How to Tell if Someone Has Hidden Their Profile on POF

Can you find someone has hidden their profile on POF (Plenty of Fish)? If you come to this page to find out that information, you are at the right page as here we are going to explain how to tell if someone has hidden their profile on Plenty of Fish.

How to find if someone has hidden their profile on POF

POF (Plenty of Fish) allows upgraded users to hide their profiles if they want. Most users use this feature if they happen to meet someone and want to see how dating that person turns out. In other situations they may hide their POF profile to take a break from online dating. You may have struck up a nice conversation with someone and then lost contact with that person. Only to find their profile had vanished. They could have removed their POF profile permanently or they may have hidden their POF profile. Even though POF (Plenty of Fish) will not reveal hidden profiles, there are some methods that you can use to find hidden profiles on POF.

Here are some methods to find a hidden profile on POF:

  • Method 1: Using the username search to discover a hidden profile.

If you want to know the user’s name on POF, easily you are able to use the POF username search to see if the user still has a profile. If you cannot remember the username of the profile you are trying to find you are able to search through your email if you have had contact with the user in the past. Since POF sends a notification to your inbox directly each time you get a message, there is an opportunity to have their username sitting in your email messages. For note: Plenty of Fish will require you to sign in to your POF account before using the search features.

  • Method 2: Check your browser history

Check your browser history

If you recently viewed the user’s POF profile, you may want to see your browser history. While it might take some time it is a possible method for you to find whether or not the user you are trying to contact has a profile. While this is not the most proficient method to determine if a user has a hidden profile, it can work. Each web browser is different, so you are able to find out the settings to browse your history. In most cases, using ctrl+h can open up your previously viewed web pages.

For note: if you are trying to search for how to find a hidden POF profile, keep in mind that not all POF users want to be found. So, you have to be respectful of other peoples dating needs. If you happen to be someone who does not want to be bothered by a user, you are able to block someone on POF.

Blocking another user on POF

If you discover yourself the focus of very unwanted attention, you are able to block that person from messaging you in the future.  While it does not prevent you from seeing that user in searches or on the website, you will not receive any future messages.

  • Please access the last message the user m sent you.
  • From the menu, you are able to choose Block This Person.

choose Block This Person.

When you have a change of heart, or they have a change of personality, you are always able to unblock them.

  • Please head over to Edit Profile > Settings.
  • Then, you are able to choose the person and unblock them to welcome them back into your life. For note: you can only unblock from a computer.

How to tell if someone is online

If you are interested to find whether a member of POF is online, you are able to look for them in the search bar and sort with the last visit option. There you are going to see four possible options:

  • Online Now
  • Online Today
  • Online This Week
  • Online Last 30 Days

For note: If someone has given up on POF (Plenty of Fish) entirely and has not logged in for more than 30 days, then there will not be any information on the last visit field.

How to hide your POF profile

Some of you may want to try hiding your POF profile, well in the text below we are going to share a way to hide your POF profile. If you decide to hide your POF profile, your POF profile will still be visible to some users, however you are able to unhide your profile at any time.

Here is a way to hide your POF profile:

  • At the first step, you have to login to your POF account

Before you make any changes to your POF profile, of course you have to login to your POF account. So, simply enter your email/username and password.

  • After that, you have to select the Edit Profile option

Once you have logged into the POF site, simply click the option which says, “Edit Profile.” This option is located at the top of the screen, toward the right, next to the link for My Profile.

  • The next step is to click the link

After you select the “Edit Profile” option, at the top of the page you will be able to see a line of text to hide your profile from others. You have to go ahead and then click this option. This option will hide your POF profile. Now, you will no longer appear in the search results of other POF users.

  • The last step

you need to recognize the limits of hiding your POF profile. As we know that hiding POF profile means you will no longer show up in any bar of images or search results. However, there are still some users who can still access your POF profile including people you make contact with after you hide your POF profile or people who currently have messages in your inbox.

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