How Hidden Audio Logs Help Tell the Larger Story of Zeta Halo

This post will unveil the story about how the Zeta ring got flipped or turned upside down. For those who are wondering how the hidden audio logs can help tell the larger story of Zeta in the game named Halo Infinite, you come to the right page as you will be explained about everything. Continue reading until the end of the post.

Everyone has been familiar with using audio logs to help convey the story of the game. Actually, audio logs are not that new to the Halo series. It was used in the Sadie’s Story in Halo 3: ODST. Not only that, it was also used in the Halo 4’s Terminals, giving the important details about the Didact. In addition to these, it was also used in Halo 5. With the help of the open ring structure of the campaign, it is used in a whole different way in Halo Infinite. The use of it is to tell multiple sides of the larger story about the fight on Zeta Halo between the UNSC and The Banished that takes place before the start of when you enter the fray as the Master Chief.

How Hidden Audio Logs Help Tell the Larger Story of Zeta Halo

The data pads are everywhere in the Zeta Halo. All of them save the audio logs that are divided into a total of three categories. The first one is UNSC, the second one is Banished, and the third one is Spartan. Not only that, there are also Forerunner Archives. However, there are a lot of stories in the groups. The associate creative director of Halo Infinite named Paul Crocker said that the great thing that the audio logs gave to the players is the opportunity to fill in some of the blacks that the players are able to experience at their own pace. Furthermore, the man said that each of those then leads to another connecting kind of piece of the game, whether it is the Marines that the players are finding, the Spartans and what happened to some of them and so on. The creative director described them as the really polished kind of radio plays. The good news is that there is nothing to worry about trying to piece the story of these audio logs together by the players themselves. Apparently, a few audio logs will tell one of the stories relevant to the location that the players find them. However, for most of them that spin a larger yarn, the players are able to find the data pads in any order and they will be played in linear order so that the players will be able to hear the story as it was meant to be experienced. However, the developer of the game called 343 Industries wants to make sure that finding one will not stop the action. Paul Crocker stated that they made conscious decisions with the audio logs in the game. The players are able to just press the X when they find one and they will collect it. Besides, they can also hold X if they want to play it right away. The man added that if the players hold that button and they choose to play it, it will take priority over everything else. The statement means that if the players want to be walking through the game, they will take priority by just listening to the data pads and having effectively the kind of library of story, moving around the game with them, aside from a cutscene. As for everything else, it will just get kind of muted down.

Halo 4’s Terminals received so much criticism for burying too much key story information in them, In fact, the narrative writer of the Halo series named Jeff Easterling was aware that the developer team is trying their best to get the better balance for the game called Halo Infinite. He thinks that the audio logs are a neat way to balance the element of “What are our stories that we can tell that enrich?”. However, you will not feel it like a requirement. According to him, they are there for those who want to scrape a little bit below the surface.

The narrative writer really hopes that having a few perspectives in the audio logs will be a good thing for the players as they will have some ways into this larger optional part of the story of Halo Infinite. Among these ways, one of them that they had specifically kind of made is that there are threads that are able to be chosen by the players. It means, there will be people who want to see all but there might be some who probably happen upon a certain story arc or a certain thread that they feel like they want to follow.

As added by Paul Crocker, the players feel like these are great ways to look out into the wider story. At the same time, the players can be more human because there are a lot of Marines in the back of the Warthog and they push them off the side of the cliff. As a player, they will not care about what is going to happen to those Marines at the moment. On the contrary, as Chief, they wish to have that kind of reason why they are protecting humanity. It is really what they give them.

It should be clear about how hidden audio logs help tell the larger story of Zeta in Halo Infinite. However, in case you have something to ask, try to send a tweet to @HALOSUPPORT on Twitter. If you do not get any reply, you are encouraged to go to the communities of the games, especially the ones related to Halo Infinite or Halo the series in general to seek help from the members of the community. It should be easy to find one online as the game is quite popular and has a decent following.

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