How to Get Supplies + a Turf for Your Faction on East Brickton

As a player of East Brickton in the Roblox platform, you may want to know how to get supplies and a turf for your faction. Well, in this article, you are able to find the way for it where we took the information from a Youtuber.

Getting Supplies + a Turf for Your Faction on East Brickton

On Youtube, there is a video from East Brickton Media whose title of the video is How to Get Supplies + a Turf for Your Faction on East Brickton which was uploaded on February 23rd, 2020. Now, this video has been watched more than 18k times and the length of the video is 1 minute 3 seconds. Here is the explanation about getting supplies + a turf for your faction on East Brickton according to the video.

How to Get Supplies + a Turf for Your Faction on East Brickton

In East Brickton, you are able to create and join factions in order to get official status and get a turf with a weapon or items. Factions do not only mean gangs and mafias who are also open to creating legal factions to current official legal factions. There are the East Brickton Police Department and East Brickton Media. Official factions are factions that are identified for their excelled roleplay and their talents for following the rules. If you want you and your group of friends to be considered affection, it is mandatory for you to post an affection thread on the official East Brickton forums. He also gives the link in the description of the video, so you can find the link there to access the forum.

Faction threads are meant to show activity, professionalism in roleplay. It is done by expressing yourself through screenshots and videos. There are admins who will be monitoring your groove to make sure that you do not break any rules. If factions follow the rules and show great roleplay content, they will be given a reward namely their personal turf location and also weapon or other shipments that will be available only to the faction leader

That’s the information that we got from the video of East Brickton Media. You are able to watch the video directly to get the clear information about getting supplies and a turf for your factions in East Brickton.

The Map of Factions Locations

According to Mejoress website, there are 6 factions in East Brickton. Do you want to know where they are? You are able to check the locations in the list below.

    • Project Boyz

It can be found in the Northwest side of the map between the Shaffer Village and the Parking Lot. It is to the left of the Courts, the Boxing Club and also the Neighborhood 37 Faction.

    • Neighborhood 37

You are able to find it in the Northwest side of the map between the courts and the Boxing Club. It is to the right of the Shaffer Village, the Parking lot and also the Project Boyz Faction.

    • Ready to Kill

The location is on the west side of the map by the Genesee Home. It is south from Fuegoz and between two factions namely Neighborhood 37 and 720 Eightball connection. Also, there are another two factions very close and you are able to find 700 Broadway Bloods and 1030 Bedford Ave Brims going east from the Ready to Kill Location.

    • 720 Eightball connection

This faction is able to be found in the southernmost part of the map. It is south from Ready to Kill and to the left of the auto shop and the gun shop.

    • 700 Broadway Bloods

You are able to find this faction downtown, north from 1030 Bedford Ave Brims and between Broadway avenue and Langfield street. You are able to find several useful locations near, the Bank, the mini mart, DMV, the Brickton Gas and also the Car Dealership.

    • 1030 Bedford Ave Brims

You are able to find this faction downtown, south from 700 Broadway Bloods, in Bedford Ave. It is near locations such as the parking lot, Brickton Gas, York Street and Lit Fits.

Knowing More About East Brickton

East Brickton is one of the games in Roblox which has the Town and City genre. The one who creates this game is Marcus760. Marcus760 made East Brickton on June 13th, 2018 and when this article was being written, the last update of East Brickton was on August 23rd, 2021.

There are a lot of Roblox users who like playing this game and it is proven by the number of visitors which has reached more than 6 million. This game is even made a favorite by a lot of players, namely by more than 99k players.

Do you want to get a badge? As you know that usually in a game, there are a number of badges that you can get and the badge is usually able to be obtained after you complete a certain thing. In East Brickton, there is only one badge namely Early Access. This badge is able to be obtained by the day-1’s who purchased the game in Early Access.

How about game passes? Usually, in a game there are a number of game passes that we can buy to make the game easier to play. In East Brickton, there is only one game pass that you are able to purchase for 250 Robux. The name of the game pass is Extra Safe Storage. What will we get if we have this game pass? By having this game pass, you will be able to increase the amount of items that you are able to put in your safe. This game pass is better to be purchased by players who are searching for an entrepreneur build or stacked veterans with a large quantity of weapons. This game pass can extend your safe storage from 30 lbs to 60 lbs.

What are the things that we can do in East Brickton? In East Brickton, the setting will be in a sprawling city in the modern 21st century. In this game, the things that you can do is creating and customizing your character and choosing its destiny.

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