How to Find Out When a POF Account Was Created

You may wonder when a POF account was created. However, how to check it? Is it possible for us to know when a POF account was created? Let’s find the information related to POF here so that you will be able to use it well.

Finding When a POF Account Was Created

When we tried to search information about when a POF account was created, we could not find the answer. Instead, we found the information about seeing someone new who joins. There are some reasons why you want to know if someone new joined. First reason, if you are a frequent user and then you know that there are new users who join POF, it will help you add the diversity to your dating life. He or she may be your soulmate. Second reason, you can catch other boyfriends or girlfriends on the app which may be potentially cheating.

How to Find Out When a POF Account Was Created

Search Feature in POF

Search feature in POF is the first and the clearest place to start finding new users. The ability to search of this feature is powerful. You are permitted to filter the details about what you are looking for and at the push of a button have all the profiles which match you are search for. You can search based on height, hair color, even what they are on the app for.

Are you a premium user? If yes, then you must be ready with all of the features that you can access fully to all of the search capabilities.

If you are searching for a new user in POF, you can have filters preset to what exactly you are looking for and then update it every day. You are able to refresh the results and then see whether anyone new appears. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for you to refresh it every few hours. Why? It is because it may get exhausting overtime  if you often refresh the feed.

The Function of Nearby Feature

Another awesome feature which is offered by Plenty Of Fish is Nearby. If the other apps such as Bumble, Tinder or Hinge permit the users to be able to set the radius it will randomly pull users based off of score and show them in a card stack, POF is different. POF has a different approach in this feature where this app shows the user rows of 3 profiles and you are able to see how far away from you they are.

We can say that this feature is unique since you are permitted to see a full list of users which have profiles and the proximity of your location. Also, you are able to see if new people appear in your area. You do not need to wait for a new card stack to pop up, users will be sent in this tab and you will be permitted to figure out rather quickly who is new.

Whether or Not You Are Notified If Someone New In Your Area Joins

You may wonder whether you will get notification if there is someone new in your area who joins. The answer is no. You will not get notification through email or notification. POF only sends emails that permit the user to know when they connect with another user and also the other configurations based on the preferences of the user.

You are able to access the notifications tab and then set the preferences of how you want to be notified when someone matches with you or views your profile. However, it is important for you to know that these notifications may be able to be a little bit abundant. So, it is better for you to turn off these email notifications and just leave the push notifications on.

How to Create POF Account

Even though we are not able to find the information about how to know when a POF account was created, but we are able to inform you how to create a POF account. If you are ready to find a soulmate, then you are able to create your POF account for free. You can create the account any time on any device.

You are able to follow the steps below if you want to create a POF account for free.

  • If you are using a Desktop, you can start creating a POF account by going to the registration page of POF website.

start creating a POF account

  • After that, you have to enter your email, get a username and then continue until your profile is complete.
  • If you are using a mobile phone, you are able to create a POF account by firstly downloading the Plenty of Fish app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • After that, you have to open the app and then enter your first name. Next, you have to tap on Sign Up.
  • The next thing that you have to do is to follow the instructions to create and customize your profile.

Removing POF Account

After some time becoming a member of POF and then you find the love of your life, now you may want to stop using POF and you decide to remove your POF account. Is it possible to do to remove a POF account. Of course, you can.

If you are sure that the one that you have found is your soulmate that you have looked for so far which means that you are sure that he or she is the one, then you are able to decide to remove your account permanently by deleting your account from POF. However, before you close down your account, it is important for you to now that your preferences, profiles, the photos that you uploaded, and all your previous matches and also conversations will be deleted as well. And also you need to note that accounts which are deleted, cannot be reactivated.

Well, that’s the information that we are able to give to you about POF including removing a POF account, creating a POF account and some features of POF. We are sorry if we are able to give the information that you may need here.

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