Duhok-lester Rilea: How to Fix It in Fast Way

Are you facing an error code Duhok-Rilea in Call of Duty Vanguard where you cannot access online services? If you are facing this error, there are several things that you can do to fix this error. What methods are they? You can check how to fix this error below.

Fixing Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea on Call of Duty Vanguard

If you find that the Vanguard error code Duhok-Rilea comes with the error message which cannot access online services, it may happen because of several reasons. Is it your first time to access the game and then you get this error? If so, you have to make sure that the Activation account is linked to your console or PC. However, if you find that the problem happens again and again which means that it cannot be fixed just by rebooting the system, it may be because of your connection or the servers.

Duhok-lester Rilea How to Fix It in Fast Way

A number of players of Call of Duty Vanguard have reported that there are a number of issues with the game like packet burst, lag, and whatnot. For your information, the game is still in beta so it is understandable that not all servers are up so that this kind of issue happens. However, if you find that other players can play the game and you get this error, it means that it is a local problem and you can fix it by following the methods below as explained on Quora Marketing site.

    • You have to make sure that your console or the blizzard client is linked to Activation. Let’s say that you do not follow the link and link your account. If you unlink the account, you cannot connect to the server and you may face the Vanguard error: Disconnected from Server.
    • You have to check the status of the server. You can do that before you try any other troubleshooting. You can check the status of the server by using Activation website or Downdetector. Besides, you can also check on Twitter and Reddit to find out any issues with the server. It is important to check on Twitter and Reddit because sometimes there are issues with the server which are not reported on the Activation website.
    • You can try to reboot the PlayStation, PC or Xbox. Sometimes, the cause of the error is because of a simple glitch with the game so that it prevents your connection with the servers. If you are not able to connect to the server because of the error code, you can do a simple reboot of the game and the device should resolve the issue.
    • Another way that you can try to fix this error is to power cycle the console. It can fix glitches with games on the console. The aim of power cycling is to drain the console of all the power and reinitialize everything. It can work to clear cache that is unwanted. How to power cycle? You can do that by turning down the console normally and then removing the power cords. After that, you have to press and hold the power button for a few seconds. After that, you have to re-plug the power cords and then you can start the console.
    • You can also try to change the MTU Settings (PS and PC) to fix this error. It is important for you to know that the MTU Settings on PC, PS4 and PS5 work as a crucial role to determine the speed of the internet. The error can occur because you do not have the correct setting or value that is causing speed problems with the game. So, it leads to the Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea. Here are the steps for changing the MTU settings for PS5.
      • First, you have to click on the Gear icon to access the Settings.
      • After that, you have to access Network and then choose Settings. When you are at the Settings, it is recommended for you to go to Connection Status and do Test Internet Connection. Usually, a simple test can slice a lot of connection issues.
      • Now, you have to choose Set Up Internet Connection.
      • Then, you are required to click on your registered network and select Advanced Settings.
      • You have to go down to MTU Settings and set it to Manual.
      • Now, you have to go to MTU and set the value to 1473.
      • It is important for you to know that on PC, the MTU is set to 1500 by default and it is ideal. You have to open the command prompt and run the command netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface to check the MTU.
    • You are also able to try to power cycle the router. It is because the error may appear because of a bad cache on the router. For console users, you are able to follow the similar process as above to power cycle the router. There is a better alternative to the power cycle where you have to reset the router to factory mode. By doing it, it should clear any connection problems and the router will work well. You can check at the back of the router and there you can see a small hole for resetting the router.
    • You have to reinstall the game completely. This method can be applied if there are no methods above that can work for fixing this error. The issue may happen with Vanguard files from the beta and the final version conflicting with one another. If you took part in the beta or the alpha, you are able to delete all the files associated with the game such as save files, cache, and update date before you install the game. However, if the game has been installed by you, you are able to uninstall it and then you have to delete everything and then you can perform a fresh install.

If the problem is because of a connection issue, it is recommended for you to play the game on a wired connection. Well, that’s the explanation about how to fix CoD Vanguard Duhok- Rilea for now. So, you can try the methods above if you are facing the error now.

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