Bulldog Halo Infinite Location

In Halo Infinite, you may want to get a Bulldog shotgun, but you do not know where to find it. Bulldog or the CQS48 Bulldog is a type of human shotgun which is manufactured by Misriah Armory in Eos Chasma. Where is the location to find this shotgun? You are able to read about Bulldog shotgun below.

The Locations of Bulldog in Halo Infinite

First, before you try to find a Bulldog shotgun in Halo Infinite, you need to know that this weapon is not a rare weapon to be found. Several locations are available to find this weapon. As explained on the Quora Marketing site at quoramerketing.com, almost every map in Halo Infinite has Bulldog shotgun including Launch Site, High Power, Bazaar, Streets, Live Fire and Fragmentation.

The Locations of Bulldog in Halo Infinite

It is important for you to note that when you are trying to find this weapon, usually this weapon can be found in Corridors and bases or any in small spaces. You may be able to discover it inside the gun lockers. However, it is important for you to note that you will not discover them in the same place every time.

You are able to watch a video of other players when they are trying to find Bulldog weapons. On Youtube, there is a video from Kaiba entitled Halo Infinite: Where is the bulldog? which was uploaded on November 21st, 2021. The length of the video is 5 minutes 23 seconds and it has been watched more than 2k times.

About Bulldog Weapon in Halo Infinite

Bulldog is a kinetic weapon and it is one of the best options for close range combat. The weapon can be used to defeat opponents in a few rounds. However, as explained on Quora Marketing site, it can be more fatal if the shields of the opponents are down. After the opponent turns off their shield, they can be defeated by you with a single shot. You may need a little time between two consecutive shots. However, this weapon is one of the fastest shotguns of the Halo Series.

About Bulldog Weapon in Halo Infinite

On Quora Marketing, it is also explained that this weapon is not a rare item. Nevertheless, it is a little bit hard to find this weapon where it demands your patience to search and get it. You may be able to find it inside the gun lockers. However, it is important for you to know that you will not discover them in a similar place every time.

According to Halopedia, this CQS48 Bulldog weapon or also known as the CQS-48 Combat Shotgun is a type of a human shotgun and it is manufactured by Misriah Armory in Eos Chasma. In 2560, this weapon seems to be in service with the UNSC and also being used by the Banished-affiliated Jiralhanae.

On Halopedia, it is also described as a pump-action combat shotgun which can fire 12-gauge shells from a 7-round rotary magazine. After every shot, the foregrip needs to be retracted and pushed forward again to work the action of the weapon and rotate the cylindrical magazine into the next position. With a rotary magazine, the CQS48 can replenish its supply of loaded ammunition substantially faster than the non-detachable magazines of the M45 and M90 shotguns. However, it is explained that the 12-gauge ammunition that it fires is smaller. This weapon integrates iron sights and multiple attachment rail segments on its body. The weapon which was used in 2560 has a matte black and dark gray finish.

On the side of the weapon, there are various decals such as barcode which translates to details of the weapon’s manufacturer, namely the Misriah Armory facility at Eos Chasma, Mars and the name of the weapon – CQS48 Combat Shotgun.

How about the history of Bulldog weapon? According to Halopedia, this weapon originated from the UNSC Infinity and it was used during the Installation 07 conflict in 2560.

How about the gameplay? On Halopedia, it is also explained that this weapon has a ready ammo count of 7 and the pickup prompt shows that the CQS48 is a shotgun with kinetic and spread properties. CQS48 Bulldog is able to be fired rapidly with a higher rate of fire than previous shotguns in the franchise. It happens at the expense of heavier vertical recoil during rapid fire.

Convergence Bulldog is an improved version of the Bulldog and it has an increased mag from 7 to 12. Besides, Convergence Bulldog also has a decreased spread so that it makes shots more accurate. As a result, it permits for more damage per shot.

For your information, in the July 2020 Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Premiere, Bulldog weapon was shown with a 10-round rotary magazine as explained on Halopedia site. However, in July 2021, the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tech Preview showed that the ammo count had been lowered to 7.

Some Tips to Use Bulldog Weapon in Halo Infinite

According to IGN, here are some tips related to CQS48 Bulldog weapon.

    • Same as most pump-action shotguns in other games, when you use Bulldog weapon, you have to wait a few seconds between shots. However, this weapon is a faster shotgun than those shotguns in previous entries. So, you can use this weapon for your advantage.
    • The important thing that you need to note is that the recoil of Bulldog weapon will leave you aiming higher when firing rapidly. So, you have to aim a bit lower to prevent any issues.
    • As explained earlier, if the opponent’s shield is down, this bulldog weapon can make your opponent fatal. However, it is important for you to know that your opponent will recharge their shield in seconds so that it is better if you have an aggressive playstyle when you are using this weapon. It is because you may lose your chance to beat your opponent if they cover too much.
    • You may find a weekly challenge that requires you to be able to defeat opponents using the shotgun. So, you can find this Bulldog shotgun in maps as mentioned earlier namely Bazaar, Streets, and Launch Site. If you want to get this weapon faster, you are able to play Quick Matches.