Halo Infinite Christmas Event Guide

The Winter Contingency Christmas Event comes to Halo Infinite that will last from December 21, 2021 to January 3, 2022. This year’s Christmas event offers the players a bunch  of gorgeous rewards by playing matches first.

This Christmas event will be more interesting than previous year, as it features a number of challenges that the players should complete in order to unlock the cosmetic items. Of course, there are various cosmetic items that can be unlocked in this year’s Christmas event.

Do you need a guide to complete the Winter Contingency Christmas Event? No worries! This post will show you everything you want to get to know about the Halo Infinite Christmas Event. Let’s see our post below!

Halo Infinite Christmas Event Guide

What Is the Winter Contingency Christmas Event?

Winter Contingency Christmas Event is a limited time event in Halo Infinite with a winter/Christmas theme. As a leak, this Christmas event actually offers a bunch of unique rewards during its runtime. However, 343 Industries have not announced much about this event yet.

Unlike the Fracture: Tenrai event, the Winter Contingency Christmas event does not bring too much new to the multiplayer game, although this event provides plenty of rewards for the players. This Halo Infinite Christmas event will run through January 4, 2022 and only 10 days of rewards are available.

During the Winter Contingency Christmas Event, you may need to unlock the free rewards by playing one game of Arena or Big Team Battle per-day. There are only 13 days left for it. So, it’s a great time for you to start playing a match in Halo Infinite to unlock a bunch of amazing rewards.

What Are Rewards Available in Halo Infinite Christmas Event?

What Are Rewards Available in Halo Infinite Christmas Event

According to some sources, you will obtain a unique item every day during the Winter Contingency Christmas Event. The way to unlock the item in this event is not clear yet. however it has been supposed that you just simply play one match in Halo Infinite.

This Halo Infinite Christmas Event is such a way to unlock any cosmetic items. As what 343 Industries has focused on, they have expressed concerns that the players have expressed about Halo Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass that provides paid-rewards versus earnable rewards.

This year, Halo Infinite Christmas Event actually presents a festive event just in time for Christmas this weekend, along with holiday-themed celebration. Halo Infinite leakers mentioned a variety of rewards that the players can get during the Winter Contingency Christmas Event including emblems, nameplate, armor pieces, special backdrops. attachments and holiday-themed coatings for weapons.

Talking about armor coating, it refers to peppermint themed with mint green, fresh shades of pinky-red, and white to keep your Spartans looking gorgeous. There’s also a rumor circulating that a Santa hat and Rudolp nose will be part of the rewards list.

According to some sources, the Winter Contingency Christmas Event will work something like the Fracture: Tenrai event. This event will also be accessible where you can easily complete any challenges during the event.

Since the Winter Contingency Christmas Event is very limited, you’re required to participate in this event and earn all of the rewards as quickly as possible. For more information, the storefront of Halo Infinite is rumored to have items that will be available to purchase if you spend your Christmas cash on microtransaction.

Here are the possible rewards available in Winter Contingency Christmas Event:

    • Peppermint armor and weapon coating
    • Snowflake Spartan backdrop
    • Festive Spartan helmet armor, weapon and Spartan emblem
    • North Star armor, weapon and Spartan emblem
    • Rudolph helmet accessory
    • Santa hat

Additionally, the list of Winter Contingency rewards and ranks will be relatively short if we compare to the Fracture: Tenrai event that made multiple reprisals as an event. Meanwhile, Winter Contingency will appear to be strictly seasonal because of the holiday.

Therefore, Winter Contingency’s rewards will reflect its festive nature such as snowflake backdrops and associable color palettes. According to some sources, the first reward you will get in the Winter Contingency event at rank 1 is teh ‘Wild Justice’ nameplate.

Then, the peppermint laughter can be unlocked for the Mark VII armor, the MK50 Sidekick respective to ranks 2, 5, 8 and the MA40 Assault Rifle. While the UA/ Tatius rare right and left shoulder pads can be unlocked at ranks 3 and 4.

After that, the epic backdrop of ‘Snowmageddon’ will be open at rank 6. Then, a rare utility Myesel Ammo Punch will be open at Rank 9 and the rare nameplate of ‘Navlogcom’ will be open at rank 7.

For more information, Winter Contingency Christmas Event will also conclude with the Sunset Contessa epic armor coating at rank 10, with a black, brownish-orange and muted yellow color palette.

To make the players excited to participate in this Christmas event, all of those rewards will be available for free after completing enough event challenges and earning the Experience Points during the Winter Contingency Christmas Event.

What Can You Do in the Winter Contingency Christmas Event?

As we have mentioned, the Winter Contingency Christmas Event will be full of great challenges that the players should complete in order to unlock any amazing rewards. The challenges in this year’s event will be quite different. Why?

The menu will say that you have event challenges, but gaining the rewards will only require you to play one match either a Quick Play or Big Team Battle match once per day. It’s important to note, you can also gain one reward per day, so there is no grinding involved, unlike the Tenrai event.

While waiting for the event to start, you can also load up on cosmetics, as another way to fill out your collection of multiplayer cosmetics before then. To do so, you just simply play the Halo Infinite campaign.

In the case of loading up your cosmetics, there will be special containers scattered throughout the open-world map. When opened, it will add a unique multiplayer cosmetics to your account.

The cosmetics here can be weapon skins, armor pieces, charms and decals. However, they will be worth hunting while you are in between missions. Some of them are events located within Halo Infinite’s main missions, although those are a little harder to spot.

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