Fix Halo Infinite Challenges Not Tracking

A bug is causing Halo Infinite challenges to not work in Halo Infinite, preventing the players from receiving XP. Here are some things the players can do to fix the problem.

Halo Infinite Challenges Not Tracking

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta released for the players to try freely on November 15th. Like with any new live service, there are some problems which need fixing since its early release. This week, a blue screen issue in Halo Infinite kept the players from starting the game. The latest bug that appears involves in-game challenges which launched with the first season of the battle pass in Halo Infinite.

Fix Halo Infinite Challenges Not Tracking

The players started to notice that the Halo Infinite Challenges were not tracking due to a bug. Due to this issue, the players who completed particular challenges in the game were not able to receive any bonus XP or rewards. Sadly, due to the challenges bug in Halo Infinite, there is no method for the players to get the rewards and have to complete the challenges all over again.

The main issue with challenges in Halo Infinite is that the in-game progression system is not tracking any progress. As a result, the players who completed several of the Halo Infinite challenges in battle pass cannot get XP and any of the rewards. While this may be frustrating for the players who worked hard at completing those challenges, there are some things they are able to do to fix the bug in Halo Infinite.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Challenges Not Working?

The developers have not fixed the challenges bug officially as of now. But, there are some things the players are able to try to fix the issue in Halo Infinite.

If you are having this issue, do not worry, there are some methods that we have tested in order to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working. In order to have Halo Infinite track your progression properly, you have to try all of them. If this still does not work, the last choice is patience, as 343 industry has announced that it is going to be fixing problems such as these in an upcoming patch.

Method 1: Restart

The first method, and probably most obvious fix Halo Infinite challenges not working is to restart Halo Infinite. Instead of simply shutting down the console, you have to ensure that you have completely quit the game in the Xbox interface. After reopening the Halo Infinite game, it is going to log you into the server of the game, refreshing your cache and also hopefully fixing the problem. There are some bugs in Halo Infinite which can be fixed by doing this method, such as your premium battle pass items not showing in your customization menu, or you cannot join your friends in a team.

Method 2: Go Solo

Due to the bug sometimes being triggered by being in a fire team party with friends, solo queuing for any mode in Halo Infinite has been recognized to reset the problem. This is a less consistent fix than shutting the game down and logging in again. However, during our testing, this fixed the issues of at least one of the players we have observed having the problem with weekly challenges.

Method 3: Challenge swaps

The last method to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working that we only recommend if you are wanting to use consumable items, is to use the challenge swaps. Halo Infinite allows the players to change their weekly challenges through tokens which are obtained on the battle pass via challenges. As a huge number of the bug reports come from certain weapon kill challenges, we highly recommend swapping these out, that should fix the problem. But, now, it is unknown whether the bugged challenges will be able to return to your challenge list after you have completed those you have swapped for.

What is Causing Halo Infinite Challenge Not Working?

Apparently, there is no explanation from 343 Industries officially regarding the reason why the Halo Infinite challenges are not working. But, the developers are aware of the issue and are issuing an update to add the “Play 1 Game” challenge to make up for the challenge bug. Also, 343 Industries are going to be removing some of the Weekly Challenges, presumably to reduce the challenges bug in Halo Infinite. It is worth pointing out that the update is going to reset all challenge progress for the players when it is finally rolled out. The players who log in from November 23rd up to November 30th are going to be given the “Sigil Mark VII Visor” to make up for the reset.

How to Complete Weekly Challenges and Obtain the Ultimate Reward in Halo Infinite?

Each week, you are given a random selection of weekly challenges to complete. To see which weekly challenges are available, you have to access the Battle Pass screen to view the seasonal progress screen with the challenge list on the right side. On this screen is a list of ‘Active’ challenges. One daily challenge, and three or four weekly challenges. For note: If you have the Premium Battle Pass, you are going to have the full four active challenges available. To see other upcoming challenges, you are able to view the Challenges screen, then press the Y button again.

By completing ‘Active’ challenges, you are going to rotate in ‘Upcoming’ challenges, until the list is complete. After you have completed the entire roster of Weekly Challenges, then you are going to get the Ultimate Reward that can be seen on the right side of the Challenges screen. It means that you are only able to progress three or four weekly challenges at a time, rotating in the new challenges when you complete them, until you finish the entire list. Aside from XP from daily challenges, the only method to progress through the Battle Pass.

Fortunately, developer 343 is creating targeted tunings to Battle Pass progression during the opening weeks of the beta including deleting several weekly challenge types, adjusting their difficulty and other things to assist speed up your progress generally.

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