Enchantment Table Recipe for Minecraft

The enchantment table in Minecraft can be obtained by mining and crafting. Unlike in Creative mode that the enchantment table is already to use, in Survival mode, you’re allowed to create it first. Making the enchantment table is pretty easy to do as long as you really know the materials you need.

In this post, we are going to lead you in making the enchantment table. Well, the enchantment table here can be crafted in Survival Mode. Are you ready to make an enchantment table? Here you go!

Recipe of Making Enchantment Table in Minecraft

Here’s how to make an enchantment table in Survival Mode!

The Material You’ll Need:

  • 1 Book

1 Book

  • 2 Diamonds

2 Diamonds

  • 4 Obsidians

4 Obsidians

The Steps to Make it:

  • To make an enchantment table, you need to access the Crafting Menu.
  • Open the Crafting menu to show the 3×3 crafting grid.

Open the Crafting menu to show the 3x3 crafting grid

  • The 3×3 crafting grid here should be filled by all the materials in the correct pattern.
  • In the first row, you need to place 1 book in the middle box. In the second row, you have to place 1 diamond in the first box, 1 obsidian in the second box and 1 diamond in the third box. Last, in the third row, you can place obsidians in all boxes.

 Add Items to make an Enchanting Table

  • Once you place the materials in the right pattern, an enchantment table should suddenly appear in the result box.

the enchanting table will appear in the box to the right

  • If you successfully created an enchantment table, you surely can move it to your inventory,

successfully created an enchantment table, you surely can move it to your inventory,

That’s it! You now have an enchantment table in Minecraft. Making an enchantment table is very easy and handy, isn’t it? So it’s your turn to start making an enchantment table in Minecraft and use it to enchant any items to add magical effect.

How to find an Enchantment Table?

As we just explained how to make the enchantment table in Survival Mode above, you may also need the way to find the enchantment table in Creative Mode. Due to the enchantment table is already available, so you do not have to create it just like in Survival Mode.

You surely find an enchantment table in the Creative Inventory Menu. The Creative menu location here is a location of the item in the Creative menu. In Survival Mode,  you should store the enchantment table in the inventory, but it’s different from Creative Mode in which you can place the enchantment table anywhere in the game world as it’s not be damaged by enemies like in Survival mode.

Well, if you’re in Survival Mode, you definitely should place the enchantment table as safe as possible to prevent your enemies from breaking it a lot. Many Minecraft players usually protect the enchantment table which is surrounded by the bookshelves. They can be around the table to make it invisible from enemies’ eyes. So you can save it a lot because the enchantment table is limited to get and you should make it first. It needs a longer time to make it, doesn’t it?

How to Use the Enchantment Table?

At least, the primary usage of the enchantment table is to enchant the items on it. The items that you can enchant by using the enchantment table include books, weapons, tools, armors and more. Well, the enchantment here is to add powers to an item if you enchant it either using enchantment table, anvil and also game command.

Let’s see how to use the enchantment table to enchant the items!

At least, there are two main materials that you will need to enchant an item with an enchanting table. The materials are:

  • 1 Enchanting table

1 Enchanting table

  • 3 Lapis Lazuli

3 Lapis Lazuli

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Open the enchanting table

Before you decide to enchant the items, make sure you already have an item in your hotbar. To use an enchanting table, you need to open it first. Well, to open the enchanting table, you will need 1 enchanting table and 15 bookshelves.

 need 1 enchanting table and 15 bookshelves.

If you already made an enchanting table, you can add it to your hotbar. Then, hover over your pointer on the block where you want to put the enchanting table. Here, you have to see the block which becomes highlighted in your game window. Once you put the enchanting table in your hotbar, you can then add the bookshelves near the enchanting table. It’s better for you to add some bookshelves beside the enchanting table.

To make the enchanting table open, you have to put 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table and arrange them around the enchanting table. If needed, you’re able to change the configuration and stack 2 bookshelves high. But just the first 15 bookshelves will count in determining the available enchantments’ result. To open it, you should stand in front of it and now your enchanting table is open.

Step 2: Add the Item to Enchanting Table

You definitely can choose any items to enchant. As we have mentioned above, you can enchant the items including weapons, tools, books and more. So make sure to choose the item you want to enchant. For example, we’ll enchant a sword.

Add the Item to Enchant

To enchant a sword, you need to place it in the first box in the Enchant menu. After that, you have to place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box. After you place your stone and lapis lazuli in the two boxes, you automatically will see the enchantment slots show up to 3 enchantment options.

Moreover, each enchantment will show a number on the right that is the number of the experience points which you must have to unlock. Well, you can see the experience levels in each enchantment. The higher experience points are required to unlock the enchantment. To note, if you do not have enough levels yet, you’re able to earn more experience  points by killing mobs or by using the xp command.

Step 3: Choose the Enchantment

Choose the Enchantment

The last step, you have to choose the enchantment that you really want to apply to your sword. Once you have chosen an enchantment, the experience points and  lapis lazuli will be spent automatically and the sword will glow. You’re able to see its new powers by hovering over the enchanted sword.