Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor in Minecraft

Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor in Minecraft is the name of the video that belongs to Sigils. This video was shared on Youtube on October 3, 2021. Since it was released 8 days ago for the first time, it has earned a total of 332,197 views and 15k likes.

In order to find and watch this video on Youtube, you can follow these following steps:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is obviously go to Youtube.
    2. When you are on the platform, go straight to the search bar that is located at the top of the page.
    3. You will have to type the keyword in the search bar. Since you already know the title of the video, you can just enter “Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor in Minecraft” Besides, you can also specify it by adding the uploader, Sigils.
    4. Do not forget to press Enter after that so that the results can be shown.
    5. As there are some videos included in the results even if you already specified the keyword, please find the one that fits with the keyword and find the one uploaded by Sigils.
    6. Upon finding it, click it and the video will be played just like that.

Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor in Minecraft

In the video entitled Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor in Minecraft, Sigils and BiffleWiffle have a toxic 1v1 in Minecraft. They play a 50 vs 50 game to see who gets which weapon and then see how good they are. They test the power of Chaotic Armor against the Full power of the Infinity Stone.

At the beginning of the video, Sigils greets BiffleWiffle. Upon hearing his greetings, BiffleWiffle starts to flip the coin, which is the thing he is good at, according to Sigils.

Sigils then explains that it is a 50 vs 50 challenge and two of the most op items in this pack were chosen. The first item is named Infinity Gauntlet while the second one is called Chaotic Armor. Infinity Gauntlet is described as one of the most powerful objects in the universe. This one was designed to have a total of six soul gems. These soul gems are known as the Infinity Gems. As for the Chaotic Armor, it refers to a set of armor added by Draconic Additions. It is actually the same as the Draconic Armor set by default. The difference is that it is able to be upgraded with fusion crafting. When it is upgraded, it has a total shield capacity of 5120 and 512 million RF per armor piece.

Both Sigils and BiffleWiffle try to find out which one is the most powerful among these two. If BiffleWiffle lands on the blue side, he will get a point as he is a guest. Sigils stands on the gold. BiffleWiffle tries to stand on one of the two golds but he fails and keeps standing on the white. In the end stands on the red after standing on the blue for a couple of times.

When it is his turn, Sigils manages to get a point for the Infinity Gauntlet. BiffleWiffle gets two Chaotic Armors while Sigils gets two Infinity Gauntlets. Then, these two keep making attempts. Sigils uses an exploit to teleport BiffleWiffle to him but then he goes back to the normal form. After an hour, BiffleWiffle finally gets blue. Sigils then follow BiffleWiffle’s step by getting blue as well. The challenge keeps getting interesting.

After that, BiffleWiffle gets white. He is just messing with the situation. After several attempts, he finally gets red. The heads are suddenly everywhere on the floor. Sigils damaging each single of it. Some of the heads on the wall are also attacked.

What happens next? For everyone who is curious about the rest of the story, you can watch the video by yourself. As stated before, the video is available on Youtube and to find and watch it is such an easy thing as you can just follow these instructions above.

In case you find something questionable or if you have something related to the video to ask, the best thing that you can do is to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. By doing so, you have a chance to get a reply from someone, even if it is not from Sigils himself. Unlike watching the video, you will have to log in to Youtube to leave a comment. Make sure to do so.

If you get nothing, you are encouraged to go to the communities or forums related to Minecraft to seek help from the members of these places. Please explain the details of the thing that you want to know and be more specific if needed. These places usually require you to sign in to make a thread or discussion or to reply to someone so please do it. If you do not have an account, you have to create one first. Actually, some of them allow you to sign in using something like your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or some other accounts. If it is the case, it would be easier for you to log in by using one of these accounts.

Sigils loves to play and make something with his friends. There is a series where he and his friends play mini games in Minecraft with custom forge mods with the intention to earn random loot and then fight to see who the ultimate champion is. The name of the series is Minecraft Adventures. The video entitled Using Infinity Stones on Chaotic Armor is just one of the videos where Sigils do these challenges with his friends.

If you find these interesting, you can subscribe to Sigils’s Youtube channel. As of October 11, 2021, his Youtube channel has 1.13 million subscribers. Aside from that, you may also want to subscribe to the channels of his friends. Some of his friends include BiffleWiffle, Ssundee, Henwy, and JeromeASF. All of them have their own Youtube channels.

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