Fortnite: How to Interact With Equipment at Any IO Radar Dish Base

Getting the Battle Stars which can be used to unlock new cosmetics items from the Battle Pass Season 7 is a bit hard. Certainly, the only way that you can do to get the Battle Stars is by completing the new quests every week. It means that you should complete all of the weekly challenges.

One of the weekly challenges to complete is Epic Quest which will be available on Thursday. The Epic quests will grant you XP and move onto a different quest. There are a number of Epic Quests you can choose and complete in Fortnite Week 11. One of them is to interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base.

So, what should you do to complete this Epic Quest to earn XP? Thankfully, this post will give you a guide on how to interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base. So, let’s learn a quick guide for completing this quest!

How to Interact With Equipment at Any IO Radar Dish Base in fortnite

How to Interact With Equipment At Any IO Radar Dish Base?

In order to interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base, you definitely should find where the IO Radar Dish Bases are located. As a clue, you can find IO radar dish base locations at a number of spots around the battle royale map.

There are at least a total of seven IO bases which can be found. You will easily find them when jumping from Battle Bus at the beginning of a match. To make it easy for you to spot all IO radar dish base locations, we also show you a map below!

How to Interact With Equipment At Any IO Radar Dish Base

Sure, you can take a look at the Fortnite map to spot the dish locations which best suits their needs during a match. You can also search for the large satellite dishes glowing red, so there are the IO bases.

So here are the IO radar dish base locations:

    1. North of Pleasant Park
    2. East of Craggy Cliffs
    3. East of Weeping Woods
    4. Southeast of Misty Meadows
    5. Southwest of Slurpy Swamp
    6. West of Dirty Docks
    7. West of Believer Beach

After you have found the IO radar dish base, you can then interact with equipment to complete the challenge and earn the XP. Well, the equipment here is an orange-colored screen which is attached to the bottom of every satellite dish at each IO base on the Fortnite map.

What you should do here is to only walk up to the screen and then hit the ‘interact’ button to use the equipment. You will then upload something by using the screen. Sure, this challenge is totally completed.

Completing Fortnite Week 11 Epic Quests

In addition to interacting with equipment at any IO radar dish base, there are also other Epic Quests in Week 11 to complete. What are they? Here’s a list of other Epic Quests in Week 11:

    1. Travel in a Fortnite Saucer

If you want to complete the quest of ‘travel in a Fortnite saucer’, you definitely should know where to find a saucer. There are at least two main ways that you can find the location of a saucer (UFO).

First, you can look at your map where you will see three of the named locations are purple and flickering in and out of focus. The locations here are Steamy Spaceship, Corny Complex, Stealthy Sauser, Cargo Craft, Food Fighter and Lonely Lander.

Second, you can find the location of the saucer by plows that have landed. Certainly, you don’t have to engage in a battle with the Trespasser to take control. At the beginning, you may find the saucer locations by following a trail of blue smoke that rises from the ground.Then, to reach the landing site, you may deal with any Fortnite IO guards who are patrolling the area to protect the ship.

If you’ve managed to get a saucer, you only have to drive it in a short time.

    1. Mark an Alien Parasite

To mark the Alien Parasites, you need to find them before. Some Alien Parasites are seen flying around Durr Burger restaurant. If you want an easier way, alternatively  you can wait for some Alien Eggs which have not hatched yet. Surely, If you have successfully found an Alien Parasite, you can then mark it as soon as possible.

    1. Use the Recon Scanner to spot Alien Parasites and Trespassers

In the Fortnite Week 11 of Epic Quest, you’re also allowed to use the Recon Scanner to spot Alien Parasites and Trespassers. Before you can use the Recon Scanner, certainly you have to look for it first.

As a clue, the Recon Scanner can be found at the IO Satellite bases around Fortnite island. So, here are all locations of IO Satellite base:

    • Discovery Dish: West of Believer Beach
    • Dockside Dish: West of Dirty Docks
    • Dinky Dish: South east of Craggy Cliffs
    • Dampy Dish: South west of Slurpy Swamp
    • Destined Dish: South east of Misty Meadow
    • Defiant Dish: East of Weeping Woods
    • Deep Woods Dish: Inside Stealthy Stronghold

After you have found the Recom Scanner, you can use it to aim and fire at the subject that you want to scan. Additionally, you can find wildlife all over the map.

    1. Deal damage in alien biomes

Sure, you need to find a Biome first. You can take advantage of the highest place to find Biome. As a clue, the Alien Biomes are purple, glowing cubes which are surrounding certain houses. Well, if you successfully found the Alien Biomes, you can then deal damage in it.

    1. Go for a swim with an Alien Parasite

To go for a swim with an Alien Parasite, you can attach a parasite first. After that, you can then enter a body of water to complete this challenge. By taking the Alien Parasite to go for a swim, it will remove them at all.

    1. Dance with an Alien Parasite at Believer Beach, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park

It’s a very easy Epic challenge where you only need to find an Alien Parasite in different places including Believer Beach, Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake. After you see and spot an Alien Parasite in each location, you just simply use an emote to dance with them.