Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – it could be the first 200MP photo sample

Have you ever looked at a 200 megapixel photo from a cell phone? If the rumors that are spreading all over the internet are true, the Galaxy S23 Ultra that is going to be released soon could feature a whopping 200MP camera sensor. It would be amazing because the 108MP S22 Ultra was already a great effort.

For anyone who is interested in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, check out the rumors below. All the information was from, which seems to be taken from tom’s guide.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – it could be the first 200MP photo sample

There is a supposedly leaked photo comparison from a renowned tipster on Weibo. This one has blown the old model out of the water. Even though it is not the most interesting subject, the shots by a leaker called Ice Universe look tempting from the slight difference in the image quality. Both photos have been zoomed in at 16x and, with increased detail Al turned off so you could expect them to be distorted.

While no phone was explicitly mentioned as taking pictures, the megapixel count listed by Ice Universe is exactly the same as the S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra camera sensors. Some people think it is a coincidence, while some others think it is too much to be coincidence.

The “S22 Ultra” snap is blurry as it stretches the pixels to match the 16x magnification. However, with almost twice the pixels to play with, the “S23 Ultra” image has impressive clarity. Not only that, it also has a high level of detail.

This appears to be a huge improvement on the S22 Ultra and everyone would surely love to see if there is a similar disparity between the two models on close-up shots and zoom-free images. If this leak occurs, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a real rival on its hands when it comes to the best camera phones.

Keep in mind that megapixels are just one measure of a camera. Both camera software and Al play an important role in how best a phone makes use of sensors. However, cramming in at 200MP is a great start to creating the best phone camera ever.

A lot of people cannot wait to see the latest flagship Samsung has to offer. Unfortunately, some of them are a bit disappointing aside from the camera. The benchmark of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra allegedly leaked and revealed that it will be a bit behind its direct competitor, the iPhone 14 Pro.

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