Genshin Impact Third Party Account Not Yet Registered

Are you having trouble with Genshin Impact on Playstation? You may see that it keeps saying “third-party account not yet registered”. So, what is happening to Genshin Impact? Also, how to fix this issue? Let’s find out about this topic here.

The Explanation About Third Party Account Not Yet Registered Yet Error in Genshin Impact

There are a lot of PlayStation  players who reported that they were not able to play Genshin Impact yesterday. They wondered what was happening. According to Sportskeeda, Genshin Impact released an official statement. In that statement, it is explained that because of an issue with PlayStation Network services, some Travelers have been unable to log into the game normally. Then, it is explained that they will promptly notify Travelers through in-game notice and community channels after services have been restored. You are required to stay tuned to their official channels for the latest information about these issues.

Genshin Impact released an official statement

So, from their explanation, you can read that the reason for the appearance of the message “Third party account not yet registered” is because of the error with the PlayStation Network. So, it affects the PS players because they are not able to log in or do anything in Genshin Impact. However, players who play the game on the other platforms do not face this issue. So, they still can play Genshin Impact.

According to DualShockers website, in English Twitter of Genshin, there has not communicated on the issue yet, but the Japanese Twitter account for Genshin Impact explained at 10:11 AM EST that it is a problem with Sony’s servers and the PSN, not on miHoYo’s side. On Twitter, it is explained that because of a failure of the PSN, they have confirmed that some players cannot log in to the PlayStation version of Genshin Impact. They apologize for the inconvenience and they ask for patience to the PS players until the issue is solved. In that tweet, it is also explained that the problem should solve itself hopefully in a few minutes or at worst in a few hours and they asked the PS players to wait.

Japanese Twitter account for Genshin Impact explained

Some Reports from PS Players About Third Party Account Not Yet Registered

Here are some reports from PS players about “Third party account not yet registered error”.

    • A user with the username u/Frogweiser in Reddit posted that he played on PS4/5 for Genshin Impact and then he tried to log into the game and it said this party account not yet registered. It worked perfectly fine last night and now he could not login. Then, he asked whether anyone knew what could be done with it because he did not have a clue what was going on.
    • A user with the username Ragosta posted on the HoYoLab that he got the message from a third party account not yet registered and he asked whether PS5 Genshin was down or not.

However, it seems that now it is solved because there are some posts from other players just several hours ago that it has been solved.

Fixing Some Errors in Genshin Impact

Talking about errors which just happened in the Genshin Impact PlayStation version, there are also some other errors that you may find but these errors can be solved by yourself. What errors are they?

Error Codes 4201 and 4206 ‘Failed to Connect to the Server’

If you find this error in Genshin Impact, you can assume that your internet connection is the issue. According to Pro Game Guides, connectivity issues may resolve themselves if your network is undergoing maintenance. However, you are able to try the methods below to fix it.

    • You are able to try to restart your WiFi router and device.
    • You are able to try switching to a different network or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
    • You have to change your server location and then go back to your original server and try logging in again.

Error Code 9203 “Failed to Download Resource Files or Network Error”

You may find the 9203 code error when you are trying to launch Genshin Impact and this error prevents you from being able to log in. It seems that this error also happens because of a connection error from your own network. So, you can try to apply these methods.

    • You are able to restart your PC. Most players report that the issue is fixed when they use this method.
    • You are able to consider disabling your antivirus program for the duration of your gameplay.

If you find that the error still appears, you can use this alternative for PC.

    • You have to press Win + R and then you have to type in %TEMP% and then press Enter.
    • Then, you have to delete mhyprot2.Sys from your folder.
    • After that, you need to relaunch the game.

If you use PS4, you can try this method to fix the error.

    • You have to press and hold the [PS] button on your controller.
    • After that, you need to turn off the PS4.
    • Now, you have to make sure that the lights go off and then you need to wait for about 10 seconds.
    • Now, you need to turn on PS4 and relaunch the game.

Error Codes 9107, 9906, 9908, and 9910 “Failed to Download Resource Files or Network Error”

There is no information whether these errors are caused by the user’s connection or by a server issue. However, the developers of Genshin Impact have told players to try re-launching the game. And if it does not work, they suggest uninstalling the launcher and then delete the game installation package. After that, reinstall Genshin Impact again.

Well, that’s the information about how to fix some error codes in Genshin Impact according to Pro Game Guides. Hopefully, you are not having any issue with Genshin Impact and you are able to play Genshin Impact without any problem. However, one thing that you should remember is that when you are playing the game, you need to know when you have to stop. If it is time for you to study, then stop the game and study and you can continue playing the game next time.