Best Snooty Animal Crossing Villagers

Snooty villagers are female characters in Animal Crossing. The villagers who are categorized as snooty based on their personality in which they act more mature and higher-class than other villagers. They usually wear makeup with high-end clothes to match their styles.

Aside from their styles, their home will also appear luxurious through some exceptions. The snooty villagers are hot-tempered, self-centered and also sarcastic. But, they usually have exotic and upper class names. Of course, there are a total of snooty villagers in Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, not all snooty villagers are best to come and live on your island.

Well, this post will inform you the list of best snooty villagers to ease you choosing the villager if you want to choose them based on their personality. Let’s see them below!

List of Best Snooty Villagers in Animal Crossing  

  1. Vivian


Vivian is a wolf villager which is categorized as a snooty villager. She was introduced as an exclusive villager in Animal Forest e+. Somehow, this villager made a return to the New Leaf Series and then survived around for New Horizons series. Vivian is represented by a golden fur with blue eyeshadow and a sleek clothing. She has a luxurious home which is featured with a light brown Rattan item and white brick walls. Her house is similar to the traditional Cabana series.

  1. Pecan


She is a snooty squirrel villager in which her name comes from a type of nut of the same name. In addition, Pecan is a veteran villager in Animal Crossing which is appearing in every single game in the series. She has the burgundy fur with large plum eyes. She calls her friends “chipmunk”. She is interested in keeping her room chic by completing it with multiple pieces from the Antique including a wardrobe, a bed, and also a mini table.

  1. Mallary


She is a graceful duck villager categorized in snooty personality. She is represented as a light purple almost lavender color covering her body with some brown hair and an orange beak. As a snooty villager, she will firstly appear arrogant and rude towards the players. She usually talks about style and appearance. Mallary always warms up to the players, but still keeps rude at all.

  1. Eloise


Eloise is a cute female elephant which is involved as a snooty villager. From the name, we might think that she  has a friendly and good personality in Animal Crossing, in fact she is snooty and also the worst  villager in Animal Crossing.

Need to know, Eloise’s personality is based on criticism. It means that she will frequently criticize you and the other villagers on your island. That’s so annoying, isn’t it? Aside from that, she will also go so far to criticize your island circumstance. If we think that your island is a place where she was invited to come and live on, she totally criticized your place instead. You certainly do not want to invite the villager which always gives criticism to your island, do you?

  1. Diana


Diana is a deer villager who appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She has a curled, and also lilac lock of hair. She actually wears pale makeup with black strong mascara with two eyelashes toward the end. She is categorized as a snooty villager that means she loves gossiping and striking  make-up. In the game, Diana will appear arrogant and rude toward the player. Her house is very elegant with almost all magical feel to it.

  1. Portia


Coming in the animal of dog, Portia is actually categorized as a snooty villager. She will be appearing in every game in all Animal Crossing series. That means she is a longtime villager who has appeared in every Animal Crossing to date. She is represented as a dog with gray Dalmatian spots with large yellow eyes. She is famous for her elegance that can be seen in both her furniture choices and the clothing she usually wears.

  1. Blaire


Blaire is a squirrel which is categorized as a snooty villager in Animal Crossing. She is interested in fashion which may be seen in a pink purse with a white flower in her clothing. Her appearance totally reminds of a skunk with golden ears and gray fur. She has shown up in every game series, except for Pocket Camp. Her hiding home is much classier even though her original home was full of citrus-themed items. Her home has a lot of flowers including a bed with a purple rose shaped.

  1. Olivia


She is a cute snooty cat villager which has appeared in all Animal Crossing series. The name of Olive refers to her paws, ears and tail which are matching the color of kalamata olives. She has ivory white fur with a beauty mark on her left cheek. She has no visible nose but rouge ears make it better. In the game, she really likes to purr around the villagers. She is well-known as a pianist since she was introduced in the Japanese Animal Forest.

  1. Blanche


Blanche is an ostrich villager categorized as a snooty villager. As having a snooty personality, it actually led her to be arrogant and rude which concerned gossiping and make-up. She is represented by white features on her wings and tail. She also has black, shiny and beady eyes with small blue-gray eyelashes which go toward her right. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, her house is featured with an Asian theme which contains Kimonos and a Tearoom wall.

  1. Freya


The last snooty villager is Freya, as a wolf villager in the Animal Crossing. She is a gorgeous brightly colored pink wolf which really loves gossiping even about other villagers on a player’s island. She is also interested in make-up and fashion. Her house is filled by paintings of all sorts and also some modern items existing in her house including modern chair, modern bed, wall and floor. In addition, she also frequently collects the wooden furniture in New Horizons series. Freya also loves to listen to Rockin’ K.K.