How to Activate a Conduit in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there is a conduit. What is it? It is a beacon-like block which has Conduit Power and it can attack hostile mobs underwater. In Java Edition, conduits will drop as an item when they are broken with any tool or even by hand. In Bedrock Edition, it is the same, but if you use a pickaxe to break it, it will be fastest. Conduit can emit a light level of 15 which is the brightest level in the game.

If you want to make a conduit, the materials that you have to use are Nautilus Shell and Heart of the Sea. If you have crafted it, you are able to activate it. How to activate a conduit? You are able to read the steps that we provide below.

The Steps to Activate a Conduit in Minecraft

If you want to activate a conduit, it needs to be in the center of a 3x3x3 volume of water which needs to be enclosed in an activation frame. Conduits can be activated when at least 16 blocks of prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine or sea lantern are placed around in either a cube or a lot of other ways. When it is successfully activated, you will see that the conduit opens and reveals the texture of the heart of the sea in the middle.

Belo, you are able to follow the steps to activate a conduit in Minecraft based on the WikiHow site.

Find a buried treasure map

  • First, you have to find a treasure map which is buried. You are able to be found in shipwreck or ocean ruin chests. If you want to find them in the ocean ruins, you will have to dig around to find the chest while avoiding the drowned that guard it. If you want to get it in the shipwrecks, the map chest will be in a room with a door. When you are looking for a treasure map, you have to keep an eye on your oxygen bar so that you will not drown. Also, you need to note that shipwrecks have a guaranteed treasure map while only 43.5% of ocean ruin chests will have one.

Dig for buried treasure

  • In this step, you have to dig for buried treasure. You have to go around until you are at the red X on the map. You have to make yourself have a good position so that only a few pixels of the white arrow are visible below the x. After that, you have to dig straight down until you are able to find a chest. Inside, you will be able to find a lot of valuable items such as gold, TNT, and diamonds. However, here you have to find the heart of the sea which is used to make a conduit. If you find any difficulties when you are trying to find the X, you have to note that upward on the map is north while  rightward is east. You have to press F3 to get the cardinal directions.

Obtain 8 nautilus shells

  • Now, you must get 8 nautilus shells. These items can be dropped from drowning or gained as a treasure drop from fishing. In the 1.16 update, the fishing rod needs to be cast into an open body of water to be able to catch the items of the treasure. If you have the Luck of the Sea enchantment on your fishing rod, it will help the drop rate. It is important for you to know that drowned have a small opportunity to spawn holding a nautilus shell in their hand which will drop if you kill them. If you wander traders, it can sell nautilus shells for 5 emeralds. They spawn every 10 Minecraft days on average.

 craft the conduit.

  • Then, you have to craft the conduit. You have to enter the heart of the sea in the center of the crafting menu with the nautilus shells which surrounds it.

Get prismarine from an ocean monument.

  • Then, you have to get prismarine from an ocean monument. You have to dive quickly down to the tallest section of the monument and then you are able to mine at least 16 blocks of prismarine. If you wish to have the bigger radius of your conduit, you are able to expand it. However, you will have to collect extra blocks. You have to bring a few milk buckets if you are inflicted with Mining Fatigue. For your information, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine, prismarine and sea lanterns all can work. If you want to avoid the guardians, you are able to drink a potion of invisibility and take off some of your armor. Here, you also have to make sure that you do not drown. You can carry some doors or drink a potion of water breathing to avoid from drowning.

Build the base layer using 9 blocks of prismarine

  • Now, the thing that you have to do is to build the base layer by using 9 blocks of prismarine. You have to select a location deep underwater. You need to note that you are able to use any type of prismarine and even sea lanterns.

add a four-block tall pillar to each end of the base

  • Then, you have to add a four-block tall pillar to each end of the base. You are able to stop here for the smallest possible conduit or continue building. For your information, the range of the conduit can extend 16 blocks for every 7 blocks of prismarine added. If you get to the maximum of 42 blocks in the frame, the conduit will be able to attack ocean mobs which are hostile as well.

Finish the top of the frame. This will take you five blocks.

  • Here, you have to complete the top of the frame and it will take you five blocks.

ou have to add 12 prismarine blocks that link the middle of each pillar

  • You have to add 12 prismarine blocks that link the middle of each pillar.

Place the conduit in the center.

  • The last thing that you have to do is to put the conduit in the center. You will have to use a temporary block to position the conduit. Then, you are able to remove the block. The conduit will open up now and it will have particle effects which swirling around it if it is activated correctly. Here, you have to make sure that the conduit is surrounded by the source blocks of water on all sides.