COD Vanguard Duhok Lester Explained

Call of Duty Vanguard Duhok Lester is one of the error codes in the game. By the way, what exactly does Call of Duty Vanguard Duhok Lester mean? If you really want to know that information, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain about Call of Duty Vanguard Duhok Lester error code.

The Explanation of COD Vanguard Duhok Lester

Currently, Call of Duty Vanguard is having an error which is keeping the players offline after preloading the next update. This error comes from the “Connection Failed: An update is required” error message that the players are receiving when they are trying to load up Call of Duty Vanguard after preloading patch. Here is what we know so far about Call of Duty Vanguard Duhok Lester error code and how the players are able to get online despite them.

COD Vanguard Duhok Lester Explained

For those who got ahead by preloading the next Call of Duty Vanguard update, then you may discover yourself stuck with a new error for your troubles. This error code has been displayed for the players on the PlayStation5 who have preloaded Vanguard Version 1.008. The code does not allow the players into the game as a result. Unfortunately, there is very little understanding about this Call of Duty Vanguard Duhok Lester error code. We get information that Sledgehammer Games has let the players know that they are on the case responding to the player reports. However, as far now, we have no good news yet for a solution.

How to Fix COD Vanguard Duhok Lester Error Code?

At this time, we do not have any real solution for the new Vanguard error, COD Vanguard Duhok Lester. For now, the great way to avoid it is by not preloading the next update. This is mainly true for the players of PlayStation5. As this error progresses, we only expect Sledgehammer Games is going to find a great solution. If things are not fixed quickly, it may be that the launch of the next Call of Duty Vanguard update is going to fix things on its own as well. We are going to update with all of the latest information here.

How to Fix COD Vanguard Duhok-Rilea Error Code?

COD Vanguard Duhok-Rilea is one of the error codes which have emerged with the game. Here are some solutions that you are able to try to fix the error code.

Solution 1

Make sure that your console or the blizzard client is linked to Activation. If not, you have to follow the link and link your account. If the account is unlinked, then you will not be able to connect to the server, and also you may encounter the COD Vanguard Error: Disconnected from Server.

Solution 2

You have to check the server status. The most likely cause of the problem may be the serves at times. So, you need to check the servers before trying any other troubleshooting. Besides Activation Website and Downdetector, Twitter and Reddit are also great places to signify any problems with the server. Occasionally, there are problems with the server which is  not reported on the Activation website.

Solution 3

You will need to reboot the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. Frequently, the cause of the error code may be a simple mistake with the game which prevents your connection with the servers. If you cannot connect to the server due to the error code, then a simple reboot of the game and the device should fix the issue.

Solution 4

Power cycling is a great method to solve glitches with games on console. The purpose here is to drain the console of all the power and reinitialize everything. Even, it will work to clear unwanted cache. To power cycle, you are able to turn down the console normally. Then, remove the power cords. After that, press and hold the power button for several seconds. Please re-plug the power cords, and start the console.

Solution 5

Try to change the MTU Settings (PC and PlayStation). Need to know that the MTU settings on both PC and PlayStation (PS4 & PS5) play an important role to determine the speed of the internet. Probably, you do not have the right setting or value which is causing speed issues with the game. Thus, the COD Vanguard Duhok-Rilea error code comes. We personally attempted this trick with the Cold War, and it worked to fix the problems with connection to the server.

Here are some steps you are able to follow for PS5.

    • At the first step, you have to click on the Gear icon to go to Settings.
    • After that, go to Network > Settings. While you are at the Settings, we highly recommend you go to Connection Status and perform Test Internet Connection.
    • Now, you have to choose Set Up Internet Connection.
    • Afterwards, click on your registered network and select Advanced Settings.
    • Please go down to MTU Settings and set it to Manual.
    • Also, go to MTU and set the value to 1473.
    • On PC, the MTU Setting by default is 1500 which is ideal. Please open command prompt and run the command netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface for checking the MTU.

Solution 6

Also, the error may be a result of bad cache on the router. For this case, you are able to follow the above process for the console to power cycle the router. A better alternative to power cycling is to reset the router to factory mode. It will be able to clear out any connection problems and the router is going to be as good as new. Please look at the back of the router, there is a small hole which will allow you to reset the router.

Solution 7

Reinstall the Game Completely – If none of the above solutions worked, the error may be with Vanguard files from the beta and the final version conflicting with one another. If you participated in the beta or the alpha, you are able to delete all the files associated with the game such as save files, cache, and update date before you install the game. If you have already installed the game, please uninstall it, and then delete everything and perform a fresh install.

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