Mihoyo Lawsuit: Sues Seven Genshin Impact Leakers for $80,000 Each

Since Genshin Impact has been rapidly popular worldwide, it seems to encourage the community to actively exchange the latest information about Genshin Impact. Because of this, there are a lot of leakers that try leaking the information about Genshin Impact from beta tests and other sources.

Apparently, the actions of these leakers were fatal, as miHoYo recently sued seven  leakers who dared to leak information related to Genshin Impact which made them lose money. So, why is miHoYo finally suing  the Genshin Impact Leaker today? And what happened to seven Genshin Impact Leakers?

Mihoyo Lawsuit Sues Seven Genshin Impact Leakers for $80,000 Each

miHoYo Sues Seven Genshin Impact Leakers, Why?

One of the reasons why miHoYo finally sues seven Genshin Impact Leakes is because they face revenue loss. Since there is almost no end to leak any information about Genshin Impact from beta tests and other sources, miHoYo sued the Genshin Impact leakers to take the responsibility for their actions.

In fact, miHoYo has cracked down on the leakers for a long time now. As of September 2021, miHoYo finally challenged the operator of Chinese video platform ‘Bilibili’ in a lawsuit to obtain the information about the users leaking information.

Even though leaking the information about Genshin Impact has become common nowadays, miHoYo finally has decided to end this, which causes a lot of loss in terms of money. Because of this, the level of player’s excitement actually reduces, due to the fact that they already know what is coming next.

For some time, the leakers thought only leaking future character information would save them from the wrath of miHoYo. However, the case is not about it, as an image popped up that showen seven Genshin Impact leakers that are sued by miHoYo.

With miHoYo’s efforts that stops the Genshin Impact leaker, a lot of leakers eventually have decided to drive away and stop leaking the information related to Genshin Impact in Japanese. Certainly, miHoYo has started ‘Leaker Hunt Decree’ lawsuits against Genshin Impact leakers to end this trend.

The ‘Leaker Hunt Decree’ lawsuits worth close to $80,000 directed towards seven Genshim Impact leakers. miHoYo finally chased after seven different Genshin Impact leakers after two months that asked for damages amounting to 500,000 Yuan ($78,000).

Who Are the Seven Leakers that miHoYo Sued?

Reportedly, the Genshin Impact Leakers have not signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). In this case, an NDA can be defined as a standard document that is signed by those joining miHoYo’s Genshin Impact beta servers.

For more information, the access permission to the beta servers will be only given to selected people who have signed the NDA document. So, the leakers will be the beta players. Certainly, the people who signed the NDA document will possibly have access to the data. Sure, if the leakers hack into the game’s files and data mining for information, miHoYo will do a legal basis to sue them for copyright violations.

miHoYo sued seven Genshin Impact leakers that refers to ‘堂主_Tz’ ,  ‘Genshin_Tz,’ 自由大野猪 and others. Tangzhu, one of Genshin Impact leakers uploaded an image to Twitter and said that miHoYo is suing a number of leakers.

Tangzhu also shows the image that contains the names of 7 bilibili accounts which dealt with leaked information. Tangzhu revealed that miHoYo demanded 500,000 yuan (approximately $78,400). The demand is compensation from the operators of the accounts.

It is said that the Genshin Impact Leakers are not bound by a non-disclosure agreement that casts doubts on the validity of the lawsuit. If it is true, that may be a complicated legal dispute between miHoYo and the leakers.

Certainly, it would make the seven  Genshin Impact leakers, not beta testers or employees, beg the question of how they could leak so much Genshin Impact information in the first place.

However, miHoYo has their UIDs that points to when they have played Genshin Impact in the past. Moreover, those seven leakers were actually related to the latest Bilibili case. So, this is an advancement in miHoYo’s overall fight against the Genshin Impact leakers.

This case was relevant in September this year. Then, miHoYo has been suing Bilibili to obtain the information on those leakers. However, that’s not the only example of MiHoYo chasing after the leakers.

Earlier this year, miHoYo attempted to remove Honey Impact and they were not successful in attacking the leakers. At the end of 2021, miHoYo is back to make a serious effort to chase after the Genshin Impact leakers.

Today, Honey Impact still exists and a variety of leaks also still appear on the website. Perhaps, those leaks are not the same as the seven leakers being sued. Honey reported that miHoYo is requesting a web hosting provider to clear out the main domain that will obliterate all of her web projects and websites within 24 hours.

However, it can cause a bad precedent for all people who are performing game-related content. Certainly, it actually implies that miHoYo can cancel anyone, because of using their assets.

It’s important to note, a variety of Tweets that contain new leaks will tend to get copyright struck. miHoYo also has shown their anti-leak stance several times. So, the current case against the seven Genshin Impact leakers will have significant effects on how they approach the leaks in the future.

What Is the Solution of miHoYo Related to This Case?

The Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks have been spreading continually, though it is irrespective of this strong step toward ending the leaking trend. Sure, to encounter this problem, miHoYO will release the information before the official release.

With those lawsuits, it is such a clear situation what miHoYo thinks about those leakers of Genshin Impact. However, most of the community actually supports them and wants to know what the Genshin Impact developers have performed for this game. To try to deal with this problem, miHoYo has revealed new information long before ‘leaking’ it even before the release.

Well, those are the real information that you should know about the miHoYo’s lawsuit against the seven Genshin Impact leakers. We hope this case will be resolved soon.

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