Where are the Elves in Bloxburg 2021 in Order

During the month of December, Bloxburg always celebrates a special annual event where you’re allowed to join the Elf Hunt. Just like previous year, you will be required to find the elves hidden on the map. In other words, you need to locate all the Elves in a certain location in Bloxburg.

To find all Elves in Bloxburg, you may need to know where they are located. However, it may be a bit hard to find them, as they are scattered around Bloxburg town. No worries! If you want to try finding all Elves, this post will guide you to find them. So, let’s see the guide below!

Where to Find All Elves in Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2021?

Where are the Elves in Bloxburg 2021 in Order

The Bloxburg Hunt 2021 is a continuation of Elf Hunt 2020 that is part of the 2021 Christmas update on November 9, 2021. This is a month-long event that is omitted from tyeh update log.

Talking about Elves, they can be described as small supernatural creatures which are commonly associated with Christmas. As a clue, the Elves can be found throughout the map and you should find them to gain massive rewards.

There are a number of Elves inside the map in the Elf Hunt 2021,. However, there are many tips and tricks to find them. All you have to do is to travel to each and every corner of the entire map to find them out.

The location of Elves is certainly not specified. Keep in mind, you may need to bake some cookies for them to earn money as a reward. Roaming around the Bloxburg town and knowing exactly where the Elves are located is the best way to memorize the location of Elves.

Thanks to Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki, you will find all Elves easily, as the source gives you a clue where the Elves are located. Here are they:

Date Location
9th December 2021 The first elf can be found in the Observatory’s parking lot.
10th December 2021 The second elf can be found under a tree behind the Observatory.
11th December 2021 The third elf can be found at the first level  of the Bloxburg Mountain on the right side.
12th December 2021 The fourth elf can be found on the right side of the fishing hut.
13th December 2021 The fifth elf can be found on the left side of Fancy Furniture. To find this Elf, you may need a regular cookie.
14th December 2021 The sixth elf can be found in the Bloxburg Cave. This elf is located in the far edge of the mining area beside a wooden pole. You may have to use a moped or a bike, then give the cookie while you are on the bike.
15th December 2021 The seventh Elf can be found on the Bloxy Burger billboard that is located on the highway.
16th December 2021 The eighth elf can be found inside of the Gazblox Gas Station on the highway. In the case of finding this Elf, you may need a Gingerbread Cookie.
17th December 2021 The ninth elf is located by the Riverside tunnel.
18th December 2021 The tenth elf can be found along the mountains on the Bloxy Acres Side.
19th December 2021 The eleventh Elf is located in the water by the mountain at the very end of the beach on the Bloxy Acres Side. To find this Elf, you may need a regular cookie that you can give to the Elf.
20th December 2021 The twelfth Elf can be found behind a tree, close to where the mountain curves near the event area. You will need a glass of milk when looking for this Elf.
21th December 2021 The thirteenth Elf can be found on the second level of the mountain  located near the edge that faces the observatory.
22th December 2021 The fourteen Elf can be found on top of the BFF supermarket sign. In the case of looking for this Elf, it will require a Gingerbread Cookie that can be accessed by paradigling onto the sign.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Elf Hunt 2021

In the case of looking for all Elves, you can spot each elf at or after 4:00 p.m PST on its release day. The entire event actually takes place once the Elf on a Shelf lore where an elf is put on a shelf. Then, the elf is hidden each night. Then, it  can only be found by the household children in a new spot the following day.

In the story, the elf is known as moving to report back to Santa on the kids’ behavior. You will then see the elf walking closer to the Santa Photo-Op when plotting out the elf’s movement every night. It is said at this time whether it is the elf’s final destination or not.

The Elf Hunt 2021 is the second major interactive event in the game Welcome to Bloxburg. To join this event, you may need to bake the Holiday Cookies and Regular Cookies, but you must be level 3. Meanwhile, To bake Gingerbread Cookies, you should be at level 4.

The amount of rewards that you will get depends on how late you find them. That means if you find an elf within the first day of it moving, you will be given $2,500. Otherwise, if you find an elf more than 24 hours once it moves, you will be granted $1,000.

Well, the total amount of the rewards you will get ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on when you can find them. After you reach the final elf, you actually will gain a special reward.

Most of the elves will take Holiday Cookies. However, the 5th, 8th and 11th elves will take Cookies and Gingerbread Cookies. Every animation actually shows the elves. However, this is the first elf hunt event that gives neither a holiday cookie, nor regular cookie and a gingerbread.

Okay, that’s everything you should know about the Elf Hunt 2021 in Bloxburg. Are you ready for that?

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