How to Tell if POF Account Was Deleted

Due to there not much activity in your Plenty of Fish account, you might be wondering the possible causes of such an extreme change. You might think that your account has been deleted but you are not sure. Then, how to check if your account has been deleted? In this post, you will be guided how to tell if your POF account was deleted.

Way to tell if POF account was deleted

Apparently, a sudden disappearance of the activity on your profile might be a sign of the deletion of your POF account. The reason is because there is no way for the other ones to reach you if your account has been removed.

If you are wondering if there is a way to find out for yourself whether your POF account was deleted by POF, unfortunately, there is no one. However, you can get help by the other users to verify if your profile no longer exists. Here is the way that they can do it.

The first thing that they can do is to go to the username search page. When they are there, they can just look for the username. If they see your profile among the search results, it means your profile is only hidden. On the other hand, if your profile is no one to be seen, it means your profile has been removed.

Actually, the method above is not the only way to check if your profile has been deleted. There is an alternative way that you can do, which is by going through the messages that you exchanged with the other users. Basically, if your username or profile photo does not show up in the messages, your account has been removed by POF.

Possible reasons why your POF account was deleted

The only reason behind why your POF account was deleted by POF is you have broken the rules. POF always tries their best to create a friendly environment for all the users that can be achieved by displaying certain forms of behavior. Here are some possible reasons why your POF account was removed.

    • You have a spouse

Due to the fact that Plenty of Fish is the platform to meet the perfect match, the ones that have married are not welcome here. It means if they found out that you are married, your account will be deleted immediately.

    • Your focus is only on casual sex

Plenty of Fish has made it clear that the website is for those who want to find a relationship and not for the ones who want to find casual sex. If you are proven to have the latter one in mind, they will delete your profile without hesitation.

    • You are rude to the other users

If you are chatting with someone without any manner and keep sending them the nude photos, get ready to be blocked by that user. If you get blocked more than once, your account will be immediately deleted. Aside from that, you are prohibited to show any sort of discrimination against sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, and so on. Profile deletion is the consequence that you can get for breaking the rule.

    • You share inappropriate pictures

Not only sending the nude images, sending or posting the inappropriate images is also not allowed. If you still do not find it wrong and keep doing so, you will be flagged by the other users and POF will use their power to locate the content. As a consequence, your profile will be gotten rid of.

    • You are logging in from a country where POF is not available

Plenty of Fish always tries their best to enter new markets, but some countries have not been entered yet. If you are logging in from any countries that do not have the access to this platform, your account might be removed.

    • The other ones

Besides all the things mentioned above, there are some other additional activities with deletion as the punishment. Some other ones include spamming, scamming, soliciting a business, being a minor or a fake.

The difference between hiding and deleting profile

Hiding your POF profile means almost no part of it will be detected. Your profile will not be shown in the Meet Me section and there will be no chance of the other people to connect with you. Hiding a profile is not as abrupt as deleting the profile. If you want to hide your profile, here is how to do so on your browser:

    1. First of all, you will need to access your profile and select My Profile.
    2. After that, find the Hide Profile button and hit it.

For those who want to do it on Android or iOS app, please follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, enter your profile and head over to the Edit section.
    2. Then, scroll down until you find the Profile Visibility menu.
    3. Lastly, press the toggle that is located beside the Hide My Profile button.

Apparently, deleting your profile means completely removing everything, including all the associated settings that you made. The photos, the conversations, the paid subscriptions, the preferences, and the various matches also will be deleted. If you still want to delete the profile even after knowing the fact, here is step by step to do so:

    1. First, open the official website of POF.
    2. When you are there, login using your name and password.
    3. Next, go to the Help button found at the top of your screen.
    4. There are some available options to choose from, please select Remove Profile.
    5. Do not forget to click the link below the heading To delete your POF profile.
    6. The last step that you will need to do is to enter your username, password, and the reason why you want to leave.

Restoring the deleted POF account  

It would be good to have an option to restore the old deleted account. However, POF does not provide this option. The only way that you can do if your account gets deleted is to create a new one.