Fallout 76 an Unknown Error has Occurred Returning to Start

When launching Fallout 76 using the Bethesda.net launcher, you suddenly see a message that says ‘An unknown error has occurred’ on the screen. Many users revealed that the system of the game forces the players to log in again. However, if they relaunch the game entirely, they will lose their gameplay.

If you are a Fallout 76 player who also receives an error message, you may be confused about how to fix this problem, as you do not know exactly what this issue is. Thankfully, this post will explain why an unknown error occurs when launching Fallout 76. Let’s dive into our post to get the real information!

Fallout 76 an Unknown Error has Occurred Returning to Start

What Causes of An Unknown Error Has Occurred on Fallout 76?

After struggling a confounding connection issue that prevents them from launching the game, Fallout 76 players also need to face an unknown error that has occured on Fallout 76 that often displayed alongside a string of random numbers.

According to some sources, an unknown error has occurred on Fallout 76 commonly appears when the game’s servers go down. This error is possible to appear during planned maintenance, but it is more typically associated with unplanned server outages.

Since it is a problem of network connectivity, the problem that causes the unknown error should be fixed by the game’s developers. In the case of the unknown error on Fallout 76, there is also the added frustration of not knowing exactly what the issue is.

Luckily, you can use a few tools at your disposal where Bethesda runs the Bethesda.net Status Portal page providing the information about the company’s various game services. You can also check for updates through the Bethesda Support Twitter account that provides information about any unplanned outages across all of the studio’s games.

However, the cause of the so-called unknown error is not exactly clear. Well, the core of this issue is that the game’s servers are undergoing technical problems and are temporarily down. Certainly, it does not only affect PC users, but to all supported platforms including  the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Exactly what it sounds like of the Fallout 76 unknown error, so-far this is an unidentified issue. However, this issue clearly relates to unplanned server outages. That means Fallout 76 will remain down until the problem has been fixed.

Is There a Way to Fix the Fallout 76 Unknown Error?

Since the error issue comes from server-side, sure there is nothing you have to do to fix it. However, Fallout 76 will be back up and running as soon as the developers fix and isolate the issue. So far, it is reported that there is no way of knowing how long the developers can fix the issue.

Bethesda Support Team reported that the Fallout 76 unknown error occurs because of the restricted game access to the users. Aside from that, if you have not redeemed a retail game to your account, you probably encounter this error code. It’s important to note, the retail game is actually different from the B.E.T.A. code which you may have redeemed on your account previously.

Even though there is a way to fix an unknown error on Fallout 76, but you can try to do the following things below to prevent an unknown error on Fallout 76:

    • If you have digitally purchased Fallout 76 via the Bethesda.net Digital Store, PlayStation Store or Xbox One Marketplace, the retail game code will automatically apply to your account. Then, you can start to download or launch the game.
    • If you have bought the game through any other participating retailer, you can check with your retailer for more information about the availability of your retail game code.
    • (For Windows PC Only): If you have redeemed your code and received this error message once releasing the game, you can run a ‘Scan and Repair’ tool on your game to check for any corrupted or missing file.

Now, if you have redeemed a valid code, you need to contact Bethesda Customer Support with your account for extended support.

How About Fallout 76 Crashing Issue

How About Fallout 76 Crashing Issue?

You may already know that Fallout 76 often gets crashing issues that occur on all the platforms. Of course, the issues like Fallout 76 unknown error message and crashing can ruin the player’s experience.

Unlike an unknown error message on Fallout 76 that has not yet the solutions to fix it, the Fallout 76 crashing can be slightly overcome by doing a certain way, depending on the platform used. Here’s for the explanation:

    • Fallout 76 Crashing Issue on PC

If the Fallout 76 crashing on PC occurs, you can try to check whether the latest Nvidia or AMD video card drivers are installed. You also ensure that Fallout 76 is being launched with administrative privileges.

If the issue still appears, you can try to open Bethesda.net launcher and choose Fallout 76. Then, head to ‘Game Options’ and choose the ‘Scan and Repair’ option.

    • Fallout 76 Crashing Issue on PS4

If the Fallout 76 crashing on PS4 occurs, you can try to restart the game by pressing the ‘PS’ button on the controller and going to ‘Dashboard’. Here, you need to open the Fallout 76 ‘Options’ and choose ‘Close Application. Then, press ‘X’ on the controller.

You can now choose ‘Yes’ and press the ‘X’ button on the controller again. After finishing, you can choose Fallout 76 and press ‘X’ on the controller to restart the game.

    • Fallout 76 Crashing Issue on Xbox One

If the Fallout 76 crashing on Xbox One  occurs, you also need to restart the game by pressing the ‘Xbox’ button on the controller to return to ‘Home Screen’. Afterwards, you can close the game by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the controller and then relaunch the game.

If the issue still appears, you can try to perform a power cycle by pressing and holding the Xbox One button for 10 seconds on the console. You can now unplug the power cable for 10 seconds. Then, plug it back in and switch on the console by pressing the ‘Xbox’ button on it.