Does POF App Log You in Automatically

We think that many PlentyOfFish app users are wondering whether this app will login automatically or not. In fact, a lot of users complain that they are always seen online even if they have logged out. Of course, many users are annoyed by this because in fact they can appear online when they are not.

Of course, there are many apps for Android and iPhone which appears to have functionality built so it can have a negative effect on users. So, is it true that POF apps log you in automatically? Let’s know the true facts below!

Why You’re Online Even If Offline

The fact is totally true that the Plenty Of Fish app shows that you are online even if you are offline. After you logged out from this app, however, it still shows that you are online. Sometimes, you will appear online for hours even if you are far from your POF account.

Sure, seeing this case, many users of POF app suspect this may happen as this app on their smartphone makes them log in automatically. However, your smartphone commonly will show you still online even if you are offline. Otherwise, if you access the Plenty Of Fish through a browser, there is a possibility that your status will not be online when logged out.

Well, if you are still get many notifications and also messages from POF apps, you can generate your notification icons on your smartphone. It will then show you logged in as well, in other words, it can be called a bug.

Aside from bug detection, the biggest reason why you stay logged into POF app is that you will appear online to the other members. In the PlentyOfFish app, when you do a search, the results have text that reveals in a general way, the last time a person was logged into POF app including yesterday, a week ago, and a month ago.

However, there’s also one which indicates that you’re online now and it says right next to that person’s profile in search results, Online Now.

Of course, many people are annoyed with online status when they are not. One Plenty of Fish user complained that he was being asked a lot by people closest to why he was online so late at night. Then, why not reply to messages when he’s online all the time. Well, it’s such a nightmare which made a lot of people suspicious of him.

We can conclude that if you use your cell phone in general, it seems you can still show that you are online. Then, If you receive a lot of messages and notifications to your mobile, it means you are online.

Even though this can be said to be a bug, many people think that this is a pretty sneaky strategy where this application deliberately wants to show more people online than actually so that many people are interested in using it.

How to Turn Off the POF Notifications?

After you know that the PlentyOfFish app keeps you to stay logged in, however, there’s no way to make your account offline. When  your status in POF app is online even if offline, you may be annoyed with any notifications and messages which pop up on your smartphone, right?

Of course, if you are annoyed with the POF notifications and message, you can try to turn the notification off on your smartphone. How to do it?

Well, if your smartphone is an iPhone, you can try to fix it by going to Settings/ Notifications and then turning off notifications. So, you will not get any notifications from the POF app. If this way cannot solve your problem and your status is still online, the only one way that you can do is to remove the POF app on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can access the Plenty Of Fish through the browser on your phone.

How Do You Want To Stay Logged Into POF?

Most may be bothered by their online status on the POF app, but don’t forget the people who might want to stay visible online on the POF when they access through a browser. As we know all sites that you are required to log into will automatically sign you out of the POF site once a certain period of time even if you remain active on the site.

If you access the POF on the browser, POF will log you out as well. However, POF’s automatic log out seems to be quick for about 10 minutes or so if inacativity on POF, then you will automatically get logged out. Well, the only reason is security.

Well, you cannot keep you logged into POF dating on your browser unless adding an extension on your Google Chrome browser. If you use Google Chrome, you can head over to the Chrome Store and find an extension named Staying Alive for Google Chrome which seems to have plenty of great reviews.

However, only 10% of reviews seem to report that this extension is not working. As the extensions keeps you logged in by reloading the page, causing you to lose your data. Now, the Plenty Of Fish site is not important as the only intention is to always appear Online Now.

However, this extension allows you to keep logged into some sites when you access Google Chrome. Moreover, this extension will work for any sites. If you choose to install Google Chrome extension, you should be careful of the site you use it on.

Make sure that you identity theft in the back of your mind. When you install any extension for Google Chrome, the warning will say that this app can read and change webpage data.

To note, not all users will succeed by  using a Google Chrome extension. In fact, there are a lot of people who fail even if they are already adding an extension on Google Chrome to keep them logged into the POF site. Maybe, this is a quite complicated way if you still want to be logged into the POF site and appear to be online.

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