Genshin Impact Is Skyward Pride Good

Skyward Pride is the name of the claymore that symbolizes the pride of Dvalin that skyrocketed through the skies. When you swing it, it radiates a deep hum as the full force of Dvalin’s command of the sky and the wind is unleashed.

Is Skyward Pride Good?

The Skyward Pride is currently named as the most damaging claymore in Genshin Impact and will likely remain its position at top. It can hold its title unless the developers of Genshin Impact release an extraordinarily broken crit-based claymore with an even more OP weapon that is more effective compared to the Skyward Effect’s.

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Playable Characters that Can Use Skyward Pride

There are a few playable characters who are able to use this claymore. Those playable characters include:

  1. Diluc
diluc gensin impact

Diluc Ragnvindr is known as a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. He was born into a wealthy family named Ragnviindr Family. He currently owns the Dawn Winery. He is also popular as a nobleman of high esteem in the Mondstadt society. Even though the incident that happened before caused him to split ways with the Knights of Favonius, it does not stop him from protecting Mondstadt by using his own way.

  1. Razor
razor gensin impact

While Diluc is a playable Pyro character, Razor is a playable Electro character in the game. He was taken in by the Wolf of the north, Andres, as he has been abandoned since an infant. He was raised by his wolf pack in Wolvendom. After getting a chance to meet the Grand Master of Knights of Favonius called Varka, he has slowly begun uniting with humans again.

  1. Noelle
Noelle gensin impact

Neolle is the name of a playable Geo character in the game. Although she is not a knight yet, she is putting some effort to join the Knights of Favonius by first serving as a dutiful maid.

  1. Beidou
beidou gensin impact

Beidou is also a playable Electro character in the game, just like Razor. She is popular as the Captain of the Crux Fleet. Apart from being well known as a fleet captain and for her immense strength, a lot of ones in Liyue is aware that she lacks of fear towards the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing named Ningguang, a trait that is appreciated by the other women, yet grows irritate by.

  1. Chongyun
Chongyun gensin impact

Chongyun can be described as a playable Cyro character in the game. He is an exorcist from Liyue who was born with the extra positive energy, which has been proven to be both advantage and disadvantage. It is true that it makes him a very effective exorcist, but on the other hand, it also means that he has never seen a spirit for himself as they flee before he can see them. In addition, it has also made him sensitive to any type of heat or strong emotion, which can lead to some unexpected results.

Some people say that Skyward Pride is best for Diluc due to the higher Base ATK. However, the color palette of Wolf Gravestone matches him the best.

While the energy recharge does not look good, the weapon has one of the highest base attacks in the game. When the weapon is not active, you can compare it to the prototype animus r1 with its effects. As stated before, if you compared it to the Wolf’s Gravestone, it is not great but it is just the inactive form.

The character named Diluc is able to spam Q very without having to use much effort when you play him. It means you are able to easily enter the state of Skyward Pride. When it is in the active state, which is the vacuum blade effect, it has the second strongest combo damage among all the claymores, only lost to Wolf’s Gravestone, which is harder to achieve. Basically, it will be able to get more combo damage than Serpent spine at 5 active stacks, prototype animus r5, and Wolf’s Gravestone R1 inactive. Furthermore, the recharge makes it much easier to use Q, meaning he has the high uptime on this weapon effect.

Diluc is allowed by the Wolf’s gravestone to be more flexible as it is inactive from deals more damage compared to the other 4 claymores at r5. There is no need for you to keep him on the field to earn the maximum effect of his weapon, and his active form not only works on the Diluc but also the entire party.

There are several things that you will have to know about the Skyward Pride, such as:

  • The vacuum blade is able to crit
  • It is possible for the vacuum blade to extend the range of his normal attacks
  • The Pyro damage bonus cannot affect the vacuum blade and it only scales off the attacks of Diluc.

In conclusion, Skyward Pride is one of the best claymores for Diluc. The reason is because it is so great and is effective to its full potential. You can replace it with Wolf’s Gravestone if you need to as the weapon leveling cost is no joke. The Serpent Spine is not actually an upgrade due to the fact that it does lower damage compared to the inactive form of the Skyward Pride at 1 stack and at 5 stack. In addition, it is not even comparable to the DPS put out by the active effect of Skyward Pride. So, it is better for you to keep in on Diluc.

List of Some Other Claymores:

  1. Whiteblind

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Base DEF

  1. The Bell

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Energy recharge

  1. Serpent Spine

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Base ATK

  1. Wolf’s Gravestone

Base ATK: 46

Secondary Stats: Base ATK

  1. Royal Greatsword

Base ATK: 43

Secondary Stats: Physical DMG bonus

  1. Blackcliff Slasher

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Crit DMG

  1. Prototype Animus

Base ATK: 44

Secondary Stats: Base ATK

  1. Lithic Blade

Base ATK: 41

Secondary Stats: Crit DMG

  1. Favonius Greatsword

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Crit rate

  1. Rainslasher

Base ATK: 42

Secondary Stats: Elemental mastery

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