Who is Sam? Here is What You Need to Know about the Virtual Assistant of Samsung that Immediately Went Viral

Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana and Apple has Siri as their virtual assistants. If you are one of the Samsung users, you must be wondering if Samsung also has a virtual assistant. So, who is the virtual assistant of Samsung?

When you are looking for information about the virtual assistant of Samsung, you may come across Sam. Who is Sam? Is Sam really a virtual assistant for Samsung, just like Alexa for Amazon, Cortana for Microsoft and Siri for Apple?

Who is Sam, Here is What You Need to Know about the Virtual Assistant of Samsung that Immediately Went Viral

Everyone on the internet has been shocked by the appearance of Sam, a character who is rumored to be a potential virtual assistant for Samsung devices. She has a three dimensional form. What makes her appearance surprising is because Samsung has a virtual assistant named Bixby which has been used in various mobile and household devices made by the Korean company. Upon seeing Sam, many people are wondering if she will eventually replace Bixby as a virtual assistant for devices created by Samsung.

As mentioned above, Sam is known as a three-dimensional character. Apparently, this one was created by a design company called Lightfarm Studio. If you are curious how Sam is related to Samsung, it is because she is made by Lightfarm Studio in collaboration with Samsung group marketing company called Cheil Worldwide.

Talking about Lightfarm Studio and Sam, in the past, they had shown the character named Sam in two-dimensional form. Now, this character is back. What makes it different is that she now has a three-dimensional form. This character just made her comeback because Lightfarm Studio shared her images on their official website and on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

virtual assistant of Samsung

From the images of Sam shared by Lightfarm Studio, everyone can see that Sam is posing in various styles wearing clothes that say Samsung Galaxy, while taking pictures and using the cellphones made by no other company but Samsung.

What does Sam look like? Sam looks cheerful. As for her body, she looks proportional. With the perfect combination of a cheerful face and a proportional body, she looks really attractive. As stated before, the girl wears a shirt that says Samsung Galaxy. As you probably know, Samsung Galaxy is the name of the main mobile product made by Samsung.

After Sam’s appearance on various social media and on the official website of Lightfarm Studio, many people immediately started cosplaying her. Not only that, they also started creating memes and creating artwork related to her. Due to the hype, she went viral and earned a lot of popularity.

Sam’s appearance virtual assistant of Samsung

As stated earlier, Sam is not the first virtual assistant of Samsung. Apart from Sam, there is also Bixby. However, Bixby is also not the first virtual assistant of this company. For your information, Samsung has launched its first generation personal assistant called S Voice. This one was released on May 30, 2012. It was used for the first time by Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, the kinds of phones that are based on Android. Unfortunately, S Voice lost its popularity to Google Assistant, the name of the virtual assistant owned by Google. In the end, Samsung replaced S Voice with Bixby in 2017 as their virtual assistant.

While many believe that Sam will dethrone Bixby and take over the place as a virtual assistant of Samsung, actually, the exact reason why her character was shared on the official website of Lightfarm Studio and social media is still unknown. Only time will tell if it is only for marketing from Samsung or if she will really replace Birby as a virtual assistant on Samsung phones.