses.

Summoning the entities in BitLife is pretty straightforward. Many players, however, do not know yet how to easily summon the entities in BitLife, since they think it’s such a complicated way to do so. If you happen to complete the Paranormal Challenge and summon the entities, you can find the guide in our post below. Here you go!

How to Summon Entities on BitLife

Summoning Entities in BitLife, Here’s How!

If you want to summon entities in BitLife, you have to first have access to a haunted house. To have a haunted house, you will have to buy the property in the real estate section of the game. Make sure to look for a place which has the word ‘Haunted’ in front of it.

After you have your property which is claimed to be haunted, you should then go to your Assets area. Then, tap on the haunted home and tap on the ‘Spirits’ option. Afterwards, you should find a Ghost of some sort on this list.

After finding a ghost, you can then tap on the ghost of your option and you can use the ‘Try to summon it’ option. If you are not successful, you have to restart your game to try again if you want. Furthermore, you can also just age up and see if you have better luck. If you successfully summon a ghost, you will then have multiple options that are available for you.

It’s definitely clear that doing anything other than insults will result in you surviving the situation. If you decide to insult it, there will be a chance that you may not live through the encounter. In most cases, the ghost must just disappear, but there will always be a risk as you summon an apparition.

That’s how to summon entities in BitLife. After reading the whole guide of summoning entities in BitLife, you may think that it’s pretty easy to summon entities in BitLife, right? Now, it’s a great time for you to summon entities in BitLife and complete the Paranormal Challenge successfully.

Flashback of Paranormal Challenge

It is known that Paranormal Challenge is one of the BitLife challenges that expires in October 2021. Many players, however, still discuss this challenge and they try to give the reviews, whether Paranormal Challenge is easy, worth it to complete or not.

In fact, many players who have completed the Paranormal Challenge felt challenged, since they would be scared to death when you see the requirements for this challenge. If you want to successfully complete the Paranormal Challenge, you should complete the following objectives in the game:

1) Own 5+ haunted properties

2) Exorcise 5+ entities

3) Summon 10+ entities

4) Scare someone to death

Here’s the explanation of each task you should complete in the Paranormal Challenge!

1) Own 5+ haunted properties

If you want to own a haunted property in BitLife, you should purchase any house for sale under the realtor which has haunted in the game. When buying a haunted house, you should ensure you earn a lot of money with a decent job since certain houses can cost a ton despite being haunted.

2) Exorcise 5+ entities

The next step you should do after having a haunted property in BitLife is to exorcise 5+ entities. There are a total of five or more entities in BitLife you should exorcise. To do so, you will need to have a haunted house.

After you have a haunted house, you will have to go to the Spirit tab under your house’s profile in assets. The Spirit tab will then allow you to find all ghosts which are currently haunting your house.

Once the ghosts disappear, you can then click the ghost next. By doing so, it will give you an option to exorcise them. Once exorcising the first ghost, you can then repeat those same steps five more times to complete the objective.

3) Summon 10+ entities

You will need to summon 10+ entities by opening the spirit tab of one of your haunted houses. To complete this challenge, you can follow the same steps as the previous objective. First, buy a haunted house and click its profile under assets and then view the spirit tab.

When the spirit tab is open, you should click a ghost. By doing so, it will give you the option of summoning or exorcising ghosts. You can then click and repeat the summon option ten times to complete the objective.

4)  Scare someone to death

If you want to scare someone in BitLife, you should click the murder option under crimes and select the option, then scare to death.

That’s how to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife. Well, completing the Paranormal Challenge is pretty easy to do, isn’t it?

Get to Know About Ghost in BitLife

In BitLife, ghosts have been added into the game, as of the October 28 – 29, 2019 update. The ghosts appear in Haunted House and have a friendliness and activeness bar. It is known that they cannot be changed in God Mode.

The number of Ghosts which can appear in the home will depend on how haunted it is. In a haunted ghost, your character’s deceased ancestors will also appear as ghosts. Of course, they could be ghosts, demons, poltergeists, banshees, specters or phantoms. Furthermore, they could also be young or old, smiling or frowning.

If the ghosts appear to be your past lives, they in most cases will be friendly. They can be summoned or exorcised that may or may not succeed. If they are exorcised from a haunted house, it will then turn into a regular house. If you are not successful in exorcising a ghost, they will be more active and less friendly.

For more information, exorcists should be paid for at every attempt to exorcise a ghost. Otherwise if your character is an Exorcist, they will have the option to exorcise the ghost themselves that is commonly more successful in getting rid of ghosts.

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