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The Animal Crossing series is full of villagers. One of them is named Cleo. She ranked as the 49 most popular characters of the series with 377 votes, according to the character popular poll held by the Japanese Animal Crossing website. If it is the first time you hear about Cleo and you are interested and want to know more, you will be informed about this villager by reading the post until the end.


    • Gender: Female
    • Personality: Snooty
    • Species: Horse
    • Birthday: February 9th
    • Start sign: Aquarius
    • Initial phrase: Sugar
    • Initial clothes: Silk bloom shirt
    • Skill: Juggling
    • Goal: Dermatologist
    • Coffee: Mocha, a little bit of milk, 1 spoonful of sugar
    • Favorite song: K.K. Fusion
    • Appearances: Animal Forest e+, Animal Forest +, Animal Forest e+, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing New Horizons

Cleo Animal Crossing Wiki

Cleo is named as a snooty horse villager from the series. There is a possibility that her name is inspired from a professional horseback rider and actress named Cleo Ridgely. Her Japanese name is Isotope, which was apparently taken from a popular Australian racehorse named Isotope. She has a catchphrase, which is sugar. For those who have no idea, her catchphrase refers to the treat, which are sugarcubes, the things that are loved by the horses. Education is said to be her hobby.

Cleo was born on February 9th. Apart from Cleo, there is another villager in the Animal Crossing series that shares the same birthday as her. For anyone who wants to know, the villager is named Flora the peppy ostrich villager.

When it comes to the appearance, Cleo has a light purple color with a yellow mane. She has black eyes and both of them are shiny. Each of her eyes has two dark purple eyelashes. Her ears and her mouth are pink. For the muzzle, it is white. The white color is also the color of her feet and hooves. At first, she wears a silk bloom shirt. In the game called Animal Forest, she wears blush. Another difference that set her appearance on this game compared to the other titles is that her nostrils are bigger.

What about her personality? As mentioned before, Cleo is a snooty villager, meaning she loves both make up and gossiping. Due to the fact that she is a snooty villager, she will be rude and arrogant to the players at first. All that she does is talking about herself only and her own experiences. Sometimes, she talks about the style and the appearance of the other villagers. The ones that she brings up the most into the conversation are the female villagers, including normal, peppy, and snooty villagers. Soon after that, she will be a bit closer to the player, even though her arrogant and rude personality will still be seen. Among the other villagers, Cleo hates the lazy villagers the most. One of the reasons is because they do not care about how they look. Not only that, she will also not get along with them because they hate the thing that is eaten by her. Aside from the lazy villagers, there is also no way for her to get along with jock villagers. The main reason is because she will be questioned about her physical appearance and they are actually not interested in fashion. Then, what villagers that can get along with her well? The cranky villagers are named as the ones because they share the similar rude personalities as her. Normal villagers can also actually be added to the list.

house cleo in animal crossing
In Animal Crossing

This paragraph will unveil the house owned by Cleo. For those who are wondering about her house, it has a chic theme. It is in the GameCube games. The furniture in her house is from the Cabana Series, including the Cabana Lamp and the Cabana Screen. There are some green corners in her house that are filled with the Aloe and palm. To make everything perfect, there is a Mermaid Statue. As for the wall and the floor, they are mosaic. In addition, her house has a retro stereo playing K.K. Bossa and a total of two gyroids called the Lullaboid and the Dingloid. In the game called Animal Crossing New Leaf, Cleo’s house shows up as a research lab. In her place, there are a lot of special new items, the same ones introduced in the Welcome amiibo update that come with her amiibo card and RV. If there is a stereo in her place, the one that will be playing is K.K. Synth. Just like in Animal Crossing New Leaf, her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons also has the scientific lab theme. Due to having the same theme, the furniture in it is also the same or similar. A stereo that she has is playing K.K. Fusion. When it comes to the appearance, her house looks a lot like the house that belongs to Raymond.

Not only in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons, a villager also makes an appearance in Animal Forest e+, Animal Forest +, Animal Forest e+, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. For the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, she was added to the game on the [month] [year] update. Her preferred theme is civic. According to her profile, she is the very model of a successful businesswoman and is already the CEO of a total of three different companies.

Talking about Cleo and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the campsite invitation requirement (friendship level) is 0. At level 7, every player will be rewarded by her with a tee and sparkle stones (x1). At level 9, sparkle stones (x1) is the one that will be given by her. When the players are at level 15, they will be asked by her to craft a computer desk. By reaching level 20, the players will be rewarded with a pic of her and sparkle stones (x1). Reaching level 25, level 30, level 35, level 40, level 45, and level 50 will result in the players getting sparkle stones (x1).

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