Who is Stonks Guy Fortnite

Epic Games seems to want to surprise fans by presenting the ‘stonks’ skin, a meme man that has become the talk of many people. The ‘Stonks’ meme here is a meme with a picture of a guy presenting the stock market and the word “Stonks” is added. This meme went viral after many Twitter users replied to someone’s tweet with this meme.

In April Mop,  Fortnite likely doesn’t want to be left behind with this viral meme. That’s why the stonks skin is finally added to Fortnite. In fact, a lot of Fortnite fans are curious who the stonks guy is. However, they have never seen this guy before in Fortnite.  Then, who is the stonks guy in Fortnite?

Who is Stonks Guy Fortnite1
The stonks guys which appear in April in Fortnite is exactly Diamond Hanz which has been introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6. As a meme ‘stonks’ man who was being popular from  2017 until now, sure there’s yet another meme starring shitpost mascot Meme guys who first appeared around 2014.

Coming from a subreddit trading on a topic called “stock memes,” the original image is back in full circulation this winter. Maybe a lot of Fortnite fans thought that this stonks skin was just a joke, but in fact this skin was present on Fortnite as part of the ‘To the moon’ set. In this ‘To the Moon’ here is the slogan used on WallStreetBets Reddit and Reddit of course is responsible for the entire Gamestop Wall-Street Fiasco.

With the release of skin meme stonks at Fortnite, of course this is not the first time it has happened. As we all know that Fortnite has an amazing collection of skins that celebrate pop culture, fruit and more, this skin stonks is no exception. So, it’s not strange for Fortnite to collect meme cosmetics as it’s started with a variety of dance emotes.

Why does Fortnite suddenly release the skins with meme stonks related to stocks? Very special, isn’t it?

Maybe this situation is influenced by numerous people who are interested in and plunging into stocks. However, this is just a speculation. Of course, there may be a more compelling reason why the stonks skin was finally released on Fortnite. We probably just know that there’s no reason to talk about stocks these days.

How to Get Diamond Hanz Skin?

Diamond Hanz skin  which is inspired by the popular stonks meme will be only available in Fortnite for 12 hours. This is a Rare Fortnite skin as part of the To The Moon Set. The  Diamond Hanz skin becomes trending Fortnite skin on FNBR as the site provides any Fortnite cosmetic information including upcoming skin, skin available in the shop yesterday, skin available in the shop today and many more.

Today, the Diamond Hanz skin is available in the Fortnite item shop. Sure, you already know what you should do if you really want to get this skin, don’t you? Yeah… all things you need to do is to visit the Fortnite item shop and make a purchase for Diamond Hanz skin.

How Much Does Diamond Hanz Skin Cost?

Since the news of the release of the Diamond Hanz skin, you might be wondering how much this skin costs. Diamond Hanz skin costs 1,200 V-Bucks which roughly equals to $10. Even though it is a mid-tier price for a premium skin, however, the name of Diamond Hanz is not withstanding.

A lot of Fortnite fans want that the cost of the Diamond Hanz skin must hold steady, however it’s not a forward-looking statement securities involve the risk which may lose value member FDIC.

In this case, the Diamonds hands refers to someone who held onto their GameStops shares through the fury of late January and early February, making a short-selling balloon which is intended to punish hedge funds and other speculators.

So, if you really want to have Diamond Hanz skin, you just simply buy it from the item shop by spending 1,200 V-bucks. With that price, you do not only receive the amazing meme skin, but also a stock arrow back bling as part of the To The Moon set.

Is the Diamond Hanz  Reliable Skin to Buy?

Diamond Hanz in visual
If you really like memes, sure, Diamond Hanz skin should be your Fortnite skin collection for now. However, this meme guy will be entertained while playing this game. This skin actually shows a guy who is wearing a black distressed business suit with a blue tie and of course, his diamond hands are no exception. It also shows that the bell has been rung and he is ready to answer the cell.

Inspired by the popular stonks meme, Diamond Hanz will be gorgeous skin that you can choose in this season. From the availability of this skin which is only limited to 12 hours per day, of course we can judge how reliable and precious the Diamond Hanz skin is.

If you’re still in doubt, you can also try to track the Diamond skin based on its popularity and also the visual. Of course, to track the Diamond skin, you will need a skin tracker which we’ll show below!

Fortnitetracker.com can be a great option for you to track the Diamond Hanz skin. You can track the Diamond hanz skin here. If you access the link, of course, you will find any information about the Diamond Hanz skin.

Well, the Diamond Hanz skin has 69% bought and 9 votes. From the bought percentage here, we can conclude that this skin is rapidly popular since its release 2 days ago. This tracker also shows the sale history since the Diamond Hanz skin was available in the item shop for the first time.

Meanwhile, if you want to see the Diamond Hanz in visual, you can use skin-tracker.com.  If you track the Diamond Hanz through this tracker, you will be able to see the Deadeye skin in 3D model. In this case, the 3D models here can be a matrix whether the Fortnite cosmetic is worth or not when it is used in the game.

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