BitLife Bitizen vs God Mode

In BitLife, you’re allowed to buy a premium membership called Bitizenship. If you purchase Bitizenship, it will make you a bitizen. In addition to Bitizenship, you will also find God Mode. God Mode is a feature in BitLife that costs around $4.99.

Are Bitizenship and God Mode Same? Of course, many people think that both are same, in fact that both are different. Sometimes, many players are confused to distinguish between Bitizenship and God Mod. If you are also confused to distinguish between both, you can dive into our post to find the real information. Here you go!

BitLife Bitizen vs God Mode

What Is the Difference Between Bitizenship and God Mode?

God Mode is a feature in BitLife that is not a part of Bitizenship. God Mod will allow you to edit anyone’s name, looks and stats in the game. You can also change this as many times as you want, excluding skin colour. This mode can be obtained in a one time payment.

Bitizenship is a premium membership which costs real money. It also works to unlock special benefits to BitLife. If you purchase Bitizenship, you will not find ads on the game. There is also an option to purchase a Bitizen Membership for your relatives which gives a huge relationship boost.

What Are the Advantages of God Mode?

In God Mode, you will be able to change features like your gender, country of birth, social standing and in-game stats. Aside from that, you can also change your character to own 100% looks and intelligence that will open them up to the most elusive and highest-paying professions in the game.

More than just editing your character, you’re allowed to edit each and every NPC you face including family members, pets, friends and work colleagues. However, editing your character will not have any tangible bearing on gameplay. Instead, editing the looks, health and intelligence of other players can change their trajectory.

The good news! God Mode also allows you to do an unlimited amount of times. You definitely can change your character each and every year if you want. However, it will impact how they look in later life if you change your character’s appearance as a child and young adult.

However, the most exciting concept is the ability to edit statistics. Some high-level jobs such as acting and modelling are only available to characters with very strong looks. Last but not least, God Mode allows you to guarantee that your character meets this criteria, finding jobs which can get you famous.

What Are Advantages of Being a Bitizen?

Being a Bitizen means you have purchase Bitizenship in BitLife. As a Bitizen, you will get any advantages after purchasing Bitizenship, here are they:

  • No ads
  • Get more pets if you are a Bitizen. If you are not a Bitizen, you can only have up to 4 pets at a time. You can only adopt them at the animal shelter. Bitizens will have the option to purchase from the dog and cat breeders, the pet shop, the exotic pet dealer and the horse and llama ranches.
  • No sharing. You are not required to share the app in real life when a character makes an account or verifies on each social media.
  • More generations. If you are a Bitizen, you will have unlimited generations but a non-Bitizen may only have two.
  • Dark Mode. If you purchase Bitizenship, you can switch your game screen to black, so it will be safe playing the game at night.
  • Interaction with bosses. If you are not a Bitizen, you can still interact with co-workers at the office, much like they can with classmates at school and request a promotion or a raise.
  • Hire a hitman. If you are not a Bitizen, you can still select to do any other crimes.
  • Join a band. If you are not a Bitizen, you can still become a solo musician.
  • Being able to join gangs in prison
  • Go through eye exams
  • Interaction with teachers at school.
  • Interact with anyone in the mafia.
  • Change your appearance.
  • Performance enhancer.
  • Visit the optometrist for spectacles

How to Get God Mode in BitLife?

Keep in mind, God Mode is not a free add-on for BitLife. Instead, you need to purchase it, which will cost you a bit of money. You can pay $2.99 for God Mode on Americana app stores and £4.49 in the UK.

Of course, it is quite a steep price, given that BitLife is a free game. The good news! It is a one-off purchase. It means that you shouldn’t pay for it again if you can take the plunge and pick up BitLife God Mode. At that price, it is only a great idea to take it if you are sure you will get your money’s worth.

How to Buy Bitizenship in BitLife?

It’s pretty easy to get Bitizenship in BitLife. What you should do is to choose the ‘Become a Bitizen’ button on the top right corner of the main screen of the BitLife app. After that, a new screen will appear and choose ‘Get It Now!’ button.

Afterwards, it will deduct the Bitizenship fee from the card that you’ve linked with your Google Play or App Store. That’s how to purchase Bitizenship in BitLife.

How do you open BitLife on a new device? No worries! You can get back and restore the Bitizenship feature that you had earlier if you already had Bitizenship in your previous mobile phone or reset your phone.

Well, BitLife app has given an option to restore Bitizenship. If you click the ‘Become a Bitizen’ button on the top right corner of the main screen, a pop window will appear and there is an option to Restore Earlier Purchases. When you click on that, you can then restore the Bitizenship you already had.

Conclusion: God Mode and Bitizenship are two different premium features in BitLife. God Mode is not a part of Bitizenship and Bitizenship doesn’t come with the God Mode in BitLife. You may need to purchase both of them separately if you want to activate both God Mode and the Bitizenship.

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