The Green Dot Mean on POF

Plenty of Fish or POF is such a fun and interesting platform to visit for those who are looking for the partners. Just like most online dating platforms, it is relatively easy to use. However, some people might find a hard time, especially the new users. Since there are a lot of things on the platform and some of them are not familiar, it is actually normal if some people find it hard.

As stated before, there are a lot of things in the Plenty of Fish. The users need to know all of them so that they will not be lost while surfing on the platform. One of the most popular things is called the green dot. So, what does the green dot mean on POF?

The Green Dot Mean on POF1
The green dot on Plenty of Fish means that user is online. According to some people, they are not necessary online at the time but they can be online in the last half an hour or something. They think it does not show the exact current status so you cannot really trust the green dot if you want to check if someone is online.

The green dot does not only exist in POF but it is everywhere on the other platforms. Just like on POF, it shares the same meaning on a lot of platforms. For example, you will be able to find the green dot on Facebook next to the name of the user and it has the same meaning as the one on POF, which is the sign that a certain user is online.

Talking about green dot and POF, in fact, there are some people who actually think that the green dot on POF means the particular user has upgraded their membership to premium. It might be true but the popular believes say that the greet dot is a sign of online.

The other colored icons in POF

Aside from the green dot, you might also find some other colored icons in POF. If you have no idea of what all of them mean, here is a brief information about them for you:

    • Yellow dot

Yellow dot on POF means that the user is currently out of the application. They are not online at the time but they were recently, maybe about a half hour or an hour ago. Basically, this one indicates that the person was online.

    • Red dot

Just like both green and yellow dot, the red dot indicates the match status whether they are online or not. If you see the red icon beside the user, it means that user is busy and it is better for you to not disturb the person.

    • Empty circle icon

The empty circle icon indicates that the user is offline and you cannot contact them as you will not be able to get a respond.

Messaging feature

The green dot, the yellow dot, the red dot, and the empty circle icon are included as part of the messaging feature. This feature is similar to the common chatting features that are based on text. Not only these colorful dots, you are also encouraged to know more about the whole messaging feature. Here are some things to take note.

    • Sending messages

Greeting is the first step in any relationship. To greet someone, you can choose Message while looking through their profile. Then, write down something. The unique and interesting greeting is recommended. Besides, you can also give some compliment or sending some questions about the person.

    • Attaching a photo to a message

Do you want to attach a photo to a message? If the answer to the question is yes, you will have to reach the conversation status first to unlock the Conversation Powers. With it, you have the ability to attach an image to your messages. Keep in mind that it is a must for you to upload the image to your profile before attaching an image to a message. Plus, the image also needs to meet the image rules.

If you want to attach an image on iOS or Android app, the first thing that should be done is to open the conversation. Then, click the + (plus) sign to the left of the message box. Next, tab the image icon that looks like a landscape picture. Apparently, the images that can be sent are the ones that have been uploaded to your Plenty of Fish profile. Once you have found one that you want to attach, please tap on the image. After that, you can also write down the message and press the Send button.

For those who want to attach an image on a computer, the first step is the same, which is to open the conversation. The second one is different as it is clicking on the paperclip icon. In case you do not see this icon, please getting to know the member so that the Conversation Powers can be unlocked. Once again, do not forget that the images available for you to send are the ones that are uploaded on the Plenty of Fish profile. After finding out the one photo that you want to attach, please click Attach Photos. As the same as the previous one, you can also type your message and then click Send.

Not only on Android or iOS app and on a computer, you can also attach an image on a mobile device. To do so, open the conversation. When it opens, click Attach Photos. Once again, remember that the images available for you to send are the ones that have been uploaded to your Plenty of Fish profile. You can just tap the photo that you want to attach. After selecting one or more, it is time for you to type the message. Once you have attached the photo(s) and typing the message, the last thing that you will have to do is to press the Send button so that the recipient will get the message with photo.

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