Building an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft

If you love playing Thanos in Minecraft, you will be allowed to find Infinity Stones. Generally, there are at least five Infinity Stones that can be found in the Minecraft world including Power Stone, Time Stone, Space Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone and Mind Stone.

Aside from Infinity Stones, you may also need to build an Infinity Stone Vault. This item is commonly used to protect the Soul Stones, as this is the most powerful stone among other Infinity Stones. The only one way to create an Infinity Stone Vault is through Insane Craft mod. So, how to create it?

How to Build an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft?

The way to build an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft can be found in a YouTube video entitled ‘Building an INFINITY STONE VAULT in Insane Craft’  that you can access HERE.

Building an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft

This video was uploaded by Sigils who is known as one of the Insane Craft developers, along with the team. The video has more than 441K views with 23K likes. So, if you have a plan to create an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft, you can watch this video and follow the instructions available in the video.

In the video, Sigils share a step-by-step of building an Infinity Stone Vault through Insane Craft mod. We think that he explains the step of building an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane Craft mod as clearly as possible.

In order to build an Infinity Stone Vault, you will need a number of certain materials to make it easier to create. If you want to build an Infinity Stone Vault as great as possible, make sure that you follow the Sigils’ instructions as well as possible.

Keep in mind, to build an Infinity Stone Vault in Minecraft, you will need to download and install a Minecraft modpack called Insane Craft. Through this modpack, you will easily build an Infinity Stone Vault and use it in the game.

Aside from building an Infinity Stone Vault, you can also create another stone or items in Insane Craft modpack. Considering the Insane Craft modpack is very worthy to use, it’s highly recommended for you to start downloading and installing this Minecraft modpack.

What Is Insane Craft?

If you often build any Infinity Stones and items associated with Thanos in Minecraft, you may be unfamiliar with a number of Minecraft mods that allow you to build any Infinity Stones. You may know a Minecraft modpack called Insane Craft.

Insane Craft is a Minecraft modpack fan made creation that was created by a team including Ssundee, Sigils, Henwy, Nicovald, Biffle, JeromeASF and Spark Universe. The Insane Craft modpack was inspired by Crazy Craft designed to be the most fun mod that the players can use in Minecraft.

The Insane Craft modpack is recommended to be played in survival mod. Because this is a Minecraft modpack, certainly there are a bunch of mods contained in this mod. So, you cannot only create the Infinity Stone Vault, but creating any items are also allowed.

Here’s a list of Mod available in Insane Craft modpack:

    • Lucky Blocks
    • Animated Player Mod
    • AnimationAPI
    • Armourers Workshop
    • BackTools
    • BeeBarker
    • CodeChickenCore
    • CreativeCore
    • CustomMainMenu
    • Damage Indicators
    • Dark Core
    • Decocraft
    • Exotic Birds
    • Flans Mod
    • Hats
    • Hat Stand
    • IChunUtil
    • InventoryPets
    • Item Physics
    • Legends Core
    • Lucky Block ADDON – Block Night-2
    • M-Ore
    • MalisisCore
    • MalisisDoors
    • Mc Helicopters Mod
    • Mobius Core
    • Morph
    • Nei Addons- EX Nihilo
    • Not Enough Items
    • Origin
    • Pandora’s Box
    • PortalGun
    • RailCraft
    • Rei’s Minimap
    • Recourse Loader
    • Rival Rebels
    • Security Craft
    • Superheroes Mod Unlimited
    • Tardis Mod
    • The SecretRoomsMod
    • Transformers Mod
    • Weeping Angels
    • Youtuber Structers
    • Youtubers+

From the list of mods contained in Insane Craft, it’s such a proof that this modpack is very beneficial for players who want to create any items in one pack. So, they do not need to look for another mod to create plenty of items. You only need a modpack for all item creation.

How to Download and Install the Insane Craft Modpack?

Downloading and installing the Insane Craft modpack is pretty easy. What you should do is to find the page to download the Insane Craft modpack files. Once you find it, you will easily find a way that you can follow to download and install Insace Craft modpack.

One of official pages to download the Insane Craft modpack is that you can access here.  This is a platform that provides a ton of modpacks that you can easily use in Minecraft. So, if you want to change the way you play in Minecraft, you can take advantage of Minecraft modpacks available in this platform.

Once you click the link to access the Technic Pack platform, you will be taken into the homepage. To ease discovering the Technic Pack platform, you can use the Technic Launcher. Well, this feature will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. So, you can play your favorite modpack in minutes.

With the help of Launcher, you can explore the Technic Platform and then find the most popular and reliable modpacks and install them. You can then feel an unforgettable experience playing through all the new modpack available in Insane Craft.

Here’s how to download and install Insane Craft!

    • Go to
    • Click on the Modpacks menu at the top of the page.
    • By clicking the Modpacks menu, it will show you a list of modpacks available at
    • To find the Insane Craft modpack, you can type ‘Insane Craft’ on the search bar. Then, it will give you the result.
    • Then, make sure to click on the Insane Craft modpack you want to install.
    • After choosing the version of Insane Craft modpack you want, you will find the ‘Install This Modpack’ button.
    • You may be required to download Technic Launcher to install Insane Craft modpack.
    • After you download the Technic Launcher, you can type in the modpack name (Insane Craft server) or paste the following URL into the search box ‘’.
    • Last, you can click the ‘Install’ button at the bottom right of the launcher. Then, the launcher will handle what you want.

Congratulations! You now get the Insane Craft modpack that can be used to build an Infinity Stone Vault.