How Long Does Bitizen Last in BitLife?

In BitLife, you can be a Bitizen by purchasing Bitizenship first. It is known that Bitizenship is a premium membership that benefits you when playing BitLife, one of these is removing ads.  You can purchase Bitizenship in real money that costs $2.99.

Many BitLife fans, however, wonder how long becoming a Bitizen in BitLife will last, whether or not it is time limited. Since it is a paid membership, you may need to know how long Bitizen will last in BitLife, making it worth it for you to buy. Okay, let’s dive into our post to find the information about it!

How Long Does Bitizen Last in BitLife

How Long Does Bitizen Last in BitLife?

In BitLife, you will be able to move onto the next generation when your character passes away and continue playing the game. As a Bitizen, you will have unlimited generations, meaning it lasts forever, as long as you play BitLife. If you are non-Bitizens, you can only play up to two generations for one family.

As a Bitizen, you will also switch between Dark and Light mode. You will also become an official ‘citizen’ and can unlock a number of perks, after purchasing Bitizenship. Furthermore, Bitizenship is a one-time payment, where you shouldn’t pay any additional monthly fees to keep it, after you pay for it once.

What Are Benefits of Purchasing Bitizenship?

If you are playing BitLife, you will live life through the eyes of a random character which you create. You will start by naming your character and selecting where they will live. After that, they will age until their life ends.

While playing BitLife, you will likely find advertisements that may become frustrating if you play often. Even though removing ads is an option, Bitizenship is a bit more expensive alternative which offers additional benefits.

Here’s a list of benefits you will get by purchasing Bitizenship!

  • Advertisement-free gameplay. Your character will go to the movie theatre and get a boost to health, happiness, smarts and looks without watching ads.
  • More options to purchase pets. There are new shops available in BitLife including dog and cat breeders, a horse ranch, an exotic pet dealer and a pet store. If you are a non-Bitizen, you will only have up to four pets at one-time and can only adopt them at the animal shelter
  • No sharing. You will not be required to share the app in real life as a character makes an account or verifies on each social media.
  • More generations. As a Bitizen, you will have unlimited generations but a non-Bitizen may only have two.
  • Dark Mode. As a Bitizen, you’re able to switch your game screen to black. Of course, it’s safer to play BitLife at night.
  • Interaction with bosses. As a Non-Bitizen, you can still interact with co-workers at the office, much like they can with classmates at school and request a promotion or a raise.
  • Hire a hitman. As a Bitizen, you can hire a hitman, while if you are non-Bitizen, you can still choose to do any other crimes.
  • Join a band. As a Bitizen, you will be able to join a band, while if you are non-Bitizen, you can still become a solo musician.
  • Interact with anyone in the mafia.
  • Visit the optometrist for spectacles
  • Go through eye exams
  • Able to join gangs in prison
  • Interaction with teachers at school.
  • Performance enhancer.
  • Change your appearance.

How to Become a Bitizen in BitLife?

Becoming a Bitizen in BitLife is pretty straightforward. If you purchase Bitizenship, it will likely be pretty useful, since it may firmly simplify your game and is particularly effective  if you play as often as possible.

To become a Bitizen, you just simply select the ‘Become a Bitizen’ button located on the top right corner of the main screen of the BitLife app. By choosing it, a new screen will appear and you should select ‘Get It Now!’ button.

After clicking the option, it will deduct the Bitizenship fee from the card that you have linked with your Google Play or App Store. You can now purchase Bitizenship and become a Bitizen. After purchasing Bitizenship in BitLife, you will automatically become a Bitizen.

Is Your Bitizenship Still Active When You Play BitLife in a New Device?

Of course, yes! Your Bitizenship is still active, though you open or play BitLife on a new device. If you already had Bitizenship in your previous mobile phone or reset your phone, you definitely will get back and restore the Bitizenship feature that you had earlier

BitLife App has provided an option to restore Bitizenship. A pop-up window will appear and there will be an option to Restore Earlier Purchases if you click the ‘Become a Bitizen’ button on the top right corner of the main screen. If you click on that, you can then restore the Bitizenship that you already had.

Is There an Alternative in BitLife to Unlock Useful Features?

If you’re not willing to purchase Bitizenship in BitLife, alternatively you can buy God Mode. Even though God Mode cannot remove ads in BitLife, there are some advantages of God Mode you can get.

Many players often think that Bitizenship and God Mode are the same, where they are totally different. God Mode is not a part of Bitizenship. This mode only lets you edit any character’s names, stats and looks.

Aside from that, God Mode also allows you to select your character’s special talent and royalty status. If you purchase God Mode, you can also change it as many times as you want, excluding skin colour. Just like Bitizenship, you can also get God Mode in a one-time payment.

God Mode costs $2.99 on the American app store and £4.49 in the UK. Another benefit of God Mode you can get is allowing you to change features like your country of birth, gender, social standing and in-game stats. You will also be able to change your character to have 100% looks and intelligence which will open them up to the most elusive and highest-paying jobs in the game.