Best Time to Catch Walking Stick ACNH

Summer has a different meaning for those who love to play the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is not about swimming pools or weekend barbecues, it is about the arrival of a few new bugs in the game. One of these bugs is called Walking Stick.

In the world of the game known as Animal Crossing New Horizon, Walking Stick refers to a rare bug that looks like a stick, as you can guess from its name. Due to its appearance, it is also known as the stick insect with legs. It is one of the incredibly unique bugs that exists in the game.

For those who want to catch the Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizon, you are encouraged to check out the best time to catch it in the game so that you will miss the chance to do it. It has been known that the bugs in the game are not available to be caught anytime and there is a time to do it.


Best Time to Catch Walking Stick ACNH

    • Scientific Name: Neohirasea japonica
    • Family: Phasmatidae
    • Appearances: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, New Horizon, Pocket Camp
    • Rarity: Scarce (4)
    • Location: On trees
    • Prices: 600 Bells
    • Size: 85 mm
    • Available in Rain: Yes
    • Time of Year: July to November
    • Time of Day: 4 AM to 8 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM

The Best Time to Catch Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizon

The thing known as Walking Stick cannot be caught anytime you want, just like most of the things in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Those who are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is only available for you to be found from July to November. As for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you can catch it from January to May. The most interesting thing is that there are two different times of the day when the bug hunters can find this bug. For those who are morning players, you can find it during the hours of 4 AM to 8 AM. If it is too early for you or if you have something to do, you can sleep in a bit longer and hunt it later in the day between 5 PM to 7 PM. Those are the best times for you to catch the Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Way to Catch Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizon

In order to catch the Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizon, you will have to follow these following instructions:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have already caught a total of 20 bugs. It is said that the Walking Stick will not spawn even if you are playing and looking for it during the spawn times mentioned above if you have not caught these 20 bugs.
    2. Once you have successfully caught 20 bugs, there is a chance of the Walking Stick to spawn on any trees on the island. If you have no idea, apparently, Palm Trees are known to be the most likely to have spawned one of them. In case you are facing some issues, do not forget to stock up on these.
    3. After finding a Walking Stick, the next thing that you should do is to equip the bug net and then press and hold A to make it ready.
    4. Then, use the left analog stick to slowly approach the bug.
    5. When you are around it, it is the time for you to release A.

Way to Catch Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizo

When you are hunting the Walking Stick, please pay attention to the tree trunks. Walking Stick is such an interesting bug. Contrary to the popular beliefs, it does not actually do much walking. Instead, it loves to cling to tree trunks. It might not be easy to spot as it tends to blend in with the things around it. To not miss the chance of spotting these Walking Sticks, you are recommended to look at every tree that you pass. It should be done as it is easy to walk by and it is possible for you to not even notice this bug while walking. If you run pass too quickly, these bugs will get scared. In this case, the best thing is to move slowly and you have to move your net once you are close to the bug.

By following these steps, you should be able to catch the Walking Stick in Animal Crossing New Horizon.   In case you are having a hard time, you are encouraged to seek help from the members of the communities or forums related to Animal Crossing. There are a few of the communities and forums related to this game and most of them are free to access. If you want, you might also try to reach out to the developers of the game called Animal Crossing through social media even though there is no guarantee that you will get a response.

The Other Bugs That Are Related to Walking Stick

There are a lot of bugs that are related to Walking Stick. The list of these bugs include:

    • Spider
    • Centipede
    • Pill Bug
    • Snail
    • Flea
    • Mosquito
    • Fly
    • Wharf Roach
    • Hermit Crab
    • Ant
    • Bagworm
    • Walking Leaf
    • Ladybug
    • Man-Faced Stink Bug
    • Stinkbug
    • Giant Water Bug
    • Pondskater
    • Firefly
    • Honeybee

The locations and the times to catch these bugs might be different. You should pay attention to these things if you want to successfully catch them. They are not the kinds of things that can be caught any time you want, meaning there are some specific times for you to get them. you might miss the chance if you do not pay attention to it.

Just like Walking Stick, you will have to equip your net, approach the bug, and swing the net if you want to catch all of these bugs mentioned above. Most of the things are the same except for the method to approach the bug which might be a bit different from one to another.