Black Desert Mobile Best Class 2021

It has been known that the Black Desert Online, which is also popular as BDO, is an excellent game that is a bit complex. Just like the BDO or the Black Desert Online, its counterpart for mobile called Black Desert Mobile is also not different.

As a player, which class that you need to roll for your first character is the first big thing to solve when you start the Black Desert Mobile. For those who have no idea which one you pick, here is the guide that will help you to decide which one is best in Black Desert Mobile.

Black Desert Mobile Best Class 2021

S-Tier: Ranger – The best overall class in Black Desert mobile

While Ranger is best in PvP, the main area of influence of this hero is PvE. It is where the speed and the mobility of Ranger win in all the aspects. It is also related to the boss fights, which can be handled by her easily with the help of a longbow. However, you will need to know that long range is not the only possible method of killing opponents. By taking the advantage of her swift dagger combos, Ranger can do well in close combat, even though it is a must for you to keep up with the healing potions in that case. In addition, Ranger is the perfect one for beginners as it can be easily used to grind mobs with it.

A-Tier: Valkyrie & Nova – The best group play classes in 2020

Both Valkyrie and Nova are some of the well-rounded classes in Black Desert Mobile. Two of them can tank, sustain themselves, make the opponents grounded with their impressive kits, and dish out stellar damage.

In the terms of PvP, Nova is put in DPS seat due to her debuffs and safe-range damage output. As for Valkyrie, she fits a support role the best due to her off-heal and off-tank capabilities.

On the other hand, Nova is better used as a tank thanks to PvE encounters. If you have her in your team, you will be allowed to bring on more fragile but higher DPS damage dealers since this one is super safe tanking at a distance. As for Valkyrie, she is considered as one of the best support roles for PvE.

B-Tier: Witch – The best Guild vs Guild PvP class

The best position for the Witch class is the massive PvP battles of Guild vs Guild mode. This hero is the best one when it comes to AoE or mass spell damage. Unfortunately, it is a bit different in PvE as the Witch is not that special in there and even worse in one on one PvP. There is an issue in PvE. A lot of healing is needed to stay alive. Besides, in PvP, she will be easily dominated by any other class that has a chance to get closer to her. It is the reason why her spells are best to use when she is able to be protected by the other players. In the end, she can be an excellent weapon of destruction.

C-Tier: Warrior & Hashashin – The best 1 vs 1 PvP classes

The Warrior is the complete opposite of the Witch class. He is so spectacular when it comes to one-on-one PvP combat. No one can stop him from fighting against a single target even though he is fine in PvE. Due to the fact that he can focus effectively only on one target at a time, this one is not that good in the Guild Wars. With his high defense abilities, he is the most recommended as the beginner level class. However, for those who are looking for the melee combat class, then you are suggested to choose Valkyrie because this one is a much more balanced class.

If you want to know about the Hashashin, he clearly fills some gaps as a stellar damage dealer in PvE scenarios, but his weakness includes the CC-protection that he needs to be viable in any sort of group PvP. In fact, he has the dynamic kit that is full of debuffs, soft CC, AoE, and linear damage, the reason for him being a good option as a PvE DPS.

D-Tier: Giant

Giant is described as really heavy and slow. However, it is a strong one that has been proven to be worth it only against a lot of opponents. That explains he is not recommended to be used in PvP. If you still want to use him, you can try in PvE and Guild Wars.

What about PvP? In the thing called PvP, it will be easy for the other classes to avoid his slow attacks and even if he does get them, it will be easy for them to run away and heal. That’s being said, it is better for you to use this one only if you want to play with the huge characters with massive axes.

Classes that are available in Black Desert Mobile

There are currently 12 unique classes available in the Black Desert mobile, which 10 of them have 2 forms. It means there are a total of 22 different class combinations that you are able to play out of the gate.

  1. Ranger
    • Ascension: Huntress
    • Awakened Form: Windwalker


  1. Valkyrie
    • Ascension: Paladin
    • Awakened Form: Lancer


  1. Sorceress
    • Ascension: Raven
    • Awakened Form: Reaper


  1. Dark Knight
    • Ascension: Void Knight
    • Awakened Form: Phantasma

Dark Knight

  1. Witch
    • Ascension: Archmage
    • Awakened Form: Invoker


  1. Giant
    • Ascension: Titan
    • Awakened Form: Destroyer


  1. Warrior
    • Ascension: Gladiator
    • Awakened Form: Berserker


  1. Maehwa
    • Ascension: Primrose
    • Awakened Form: Lotus


  1. Nova
    • Ascension: –
    • Awakened Form: –


  1. Hashashin
    • Ascension: –
    • Awakened Form: –


  1. Striker
    • Ascension: Grandmaster
    • Awakened Form: –


  1. Tamer
    • Ascension: Lupa
    • Awakened Form: Spiritwalker


  1. Musa
    • Ascension: Blade Master
    • Awakened Form: Warlord


For more information about them, you are encouraged to find the communities or forums of Black Desert Mobile. In the same places, you are also able to make a discussion and to join a discussion, which is especially good if you have something to ask.