Fortnite Rules 34 – What Is It?

Some time ago, Fortnite fans were shocked when a tweet from @tweaaks was posted on February 28, 2021 at 1:52 PM. The tweet states that “Fortnite added a new rule that will ban people for emojiing after killing, if you don’t believe me search fortnite rule 34”.

Suddenly this matter became a debate among Fortnite fans whether the rule was correct or not. So,  they finally find out the truth of the tweet. Surprisingly, rule 34 turns out to refer to weird things. What is the meaning of Fortnite rule 34? And why does it  become trending on Twitter and any forums? Let’s see the facts below!

Fortnite Rules 34 - What Is It

The Fortnite Rule 34

In fact, there is no rule 34 which was released by Fortnite. The words of the Fortnite rule 34 only come from irresponsible people who included the words in his tweet. Whereas, that’s just a joke, thus making Fortnite fans think that these rules are true and official from Epic Games.

So astonishing, the rule 34 actually refers to some sites which have pornhub. However, there are plenty of sites which provide Fortnite parody, porn, hentai, and more. In this case, we can see that the Fortnite rule 34 is a meme carrying out the Fortnite theme for its content.

So, make sure that you have to be careful in response to this tweet. Please don’t click on the site which contains ‘Fortnite Rule 34”. However, by doing this, it will direct you to a porn site which probably endangers you.

What Exactly Is Rule 34?

If you don’t know the meaning behind rule 34 yet, we recommend you to look for what the rule 32 is. However, it’s very important for you, especially if you spend a lot of time on the internet.

Rule 32 can be defined as an Internet adage that Internet pornography exists on every imaginable topic. This term is usually described as fan art with usually non-erotic subject enagging in sexual behaviour. This concept means that if there’s something existing in real life, or is created up, them there will be pornographic depictions.

The rule 34 contents include celebrities, cartoons, and other objects, especially the contents of any games like Fortnite. In some cases, those depictions go beyond the usual themes which are found in mainstream porn. Many cases of rule 34, the internet users portray their favorite cartoon or animated characters in sexual fantasies which sometimes refer to ‘fan art’.

The rule 34 initially comes from an online comic book which was published in 2003. after the author was disgusted by finding his favorite childhood cartoon character depicted in pornographic fan art. The webcomic was created by Yang by Peter Morley-Souter to describe his shock at seeing porn parody of Calvin and Hobbes. The image of the Peter Morley comic strip was soon forgotten, but the title was immediately popular on the Internet.

Just like a lot of online trends, themes and also phenomena, the effort to ensure the source of online practices will always be shrouded in uncertainty. Since then, Rule 34 has appeared on many online chat rooms, message boards and forums and has become a common hashtag attached to pornographic fan art.

Since its popularity, a lot of internet users have made Rule 34 as a common meme as the pornography on internet is ubiquitous, especially among genres such as slash fiction, hentai and fan fiction. In 2008, imageboard user 4chan posted numerous parodies and cartoons that sexually explicitly depicted Rule 34.

Contents from A 2009 article called the Daily Telegraph listed Rule 34 as the third of the “Top 10” Internet rules and laws. Additionally, CNN 2013 reported that Rule 34 “is likely the Internet’s most well-known rule” that has become part of mainstream culture.

The point is, rule 34 is an internet meme which declares “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.”

How Does Rule 34 Affect Children And Adolescents?

Of course, on the other hand, rule 34 will have a negative impact on children and young people. Cartoon characters depicted in pornographic form can be extreme and include themes of violence and sexuality. However, these images will most likely stress the kids, perhaps seeing a character they admire or like.

Make sure kids and teens know Rule 34 that influences ‘fan art’ knowing that this isn’t real and doesn’t change the characters they know and love.

Of course, if you talk to your children and young people about the harmful content online can be scary, especially when you are talking about something you have not necessarily seen or experienced. However, talking about it is such an important thing that you should do when you know or suspect the problem which may be relevant to young people. We think it’s very needed to deal with this issue sensitively.

Other Results for Fortnite Rule 34

If you are typing the keyword ‘Fortnite rule 34’ on your browser, maybe it will show some results, not only the sites containing the porn. As we have tried, we tried to type the keyword, and surprisingly, there are plenty of results referred to ‘Fortnite rule 34’.   Here are some results of Fortnite Rule 34 which might confuse you:

  • The first result of ‘Fortnite Rule 34’ refers to a YouTube video entitled Fortnite Rule 34. This video comes from RayDaPerc144 as the name of a YouTube channel. This video was uploaded on July 28, 2018 and has been watched by more than 4K viewers.
  • The second result of ‘Fortnite Rule 34’ also refers to a video on YouTube which comes from Jeremy mercier. He put his video title with Fortnite rule 34. Of course, many Fortnite fans wonder about his content, but nothing. This video was uploaded on March 29, 2018 and has been watched by more than 7k viewers.
  • The third result of ‘Fortnite rule 34’ refers to an account name on Op.GG, a site which provides a competition for the League of Legends game. Known, the account has a ladder rank of  157,724 (7.8789% of top).

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