Halo Infinite Campaign Mission List

The game of Halo Infinite is full of the missions, achievements and also quests. However, the missions in Halo Infinite are the main focus of the game’s campaign. In the case of completing the missions, you will go from location to location, explore caves and caverns, as well as riding around the open-world in a Warthog.

Completing the missions in Halo Infinite aims to know how long it takes to defeat the shooter on harder difficulties. The campaign mission’s prospect is to relive certain moments at anywhere between 12 and 25 hours. So, what are the missions that you can complete in the Halo Infinite campaign? Let’s find out the real information about it below!

Halo Infinite Campaign Mission List

Here’s A List of Halo Infinite Campaign Missions!

There are a total of 15 main campaign missions that you may need to  complete in Halo Infinite. Some of them are reminiscent of previous missions in Halo Infinite and others may take on an open-world approach. Keep in mind, all campaign missions in Halo Infinite have some variety, however you just need to assure that you will fight through them.

Here’s a list of Halo Infinite campaign missions:

    1. Warship Gbraakon
    2. Foundation
    3. Outpost Tremonius
    4. The Tower
    5. Excavation Site
    6. Conservatory
    7. Spire
    8. Pelican Down
    9. The Sequence
    10. Nexus
    11. The Command Spire
    12. Repository
    13. The Road
    14. House of Reckoning
    15. Silent Auditorium

Since the Halo Infinite Campaign Missions are quite-long missions, and also very complex to  explain, unfortunately, we cannot describe each mission to complete. Sure, you may need some extra times to get through all campaign missions. However, it is totally indicated that a playthrough focusing  almost exclusively on the main story may be roughly 10 hours.

It is known that the length of Halo Infinite campaign missions is increased by taking on a variety of side-objectives of the game including banished outposts, FOB bases, and also high-value targets. Players who may engage with all missions will spend closer to 40 hours with the campaign.

Since Halo Infinite Multiplayer offers a separate chance for the players to put their tiem into the game, sure that’s just one side of the coin. In fact, the 343 Industries has been communicative about their plans to address some of the problems, though there are some concerns about the state of the title’s multiplayer.

There’s no telling how long fans will play the game of Halo Infinite, if those plans come to fruition in a satisfying way. However, this long-term engagement is what the developer is exactly looking for, since they have stated that Halo Infinite is the platform for the future.

The statement of Halo Infinite developers may refer to the player’s expectation on seeing the little grow over time rather than be repeated with sequels. Many fans who love story missions really hope that 343 Industries will add more missions to the game that they can complete.

Why Joining the Halo Infinite Campaign Missions Is So Important?

In Halo Infinite, exploring the open world and completing side-missions are very important to do, since it not only guarantees that you will be ready to encounter any dangers in the game, but it is also such a great way for players to learn and experience the full story of the game.

In some cases, when Master Chief fights his way through the dangers that suddenly appear in the ring, he will earn Valor, the main currency in Halo Infinite. With the use of Valor, he will be able to unlock new vehicles, weapons and many others.

Where can you play Halo Infinite campaign missions? Halo Infinite Campaign Missions are exclusively available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and also PC. You can also find the game’s multiplayer experience on all the platforms already.

Can You Replay Halo Infinite Campaign Missions?

According to some sources, you cannot replay the Halo Infinite Campaign Missions at launch. It means that you will not get your experience key story moments again without making a new save file. You cannot also access certain areas after you have left them behind.

Therefore, you will not have a chance to backtrack and retrieve them if you missed any collectibles. However, for the first two missions, it is primarily a problem that takes place outside of the aforementioned Zeta Ring.

Some leakers stated that there is currently no word on when the level selection feature will be added to Halo Infinite. However, there are still a number of major updates to come to the game, for example the campaign co-op mode that has yet to launch.

In fact, 343 Industries gets a bit hard to launch, experiencing some major delays and disruptions, because of the pandemic of Covid-19. So, it is not too surprising that they have to come out in piecemeal portions.

Other Side Contents of Halo Infinite Campaign

Most other content also contributes Valor to the campaign that can unlock new weapons and vehicles at all FOBs. Here’s a list of side content available in Halo Infinite campaign:

    • FOBs
    • Squads
    • High-Value Targets
    • Propaganda Towers
    • Spartan Cpres
    • Mjolnir Armory
    • Artifacts
    • Skulls

You can now read all the stories in Halo Infinite and the open world. So, it’s a great time for you to speed all of the upgrades and abilities in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Difficulty Levels

There are at least four difficulty levels that are available in Halo Infinite. Here are they:

    • Easy
      For this difficulty level, you may be able to enjoy the sights and sounds that you can find around the Ring when you slaughter outmatched adversaries. This level is highly recommended for new players in Halo Infinite.
    • Normal
      On a normal level, you may find brutal enemies that threaten humanity and test your indomitable spirit. This level is highly recommended by first-shooter players in Halo Infinite.
    • Heroic
      For heroic level, you may find your enemies that are well-armed and resolute. You may need to quell the storm and ride the thunder. This level is highly recommended by veteran players in Halo Infinite.
    • Legendary
      This difficulty level allows you to run from little demons. This level is highly recommended for fans of Jackal Snipers in Halo Infinite.

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