Fortnite Stonks Meme

‘Stonks’ meme guy aka Diamond Hanz is finally coming to Fortnite this April. Evidently, Epic Games releases a stonks skin to Fortnite, no fooling at all. Well, the Diamond Hanz skin is inspired by the popular stonks meme. Well, this skin is only available in Fortnite for a mere 12 hours.

Talking about ‘stonks’ meme, sure, it will refer to a meme guy which has been around for quite some time. This meme has appeared amid the GameStop stocks drama last year. Sure, the jokester’s holiday seems like no better time to make fun of at the scandal and the meme that it produced.

Fortnite Stonks Meme
As don’t want to be left behind, Fortnite is presenting the ‘stonks’ skin to the game. it’s started from an official Fortnite Twitter account shared an unordinary video clip which presents the famous, bald-headed stonks guy from the popular meme whole shaking his hips and tapping on a llama-shaped cowbell.

Mr. Stonks is wearing a black distressed business suit with a blue tie and of course, his diamond hands are no exception. The clip shows that the bell has been rung and Mr. Stonks is ready to answer the cell.

We certainly can read this situation well as it’s not the first time this has happened in Fortnite. As a Fortnite fan, you may really notice that Fortnite has an amazing collection of skins that celebrate pop culture, fruit and more, this stonks skin is no exception.

Emergence of Mr. Stonks in Spring

Regardless of all jokes, the start of April this year is such a precious moment for Fortnite. That’s because Fortnite Battle Royale has just rolled out its Spring Breakout event including some Easter-themes costumes, a new durk character named Webster and also weapons.

The good news, the brand new Spring Breakout Cup will start tomorrow in which Duos compete in up to 10 matches to win special prizes. Fortnite surely will become a good time this week whether you are in it for the stonks or the spring celebration.

Diamond Hanz has been introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 as a weird Fortnite skin as it’s inspired by popular stonks meme. Sure, it’s your chance to get the Diamond Hanz skin as this skin is limited Fortnite skin only available in 12 hours.

This is the first time meme skins have been introduced to Fortnite lore. In that case, of course the Skin Diamond Hanz from Fortnite respects the Stonks meme. Today, Fortnite fans have seen the mention of “PZPT”, “KEVN”, and “DURR” as abbreviations to represent the Pizza Pit, Kevin and Durr Burger skins.

This may also be a harbinger of Fortnite’s future. Kevin the Cube will most likely be responsible for the earth-shattering events that Fortnite island witnesses. Don’t be too serious! All of this is just speculation for now. Overall, Mr. The Fortnite stonks have found its place among the Fortnite community.

Proofed from Twitter which has given a very positive reaction to this skin and fans who are very excited after getting the mention of “hanz” on the Diamond Hanz Fortnite skin

Mr. Stonks Skin, How to Get it?

Mr. Stonks Skin, How to Get it
Since Diamond Hanz or also known as Mr. Stonks skin (among Fortnite fans) was released to the game, you may wonder how much this skin costs. However, this skin was sold at an affordable price where you only need to spend about 1,200 V-Bucks which roughly equals $10. Although it’s  a mid-tier price for a premium skin, however, the name of Diamond Hanz is not withstanding.

Many Fortnite fans want that the cost of the Diamond Hanz skin must hold steady, however it’s not a forward-looking statement securities involve the risk which may lose value member FDIC.

Inspired by the popular stonks meme, Mr. Stonks skin will be only available in Fortnite for 12 hours. This skin is categorized as a Rare Fortnite skin as part of the To The Moon Set. Aside from Mr. Stonks skin, you will also get a Stocks Arrow back bling.

Today, the Diamond Hanz or Mr. Stonks skin is available in the Fortnite item shop. Sure, you already know what you should do if you really want to get this skin, don’t you? Yeah… All you need to do is to visit the Fortnite item shop and make a purchase for Mr. Stonks skin. Of course, you should grab this skin as soon as possible as this skin is limited only available 12 hours each day.

The  Diamond Hanz skin becomes trending Fortnite skin on FNBR as the site provides any Fortnite cosmetic information including upcoming skin, skin available in the shop yesterday, skin available in the shop today and many more.

Is It Needed to Track the Mr. Stonks Skin Before Buying?

If you’re still doubt to buy Mr. Stonks skin, you can also track the skin before buying it. However, tracking a Fortnite skin through Fortnite tracker can be a great way for you to find out the reliability of a skin. Since playing Fortnite, you may already know the tracker which you usually use, may not you?

Yeah… one of the trusted Fortnite tracker that you can use to track Mr. Stonks skin is By accessing this site, you surely will find out any information about the Mr. Stonks skin.

From, Mr. Stonks skin has 69% bought and 9 votes. From the bought percentage here, we can conclude that this skin is rapidly popular since its release 2 days ago. This tracker also shows the sale history since Mr. Stonks skin was available in the item shop for first time.

We think that if you really love memes, Mr. Stonks skin should be your Fortnite skin collection for now. However, this meme guy will be entertained while playing this game. This skin actually shows a guy who is wearing a black distressed business suit with a blue tie and of course, his diamond hands are no exception. It also shows that the bell has been rung and he is ready to answer the call.

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