What Degree Do You Need to Be an App Developer in BitLife?

While it sounds weird to work in BitLife, you will find a job easily while playing BitLife. There are a number of jobs you can get in BitLife, one of these is becoming an App Developer. Of course, there are some requirements you should meet to apply for an App Developer position in BitLife.

One of the requirements to work in BitLife is your education. If you are interested to work in BitLife as an App developer, you definitely need to know what degree you should hold to apply for this position. Let’s find out what degree you should have to be an App Developer through our post below!

What Degree Do You Need to Be an App Developer in BitLife

Degree You Must Have to Be an App Developer in BitLife

To be eligible for becoming an App Developer in BitLife, you must have a computer science degree or anything science-related. Of course, you will be required to have high smarts and enroll at the university level and enroll in college.

After high school, you can really do this and select to pay for it all with cash, try your luck with scholarships and take on student loans. If your character has a high enough smarts stat, you can try to apply for a scholarship and avoid any payments.

How to Work as an App Developer in BitLife?

The first thing you should do to work as an App Developer in BitLife is to create a character-based app in Miami, Florida. Why? It’s because the real-life office of BitLife is headquartered there. Of course, your character should be born there or you can move to Miami later in your life.

As we’ve mentioned, you also need to enroll in computer science at the university level to satisfy the criteria for a career in BitLife. Since you will apply for an App Developer, you should ensure you get high marks by studying hard. You can also reroll your characters until you find one with high intelligence. In this case, reading books will earn you smarts up to 100.

After you have completed your four years of study, you can go to the job section to check the available jobs. Here, you should apply for the role of Jr. App Developer. Make sure to double-check if BitLife or Candywriter is offering the position by clicking on it.

Of course, you need to apply for the job when you see one from BitLife. If you do not find the position on the list, you may need to reload the app or wait a year to see fresh postings. You may also have to hit the ‘age up’ button several times before it appears.

With a computer science degree, you must be able to join the team. After becoming an App Developer in BitLife, you should work hard every year and move up the BitLife career chain.

Okay, that’s how to work as an App Developer in BitLife. Now, it’s a great time for you to start enrolling at university or college and get a computer science degree. Afterwards, you can apply for an App Developer position in BitLife.

What Are the Highest-Paying Jobs in BitLife?

In BitLife, you will find a number of jobs available. Some of them are among the highest-paying jobs, others are categorized into lowest-paying jobs. It could be a bit complicated to get a job, since some of them require you to go to a certain type of school, college or university level or you can also start out in a particular job and work your way up.

If you want to earn more and more money, of course, you should look for a job that will pay a lot. Sure, you should find out which jobs in BitLife are the highest-paying. Thankfully! We will show you five highest-paying jobs in BitLife you can apply for. Here are they:

1) Celebrity

In BitLife, the highest-paying job is either Lead Actor or Singer. That said, those careers both get you the fame bar that can also be used to earn a lot of money. Those careers have a high salary, but you can also use the ‘Fame’ tab to film a commercial, write a book and pose in a magazine.

  • To be an actor, you should start taking acting lessons earlier. Once mastering your acting skills, you should go to the Special Careers tab and try to get gigs as an actor.
  • To be a singer, you should start taking singing lessons, inteads of acting lessons. Once mastering your singing skills, you can try getting gigs as a singer via the Musician tab under Special Careers.

2) Athlete

Another job that ranks No. 2 as the highest-paying job is becoming a professional athlete. If you want to apply for a professional athlete, you should ensure your character has a high athletic stat. To gain a high athletic stat, you need to go on walks and take up martial arts in your younger years.

3) Royalty

It’s actually not a job in BitLife. However, you will earn a lot of loot if you become a part of a royal family or marry royalty. To be a royal, you should be born in one of the countries which has royalty. It’s random, so you may have to create multiple characters to get it.

4) Political Office

If you make a serious effort to become Mayor or Governor, you will earn yourself a bribe for a whole lot of money that is commonly in the millions of dollars. This option is pretty lucrative if you do not have a problem with taking some money under the table.

5) Doctor

Becoming a doctor is a perfect choice for those who want to earn a lot of money. To apply for this position, you need to do very well in school and then go to Medical School, taking a long time to complete.

Otherwise, if it’s possible for you to make it through all of the classes, you must be pretty well paid right out of school. Of course, you finally want to get to Brain Surgeon that is the highest paying career down this path.

Well, those are the five highest-paying jobs in BitLife you can apply for.

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