Here’s Why Minecraft Anvil Says Too Expensive

The reason why Anvil says “too expensive” is because it has too much level. For your information, players need to have 39 levels if they want to repair an item with tons of enchantments and if it has too much then it will say “too expensive”.

Apparently, Anvil repairs and enchanting maxes out at spending 39 experience or XP levels. If it costs more than 39 levels, Anvil will refuse to do it. A lot of people have expressed their frustration due to the item being broken this way. The good news is that the method to avoid this has been found.

Anvil mechanics11

The key of everything is Mending. Do not forget to always use Mending in order to keep the valuable items alive, instead of feeding them diamonds and iron ingots in the Anvil. XP repairs will always be worth it and never become “too expensive”.

In case you are having a hard time when repairing a specific item with Mending, take note that the system selects a random active Mending enchanted item to fix, and any extra XP will go in to the level pool. To fix the pickaxe without getting any delay, please move the armor that you have already repaired into your inventory.

In the world of Minecraft, Anvil is the term to call an interactive block that is usually used to repair items, rename a particular block or item, or mix enchantments on items. Apart from that, it is also able to be used in traps, as it is affected by gravity and will do damage when hit by.

The way Anvil falls is similar to the sand, gravel, concrete powder, and dragon eggs are. When they land, you will be able to hear the metallic “clang” noise. If it lands on a non solid block, the block will be destroyed. If a mob or a player is the place of landing, it will deal damage, which depends on how far it fell before hitting the mob or a player.

There are three stages of damage to Anvil. The first one is normal Anvil, the second one is slightly damaged Anvil, and the third one is very damaged Anvil. Regardless the type of Anvil is used, it has 12% chance of being damaged.

Aside from that, dropping the Anvil onto any solid blocks has a chance to also do damage to it, especially in the case where 5% of the number of blocks have fallen. In other words, it will always be damaged after a 20-block fall. Even though it is able to fall, pistons cannot push it.

Here are the details of the uses of Anvil:

  • Breaking

Whenever an Anvil is either used or dropped, the endurance of it goes down. This fact limits the strength of enchantments it can cast and therefore, in turn, breaks it.

  • Enchanting

When you place any item on the first slot of an Anvil and put the Enchanted Book on the second, the items will get the enchantment. Furthermore, the effect will be combined if the two Enchanted Books are in the Anvil. The case might be different if there are two of the same enchantment at the different levels. If there are two books that have the same enchantment at the same level, all of them are able to be combined in order to make one book that has a double effect or +1 enchantment effect on that enchantment.

If you want to repair or enchant an item, here are the steps that you will have to follow:

  1. First of all, put the item in the first slot.
  2. Then, put the sacrifice piece in the second one. For the enchantments, please put the enchantment book in the second slot and for the other items, you can place the ingredient, such as iron ingot to repair an iron sword, in the second one. The cost of the repair is calculated by the game and they will determine whether you have enough XP or Experience Points to complete the repair. Apparently, this statement does only apply to the Creative Mode of the game. In general, repairing on an Anvil is done to keep the enchantments.

Feel free to drop an Anvil and cause damage on mobs and players as the Anvil will not be damaged.

  • Repairing

If you put the same items or Iron and Chain armor on an Anvil, both of them are able to repair the first one. Unlike a crafting table, enchantments are kept.

  • Renaming

You are allowed to type whatever name that you want for an item in the Anvil. If you do so, you will have to spend Experience and it is the only way to use name tags.

  • Dropping

The Anvil will fall if the block that is located under it is removed. It is not the only one that does this thing as sand and gravel also do the same. It will be damaged and the damage will depend on how far it falls. If it hits mobs and players, it will also cause damage. The use of this feature is limited by the fact that Anvil cannot be pushed by Pistons.

  • Crafting

The Anvil is counted as one of the more expensive items to make. The main reason is because it needs more iron than a complete set of iron armor.  In order to make an Anvil, you will have to put 3 blocks of iron on the top horizontal row, 3 iron ingots on the bottom horizontal row, and 1 iron ingot in the middle square. Basically, there are 31 iron ingots in total as blocks consist of 9 pieces of iron ingots.

For more information about Anvil and why it says “too expensive”, you are encouraged to join the communities or forums of Minecraft and discuss with the members of the communities or forums. You might also want to try to reach out the representative of the creator if you have something to ask about the game.

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