Where is the Search Button on POF

Plenty of Fish or POF is one of the most popular dating platforms in the world. This one has million users that are everywhere all around the world. It is really helpful for those to find a match for not only relationships but also friendships. The system has amazing algorithms to match and connect people that come from different races and religions.

Signing up and creating a POF account is easy, so does starting to find the partner. Sometimes, people want to look for the user profiles to see the information about the user. If you want to do so, the Search button is the main key. So, where is the Search button on POF?

Locations of Search button on POF

    • On the website

On the official website of Plenty of Fish at pof.com, the Search button is located at the top center of the page. Since this button is big, it should be easy for you to find. In order to find this button, the first thing that you will need to do is no other than open your favorite browser and then type in pof.com before pressing Enter. By doing so, you will be able to be taken to the homepage of POF. In the homepage, you are able to see a lot of menus, which one of them is Search button. It is the third one from the left and is located between Meet Me and Online button. Some other menus that are shown include Inbox, Chemistry, and UPGRADE.

Locations of Search button on POF On the website

The Search button is the one that you can choose if you want to search for someone on the platform. It is probably one of the most used and the most popular buttons among the available buttons since the main aim of this platform is to find the perfect partner. If you want to find someone, you can enter something like the username, the name, the email address, or anything on the Search bar and then press Enter to get the result shown. You might not be able to find the one that you are looking for easily, especially when you put the common name because the results that are displayed might be a lot since a lot of people share the common name. Once you have found someone that you are looking for, you can check out their profile and if you are interested in them, you can send a message. Sending message to someone should be started with greeting. Please think about something that is fun, interesting, and polite. After exchanging some conversations, it is possible for you to attach a photo in to a message.

    • On the app

For those who have the app named Plenty of Fish installed on your device, you can find the Search button on the homepage. When you open the app for the first time, you will be able to see the Search button at the very front and at the top of the screen. This button is symbolized with magnifying glass that has mint color. Beside the icon of the Search button, there is a word “Search” where you can enter the name of the person that you want to find. Actually, it is not limited to the name of the user as you can also enter something like email address and so on. In the upgraded version of the app, you will be able to see some users along with their names, their username, their age, their address, their photo, and their status of online.

On the app

Before this new version of the Plenty of Fish app, the Search button was a bit different. In the previous version before this upgraded one, the Search button was able to be found on the homepage along with the other buttons such as Messages, Live!, Nearby, My Matches, Viewed Me, Meet Me, My Profile, and My Likes. This button was the third one from the left and the first one from the right. It was included as the top three. If you are curious about how did it look like, the appearance was actually the same as the new version with magnifying glass and mint color. The only difference between the upgraded version and this old version is the arrangement of the placing of the buttons, which includes the Search button.

When it comes to the appearance, the old one before was slightly different. The position of the Search button was the same as the one version before the upgraded one, which is at top of the homepage, the first one from the left and the third one from the right. What makes it different compared to the one version before the upgraded one is the color. While the newest versions have mint color, the old one had blue and white color. While the other buttons apart from the Search button share the same color and shades now, they also looked more colorful in the past. For the Messages, it used to be green and white and there was also red color indicating the number of messages. The Ultra Match icon consisted of three colors, blue, white, and red. The Locals was green and My Matches was pink. Viewed Me had blue color while Meet Me was purple. Just like Search and Viewed Me, Profile had blue colors but different shade. As for Favorites, it was orange.


The location of the Search button is different on the website and on the app. However, you should be able to find it easily if you follow the guide above well since it is on the front page. In case you are having a hard time, it is better for you to open the search engine and find the image about the Search button to locate it on either the website or the app. If needed, you can also try to reach out the customer service of the app or visit the community of POF where everyone is there.

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