Genshin Golden Shrimp Balls Recipe

Golden Shrimp Balls is a food item that the player can cook in Genshin Impact. The Golden Shrimp Balls recipe is able to be obtained in-game via a commission in Genshin Impact’s Liyue, one of Teyvat’s seven nations. It will be able to revive a character and restore 400 HP, which may be very useful in certain situations. This becomes Golden Shrimp Balls a Guardian Dish, or a healing meal.

Golden Shrimp Balls Recipe

Apparently, there are some ingredients that you have to use for cooking the Golden Shrimp Balls. For your information, ingredients are materials used for cooking food, these are usually obtained as drops and can be found in the open world or it can be purchased from certain Merchants. There are some ingredients which need to be processed by using other ingredients and it needs a certain amount of time to be prepared.

Golden Shrimp Balls Recipe

Here is Golden Shrimp Balls recipe:

  • Shrimp Meat (5)

Shrimp Meat (5)

  • Potato (4)

Potato (4)

  • Flour (3)

Flour (3)

Shrimp Meat

Shrimp Meat is a Cooking Ingredient item that is used in recipes to make Food items. This is a piece of deep shrimp meat which is full of nutrients and bursting with tasty flavor.

How To Get Shrimp Meat

To get Shrimp meat, you have to head over to a general goods shop in Liyue. When you end up at Second Life General Goods shop, you are able to talk to the vendor. You are going to notice that he sells lots of items like onion, milk, potato, tomato, salt, pepper, rice, tofu and Shrimp Meat. For your information, a potato costs 120 Mora and the daily limit for each item is 100. Actually, there is another place where you are able to get this Shrimp meat and that is from Uncle Sun. He is an NPC you are able to find near Liyue harbor.

Usage of Shrimp Meat

Besides to cook the Golden Shrimp Balls, you are also able to use Shrimp meat to cook:

  • Crystal Shrimp
  • Adeptus’ Temptation
  • Countryside Delicacy


Other ingredients to cook the Golden Shrimp Balls is Potato. It is a Cooking Ingredient item that is used in recipes to make Food items.

How to Get Potato

To get potatoes, you have to go to the Mondstadt General Goods shop and Second Life in Liyue Harbor. The vendors in those shops have a wide variety of cooking ingredients that you are able to purchase in bulk. Besides, the items restock daily so you are able to visit them if you need some more ingredients. For your information, a potato costs 120 Mora and the daily limit is 100. Also, you are able to purchase Tomato, Onion, Milk, Wheat and more.

Usage Of Potato

Besides to cook the Golden Shrimp Balls, you are also able to use Potato to cook:

  • Satisfying Salad
  • Mondstadt Hash Brown
  • Pile ‘Em Up
  • Barbatos Ratatouille
  • Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt
  • A Buoyant Breeze
  • Puppy-Paw Hash Brown
  • Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss


The last ingredient to cook Golden Shrimp balls in Genshin Impact is flour. This is a powder ground from wheat. No matter what it goes into it makes a sense of satisfaction to the restaurant. Wheat has to be processed first to be made into Flour.

How to Get Flour

It is able to be purchased at Mondstadt restaurants or processed at 1-minute intervals by using 1 Wheat. By the way, where to find wheat and farm it? Let us learn how to get wheat. As we know that Genshin Impact has a lot of elements in its adventure including Cooking. For cooking, you will need an essential resource that is wheat. Basically, you are able to use wheat and turn it into flour that you can use in your cooking recipes. Lots of players are wondering where to find Wheat in Genshin Impact. Here is the answer for that.

Now, you will need to know where to find wheat in Genshin Impact. You are going to be facing quite a few tough opponents and food is the easiest way to regain health. To get wheat, you need to put on your exploration hat. You are able to start scavenging in the wild and get your hands on wheat. However, it will get a bit difficult to get it so what you can do is head to a particular location to find wheat. The location is Drunken Gorge. It is to the northwest of Springvale and to the north east of Dawn Winery. When you get to this place, you are going to see that there are many boxes where you are going to find wheat in Genshin Impact. This is where you are able to farm and easily grind wheat. Apart from this, you are also able to buy it from a general store that you find.

With that obtained, your next step is to convert it to flour with the help of a cooking fire. Please use the cooking fire to process wheat into flour by interacting with it and then going to Process. Flour is an ingredient in various cooking recipes. Now, you know how to find wheat. So, you will be able to make flour.

Usage Of Flour

  • Fisherman’s Toast
  • Flaming Red Bolognese
  • Fried Radish Balls
  • Mora Meat
  • Mushroom Pizza
  • Tea Break Pancake
  • Zhongyuan Chop Suey
  • Sautéed Matsutake
  • Mysterious Bolognese
  • Squirrel Fish
  • Caelum Terra Mora Meat
  • Lighter-Than-Air Pancake
  • Invigorating Pizza
  • Fishy Toast
  • Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
  • Golden Crab
  • Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
  • Lotus Flower Crisp
  • Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich

Golden Shrimp Balls recipe is the favorite meal of Keqing from Genshin Impact, so the players wishing to reward their characters with those favorite meals can keep that in mind. People who are interested in IssaGrill’s work can follow her to see more meal recreations from Genshin Impact, as well as other popular games.