POF Video Call Feature

In Plenty of Fish or POF, video call feature might refer to Live!. This one allows you to see more than the profile of someone. With it, you will be able to see their appearance from your place. Plenty of Fish and The Meet Groups team up to allow the users to stream themselves as they live their life. This feature makes it possible for you to tune into the other streams, share virtual gifts, and connect in more ways than ever. Here is everything that you need to know about the video call feature known as Live!.

Who are the ones that can use this feature?

Plenty of Fish is working hard to make sure that Live! feature is available to every member of this dating app. For now, it is available through the app on Android and iPhone and it might be available on the official website of the POF soon.


How do you stream?

To stream is easy. All that should be done is to tap Live! button on the POF app home screen and then tapping Go Live! so that you can start streaming yourself to the other members. Do not forget to follow the guidelines and the most important thing is to be yourself. The best way to attract attention and to bring viewers is to keep the authenticity and to serve the interesting content. It is literally like any other streamers or Youtubers.

home screen and then tapping Go Live

Who can view your stream?

During the streaming session, feel free to see every current viewer. You can do it by tapping the eye icon. Keep in mind that the main chat that you see is public and it is able to be seen by all viewers. If you want, you can greet or give a shout out to someone included on the list. Plus, you can also add them to your Favorites if you think they are great.

Is there any rule for this feature?

There are some specific rules of Live!. If you want to know the rules when you are streaming or viewing a stream, you can check out the Community Guidelines of Meet Me for the official rules of this feature. Apart from that, just like your daily life on POF, you are expected to be on your best and best behavior.

What are the things called Live! Credits?

For those who have no idea of Live! Credits are, the terms are used to call the virtual currency that are used to send virtual gifts to the streamers. You might be mistaken for them with Tokens but they are different. Live! Credits cannot be exchanged for Boosts, Super Yes’s, or Priority Messages.

How do you date with this feature?

Live! gives you the chance to get to know others as well as letting them know you better without any pressure. Using this feature means joining the community of streamers and viewers that are looking for new connections. You will develop new relationships, new friendships, and many more as you get to know the other ones in the community such as the streamers and the viewers. Do not forget to use hearts, gifts, and chat options to communicate and interact with the other ones.

As an effort to make the world of online dating more interesting, Plenty of Fish has released NextDate. This new thing is the interactive game that works similarly to virtual speed dating. It has the audience to cheer you on. You can ask the prompted questions to the potential partners. After that, you can make a decision why you would like to get to know better through the private video chat. For those who find this game interesting and refreshing and want to try it, you can just go to Live and tap the heart icon located in the bottom left hard corner of the screen. When there is something popping up, please tap Play Now to get started.

For more information about the video call features provided by Plenty of Fish named Live!, feel free to visit the official website of POF at POF.com. If you have any questions, you might also want to talk to the customer service.

Voice calling

As stated in the beginning, there is no such a thing called video call in Plenty of Fish. Instead of video call, there is voice calling, which is a part of messaging. It is the one that will take your conversation to the next level. By this feature, you are allowed to get to know another member without needing to share your private phone number. There is also no need for you to leave this dating app. On top of that, there is no special sign up required and this feature is available directly within your messages.

If you want to make a voice call, you will have to unlock your Conversation Powers with the one member. Besides, both of you need to enable Voice Calling feature by using the Plenty of Fish mobile app. Feel free to set up a time to use this feature with someone.

In order to make a voice call on an Android or iOS app, the first thing that should be done is to open the conversation. After that, click the + to the left of the message box. In case the + has not been seen yet, you are suggested to keep getting to know the member so that the Conversation Powers with them can be unlocked. Lastly, tap the phone icon to make your call. Please keep in mind that if the phone icon is crossed out it means you have not enabled voice calling and of notifications yet. For this, you need to tap it and follow the guide well. Another thing to remember is to accept access to your microphone when you see something popping up. There is no way for you to talk to someone if your microphone is not connected. For more information about this feature, go to POF.com.