Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius Collectibles Guide

Outpost Tremonius is the name of the third main mission in the game known as Halo Infinite. This one starts right after completing Foundation and appearing onto the surface. Completing this mission can be done by the Master Chief by clearing the outpost of the opponents to meet a pilot. While doing so, there are several collectibles that can be found along the way. This post will have a guide that you can follow to find all of them.

There are a total of three Outpost Tremonius collectibles that you can collect. The list includes:

    • 3x Spartan Cores
    • 1x Banished Audio Log
    • 1x Mjolnir Locker

Each of the collectible that is included in the list is able to be found by exploring some different sections of the mission. Keep in mind that the list below is ordered just like how in the chronological order you find them on the mission. do not forget to scan the ability that you have in order to highlight the collectibles and the other objects so that your life will become easier.

Spartan Core #1:

Spartan Core 1

The first Spartan Core is a must and there is no way for you to miss it. This one will be able to be found on the right hand side when you leave the building in order to reach the surface. Do not miss the chance to pick it up in order to advance the story as it will be used in the game to teach you about upgrading the abilities of the Master Chief. If you want, you also have a chance to open the Upgrade menu to spend your core so that you can upgrade either your Grappleshot or your Shield Core. If you are on either Heroic or Legendary, your main priority should be upgrading your Shield Core. When you are ready with everything, do not hesitate to just get the grenades to your right. When you have them in your hands, then proceed left down the corridor.

Spartan Core #2:

Spartan Core 2

After reaching the exit of the large Foundation ship, the next thing that you have to do is to take a right and then follow the cliffside path. Then, go to the map marker that is displayed above to be able to find a wreckage with the second Spartan Core for this area.

Spartan Core #3:

Spartan Core 3

Once you are done getting the second Spartan Core, it is time for you to return to the front of the Foundation ship. First of all, you can do it by going through the first building that is located in front of you. In the next step, go through the building so you are standing along the west cliffs. In this area, you will be able to find the cache of the weapon that has a Spartan Core.

Banished Audio Log #15: In your honor (Outpost Intel):

Banished Audio Log #15

If you want to find the Banished Audio Log #15, you will have to follow the path that leads you to the east from the location where you find the Spartan Core #3. The exact location of the Banished Audio Log #15 is in the middle of the pile (of crates).

Mjolnir Locker #1: Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor:

Mjolnir Locker #1

The last collectible called Mjolnir Locker #1 is found up the next to the landing pad. To be able to reach the location, you will need to make your way up to this location and search for a green armor locker. Once you manage to find the green armor locker, please interact with the locker to make it open. By following the step, you will be able to get the Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor for multiplayer. Not only that, you will also be able to unlock the Money located in the Bank achievement.

It should be easy for you to find and collect these Outpost Tremonius collectibles by following the guide above. In case you have a hard time, you are suggested to go to the community related to the game to seek help from the members that might can help you.

Talking about the collectibles in Halo Infinite, there are a handy of them. These includes Spartan Cores, Propaganda Towers, Forerunner Archives, Mjolnir Armory and Skull. These collectibles are spread in four major locations, which are Connections, Lockdown, Graveyard, and Reformation. In the Connections, there are 14 Mjolnir Armories, 17 Spartan Cores (14 plus 3 part of the Outpost Tremonius but in open world), 2 Skull, 2 Forerunner Archive locations, and 16 Propaganda Towers. In Lockdown, there are 5 Mjolnir Armories, 8 Spartan Cores, 2 Skulls, 2 Forerunner Archive locations, and 5 Propaganda Towers. In Graveyards, you will be able to find 1 Mjolnir Armories, 5 Spartan Cores, and 4 Propaganda Towers. As for Reformation, it has 13 Mjolnir Armories, 15 Spartan Cores, 4 Skulls, 3 Forerunner Archive locations and 13 Propaganda Towers.

For those who want to find the Skull, there is a video that shows all of the open world Skulls. According to the video, all the locations to find the Skull include:

    • Skull 1: Boom (2x explosion radius)
    • Skull 2: Cowbell (increased object acceleration)
    • Skull 3: IWHBYD (extra “rare” NPC dialogue)
    • Skull 4: Blind (invisible HUD/weapons/hands)
    • Skull 5: Catch (enemies drop & throw more grenades)
    • Skull 6: Fog (no motion tracker in mini-map)
    • Skull 7: Famine (reduced ammo drops)
    • Skull 8: Black Eye (shield only recharges w/ melee hits)
    • Skull 9: Thunderstorm (increased enemy rank)
    • Skull 10: Mythic (increased enemy health)
    • Skull 11: Grunt Birthday Party (Grunt headshot celebrations)
    • Skull 12: Bandana (infinite ammo)

For your information, the missible Skulls are in the missions such as Warship Graakon, Foundation, The Command Spire, Repository, and Silent Auditorium. Once you have successfully completed the mission mentioned before, they are currently locked out until you start a new save. It is worth noting that the Skulls that are not in the missions mentioned before are found in the open world. In order to get all of them, you can unlock the Wasp.

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