How Do I Activate Live Chat on POF

The term live chat on Plenty of Fish or POF refers to the feature named Live!. For those who have no idea, it is your best option to meet new and interesting ones from your area as they stream themselves and their lives in real time. With it, it will be possible for you to see how a user looks like in person through the screen.

Plenty of Fish collaborates with The Meet Group to provide a feature that allows the members of POF to stream themselves. This feature also comes with the ability to watch the other streams, send virtual gifts, and connect in the extraordinary way.

How Do I Activate Live Chat on POF

The ones who can use this feature

Plenty of Fish is trying their best to make sure that Live! feature is available to every member of this dating app. Currently, it is available through the app on Android and iPhone and it might be available on the official website of the POF in the near future.

Way to stream

The process to stream is easy. All that you have to do is to tap Live! button on the POF app home screen and then tap Go Live! to start streaming yourself to the other members. Remember to follow the guidelines and the most important thing is to be yourself. Having the authenticity and having the great content are the best way to attract attention and to attract viewers. The way it works is similar to Youtube and some other streaming platforms.

The ones who can view your stream

When you are streaming, you can see every current viewer by tapping the eye icon. Take a note that the main chat that you see is public and it is able to be seen by all viewers. You are allowed to greet or give a shout out to someone included on the list. On top of that, you can also add them to your Favorites if you think they are great.

Rule for Live!

You can find out the specific rules of Live! when you are streaming or viewing a stream by going to the Community Guidelines of Meet Me for the official rules of this feature. Not only that, just like your daily life on POF, you are expected to be on your best and best behavior.

Way to date with Live!

Live! offers the chance to know others as well as letting them know you better about you. Using this feature means joining the community of streamers and viewers. It is the feature to develop new relationships, new friendships, and so on. There are some things that you can use to communicate and interact with the other users, including hearts, gifts, and chat options.

The meaning of adding someone to Favorite

When you add someone to the Favorite by either tapping the start icon during a stream or by tapping Favorite on the profile of the streamer, you will be notified every time this user holds the next stream. Reviewing these important users under Favorites tab is allowed. As one of the streamers, it is really helpful to remind your viewers to favorite you to let them know when you are around and streaming.

If one day you want to remove someone from your Favorites, you can just go to You! and choose the Favorites tab. If you are on iPhone, you can swipe to remove and for those who have Android, please tap and hold to remove instead.

Live! Credits   

If you are curious about Live! Credits, they are the virtual currency that are usually used to send virtual gifts to the streamers. Some people tend to mistake them with Tokens when in fact both are different. You cannot exchange the Live! Credits with Boosts, Super Yes’s, or Priority Messages.

Hearts and gifts

Hearts refer to the easiest way to let a streamer know that you love the thing they are doing. If you want to give hearts, you can tap the heart icon. If you want to send heart after heart after heart, please tap and hold it.

If you are so into a streamer, it is possible for you to send a virtual gift as a tip. To do so, you will be charged Live Credits and apparently, the cost can vary. For your information, getting gifts allows the streamers to gain more exposure and sending one opens the opportunity to get noticed by them.


The streamer will get diamonds when someone sends them a virtual gift. What makes it interesting about diamonds is that the streamers can redeem them as Live Credits or as cash reward. They are also known as the good way to track your progress as a streamer. POF also has leaderboards to track top viewer getters and diamond earners.

Live! VIP program

The biggest spenders on Live! are VIPs. To appreciate them, Plenty of Fish gives some perks to them, including discounted Live! credit packages, VIP badges, a $1 per month subscription of Plenty of Fish, and Plenty of Fish swag for purple and black VIPs.

VIP is divided into three tiers. If you want to qualify, you will have to purchase the following number of Live! credits:

    • Green VIP: Buy at least 250,000 Live! credits in a period of 30 days.
    • Purple VIP: Buy at least 500,000 Live! credits in a period of 30 days.
    • Black VIP: Buy at least 1 million Live! credits in a period of 30 days.

The other features of Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish or POF offers a lot of features. Aside from the Live! or video call, some other ones as displayed on the official website of Plenty of Fish include:

    • Matches
    • Meet Me
    • Favorites/Likes
    • Messaging
    • Searching
    • Tokens
    • Upgraded Account
    • Mobile
    • Member Profiles
    • Others (who you viewed, hiding profile views)

For more information about Live! and the other features of Plenty of Fish, you are encouraged to visit the official website of Plenty of Fish at