About POF App Symbols (Icon Meanings)

Plenty of Fish has grown in popularity. It has become one of the most favorite online dating apps in the world. Everyone in the available regions can install the app easily. After installing, you will be able to see the icon of the app on your Home screen.

As you can guess from its name, the icon of Plenty of Fish app looks like a fish that faces the right side. The color of the fish is really interesting with the combination of some including pink and mint. This new icon was designed using the iconic original, overlayed with concentric circles. Lots of colorful layers as seen on the icons represent lots of colorful people.

About POF App Symbols (Icon Meanings)

Talking about the icons or the symbols of Plenty of Fish, the app symbols or icons on Plenty of Fish might refer to the menus or the features offered by POF. These kinds of icons or symbols were normally seen in the old versions of the app.

In the old version of the Plenty of Fish app, there are a few things such as Messages, Ultra Match, Search, Locals, My Matches, Viewed Me, Meet Me, Profile, and Favorites. In the past, the icons were colorful. For the Messages, it used to be green and white and there was also a red color indicating the number of messages. The Ultra Match icon consisted of three colors, blue, white, and red. The Locals was green and My Matches were pink. Viewed Me had blue color while Meet Me was purple. Just like Search and Viewed Me, Profile had blue colors but different shades. As for Favorites, it was orange.

Aside from this old version, the display of POF app also went through another change, before the new one. The second change was actually similar to the current one with some different placement of the icons or symbols. When it comes to the placement and the appearance, this version was actually similar to the previous one. The order of the symbols or icons were Messages, Live!, Search, Nearby, My Matches, Viewed Me, Meet Me, My Profile, and My Likes. While the previous version was colorful, every icon or symbol included in the second version shared the same color, which is mint and some shades.

If you want to know what these icons or symbols are about, here is the brief information for you:

    • Messages


Messages is the one where you will be able to see the messages that are sent by the other users. The icon of this feature is two things that look like clouds. It is similar to the thing that you see when you open any messaging system. The first shape at the front has mint color and the second one at the back has a deeper one.

    • Live!


The Live! icon or symbol will take you to see a list of the top streamers on the app named Plenty of Fish. If you want, you are allowed to jump into the stream of anyone and start to watch and lock in.

    • Search

Search icon

In the Search section, you are able to find someone that fits your criteria. Feel free to narrow down the massive list of the users to match the one that you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is only available for those who have purchased the membership. In the past, it used to be available for free users but not anymore.

    • Nearby


The Nearby button is one of the best features offered by POF. You can use this if you are looking for someone who is geographically near you. By using this feature, you will be shown everyone who is located near the location where you currently live. There is a possibility of you finding your neighbor so please be ready.

    • My Matches

My Matches

My Matches is the one where you can see the users who have interest in you. You can check out their profiles if you are also attracted to them and want to get to know them.

    • Viewed Me

Viewed Me

On Plenty of Fish, it is possible for you to see who has viewed your profile. If you want to see if someone is checking you out, you can click on the Viewed Me icon or symbol.

    • Meet Me

Meet Me1

Meet Me is the icon of symbols that you can click if you want to give different people a checkmark if you like them. In the same place, you can also give X if you do not like them. They will be notified if you give them one of the signs. If you want to check out the list of people who liked you or with whom you have both loved each other, you can click this icon or symbol. There is a Liked You and It’s Mutual button located on the top of the screen.

    • My Profile

My Profile

The My Profile icon is able to be found on the top navigation bar with the Profile icon to the left. All that should be done to be taken to your profile, where you will be able to see three simple buttons at the bottom to edit your photographs, see your present ones, and edit your whole profile, is to simply tap the icon or the symbol.

    • My Likes

My Likes1

When you are attracted to someone, you can express it by liking it. When you like them, they will be added to your My Likes section. In the end, the person that you liked will know that you liked them because they will get a notification.

Apart from the Plenty of Fish icon or symbol and the icons or symbols that are included as the features, there is also a bell icon. If you have Twitter, you might be familiar with it since it looks similar. Bell icon is the one that will notify you when there is new activity. If you want to check if there is a new activity, you can just tap on this icon and the new activity will be shown.

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