Buried Blue XP Coin in Retail Row Guide

Finally, Fortnite’s Week 5 challenges are live now. There are some Fortnite challenges around burying and digging up the items. One of the things that the Fortnite players can get for a reward this week is a Blue XP coin, which is located in Retail Row. If you get trouble discovering the exact position of this Blue XP coin in Fortnite Retail Row, this guide is here to help you.

How to find Buried Blue XP Coin in Retail Row?

Based on the research, the buried Blue XP coin for this challenge is located in the yard of the house at the southwest corner of Retail Row. This residence’s yellow paint job makes finding the buried Blue XP coin quite easy. The Fortnite players who are doing the challenge should direct their attention to the small mound on the ground near the basketball hoop. For more understanding, you will have to watch a video on YouTube which highlights the precise position of the house and the relevant mound.

How to find Buried Blue XP Coin in Retail Row

After finding the heap, the players are able to hit it simply with their harvesting tools in Fortnite to get the Blue XP coin. Once that has occurred, the players are going to get an indication that they have already completed the challenge of finding the buried Blue XP Coin in Retail Row. Then, they will be able to get 20,000 XP for their efforts. Although this is true that this may not be enough XP to push the Fortnite players to the top tiers of Fortnite’s Season 5 Battle Pass, but it is sure to be appreciated. Aside from that, there is also another interesting thing in this Fortnite challenge. The Blue XP coin for this week’s challenge is identic in appearance to the XP Coins which have already appeared in previous Fortnite seasons. Those collectibles have given the players the good chance to get many additional XP in the past. Possibly, this week challenge foregrounds the reappearance of XP Coins in the upcoming weeks. For today, this Blue XP Coin is the only one which is able to be found on the Fortnite’s map. The Fortnite players will need to follow other avenues for creating Battle Pass progress.

Possibly, the most obvious of these avenues is to complete all of the Fortnite weekly challenges, however this is not the only option. Indeed, the players will be able to get themselves quite many XP by working on Milestones or tackling Bounties in Fortnite Season 5, there is no shortage of those activities in the game. The players of Fortnite who are wanting to unlock all of the Sapphire, and Zero Point skin styles this season, that need reaching Level 225, have lots of work to do even though the many XP-earning opportunities which are available.

Other Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Besides, find the buried Blue XP coin in Retail Row, there are still other Fortnite Week 5 Challenges that you are able to complete. Right now, you may want to try completing other Fortnite Week 5 challenges. Here are other challenges:

  • Dig up the Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park.
  • Search for the chests or ammo crates.
  • Collect the Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges.
  • Bury the Gnomes in Pleasant Park or Retail Row.
  • Act damage within ten seconds of resurfacing from the sand.
  • Act damage while crouched.

Fortnite Retail Row Explanation

Fortnite Retail Row Explanation

Retail Row is one of the more crowded landmarks on the Fortnite map, especially since it is one of the points of interest which has been heavily hit by snow. The players of Fortnite who want to enjoy the winter weather in Fortnite are going to be making their way to Retail Row, improving the level of competition in the area. We highly recommend that you have to land on top of the coin once the game starts and switch to looting as soon as you pick it up. According to Wikia, Retail Row is a location on the east-midlands of the Battle Royale Map. This is a large plaza with lots of the buildings. This is a landing area that is often used for the players because of its high levels of loot. Aside from that, Retail Row location consists of a number of shops and buildings, and also the homes, with lots of having a possible chest spawn in them. Since the Retail Row location is small and narrow, it is extremely ideal for the players to use close range weapons, like the shotguns.

About XP Coins in Fortnite

XP Coins in Fortnite

XP Coins or known as Experience Coins are a method to get XP in Fortnite introduced in Chapter 2 Season 1. They are able to be found scattered around the map. Each week once weekly Challenges release. New XP coins are able to be collected on the map. Apparently, there are four different rarities of XP Coins: Green XP coin (Uncommon), Blue XP coin (Rare), Purple XP coin (Epic) and Gold XP coin (Legendary) rarity. For note: There are no Common or Gray XP Coins.

The Epic XP Coins are very special as when collected, they are able to split into XP Coin Fragment’s. If the XP Coin Fragment’s are not collected for a certain amount of time, they are going to dissipate away and cannot be collected anymore.

The chart below is going to show how much XP the coins give:

Rarity Chapter 2 Season 1 Chapter 2 Season 2 Chapter 2 Season 3 Chapter 2 Season 4
Green XP Coins/Uncommon 6,250 XP 450 XP 5,000 XP 5,000 XP
Blue XP Coins/Rare Not introduced yet 600 XP 6,500 XP 6,500 XP
Purple XP Coins/Epic Not introduced yet 125 XP per XP coin fragment, 1,250 XP in total 850 XP per XP coin fragment, 10,300 XP in total 850 XP per XP coin fragment, 10,300 XP in total
Gold XP CoinsLegendary Not introduced yet 2,000 XP 15,000 XP 15,000 XP