Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite at Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park

Each Fortnite season comes with a battle pass filled with the skins that you will not want to miss. While you are able to speed up your completion process by buying the upgraded version of the battle pass, the players who choose to go for the base version are going to need to complete most of the weekly challenges to unlock everything the season offers.

The battle pass of Chapter 2, season 5 includes the weekly challenges which have been relatively easier to complete compared to the last two seasons. The latest line of quests just rolled out. Apparently, Epic is experimenting with a new digging mechanic which could be a lot of fun. One of those challenges asks the players to dig up garden gnomes at Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park. However they may be hard to find if you do not know what to look for.

Dig up the Gnomes at Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park  

Starting with Pleasant Park, you will need to make your way to the center of the landmark and then move toward the side with the reboot van. See your position on the mini-map since you will discover the buried gnome above the letters “N” and “T” in Pleasant Park. Those hidden gnomes are going to be glowing in blue, so they will also be relatively easy to find.

Dig up the Gnomes at Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park  

You are going to find the second gnome in Pleasant Park in the backyard of a house in the landmark’s north corner. Easily, you are able to find this house by moving north from the middle of the landmark. You are going to be perfectly aligned with the house’s placement on the map. It will be the last house in the middle before leaving the landmark. You are going to notice the glowing gnome as you are jumping around. For the last two gnomes, you are going to need to head to Fort Crumpet. If it is your first time around this landmark, it will feel like a maze. However, you are able to find both gnomes in a couple of minutes.

You are able to find the first gnome in Fort Crumpet which is located inside the castle next to the northern entrance of the landmark. It will be hidden behind a small wall. So, you may not be able to see it at first if you enter Fort Crumpet from its north gateway. We think that the second gnome is a little harder to discover. You are able to find it in a gap around the western corner of the castle. We suggest you land in the middle part of the landmark and create a quick run around to discover both gnomes.

Considering you are going to be out in the open while doing this, having some guns at your disposal can prove useful in case you run into any danger. The digging mechanic works differently than expected and you will not be able to interact with those buried gnomes as you approach them. You are going to need to hit the glowing blue spots with your harvesting tool a couple of times to dig them out, that only takes a couple of seconds. Completing this challenge is going to give you 20,000 XP toward this season’s battle pass, making you one step closer to that cosmetic item you have wanted for a while.

Finally, you are able to know the way to complete this challenge. Remember that buried gnomes appear in Fortnite as mounds of dirt in the ground. They glow with blue light. After you find them, you will need to hit them with your pickaxe. They will rise from the ground. Gnomes are able to be found buried on the ground floor of Fort Crumpet. We discovered two of them once we visited. This is a small area to search, and is quiet, so it should not take you too long to locate them. Over at Pleasant Park, you have to search the grass-covered areas to discover buried gnomes. We discovered one near the middle of Pleasant Park, and another hidden in the garden of a house to the west of this area. You are able to see the gnome locations in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park on the map. After you have dug up four gnomes, you are going to complete the first part of Grimbles’ challenge. The second part needs you to search 15 chests or ammo crates. If you want to complete the rest of the week’s quests, ensure you check out other articles on our site.

About Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite

Some of you may not know about Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite. So, we are also going to share some information related to Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite. You have to know that Fort Crumpet is a Landmark in Battle Royale that was added in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. It is located inside the coordinate A3, west of Sweaty Sands. Also, it is a fallen and abandoned fort with no roof. It appears to have been converted into a museum.

How about Pleasant Park in Fortnite? It is a named Point of Interest in Battle Royale that was added to the map in Fortnite Season 1. It is located inside the coordinates D2 and D3, north of Salty Towers, northeast of Sweaty Sands, northwest of Colossal Coliseum and southwest of Craggy Cliffs. Pleasant Park is a large suburban town with eight houses, an open soccer field, a park, a gas station and a gazebo, with picnic tables, and trees surrounding it. Based on the research, it was formerly located at northwest coordinates C3-C4, south of Starry Suburbs, northwest of Loot Lake, southeast of Haunted Hills, south-west of The Block, north of Gotham City, west of Lazy Lagoon, south of Junk Junction, north-east of Snobby Shores and very far north of Greasy Grove in Chapter 1.